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Ancestor Zhang Lu, Ancestor Zhao Mingchen, and others still wanted to dissuade Mo Xiao from going but Mo Xiao raised his hand, stopping them from speaking.

“Enough, I have decided.

The rest of you wait here for my news.

The three of us will return in no time!”

“Yes, Sect Chief!”

Zhang Lu, Zhao Mingchen, and the rest could only comply respectfully.

“Lets go!” Mo Xiao said to Chen Kaiwen and Yan Kang.

Chen Kaiwen and Yan Kang both answered, “Yes.”

In the next instant, Mo Xiaos figure disappeared from the great hall.

Looking at the place where Mo Xiao, Chen Kaiwen, and Yan Kang had stood moments ago, Ancestor Zhang Lu had an indescribable feeling of unease, as if something unfavorable was going to happen to them.

Zhang Lu was frowning as he said to Zhao Mingchen and the others, “There is a nagging feeling of unease in me as if something bad is going to happen.

This feeling is similar to the one I had felt during the Divine Worlds catastrophe.”

“Zhang Lu, I think youve cultivated too much until issues come out, dont you think The Sect Chief is acting personally, what is there to be worried about How many people are a match against our Sect Chief in this Divine World Our Sect Chief has long broken through to late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, other than those few people, no one can be considered as worthy opponents to our Sect Chief!”

Other Ancestors shook their heads with a faint smile, as all of them silently agreed that Zhang Lu was worrying needlessly.

Zhang Lus brows were still locked in a deep frown, but he kept silent.

At this time, Mo Xiao, Chen Kaiwen, and Yan Kang had long left the Martial Demon Emperor Palaces headquarters mountain, appearing somewhere above the Wraiths Sea.

Countless wraiths roamed in this Wraiths Sea that was enshrouded in dense ghost qi.

The moment the three of them appeared, wraiths pounced on them with bared fangs.

Seemingly without any movements, devil symbols appeared on the surface of Mo Xiaos body.

These devil symbols merely quivered and all of the wraiths coming at them fell like locusts.

From afar, it looked like wraiths were raining from the sky.

“Lets go!” There was nothing but cold indifference in Mo Xiaos eyes as he spoke to Chen Kaiwen, and Zhao Mingchen.

As Mo Xiao, Chen Kaiwen, and Zhao Mingchen flew across the Wraiths Sea, wraiths kept disappearing.

“Congratulations to Sect Chief for reaching perfection in the Demonic Dragon Blood Art!” Chen Kaiwen who was following behind Mo Xiao compliment.

“With Sect Chiefs strength, we can easily suppress the Fiend God Emperor Palace!”

“Thats right, the Fiend God Emperor Palaces Fiend God Emperor is no longer a match against Sect Chief!” Yan Kang also complimented Mo Xiao.

Mo Xiao let out a hearty laughter, and his laughter rumbled in the high heavens.

“Im really tempted to go find Old Man Fiend God for a little sparring after hearing your words.

In the battle that year, my Blood Dragon Devil Art had not reached perfection, hence, I had lost by half a move to Old Man Fiend God.

Recalling that battle, my heart still feels unwilling to accept the defeat!”

Over twenty million years ago, when the Fiend God Emperor Palace was in the midst of unifying all the Emperor Palaces, the Fiend God Emperor Palace had also encroached into the Floating Twilight Land, provoking Mo Xiaos wrath.

The Fiend God Emperor and Mo Xiao had fought a big battle.

The two had fought for several days and nights in the deeper region of Floating Twilight Land, but Mo Xiao had suffered a defeat by half a move.

Even though Mo Xiao had lost in that battle with a lot of injuries, the Fiend God Emperor had not fared any better either.

As the Martial Emperor Palace and Magic Shaman Emperor Palace had banded together, they had managed to force the Fiend God Emperor Palace to give up on the Floating Twilight Land.

As Mo Xiao, Chen Kaiwen, and Yan Kang chattered along the way, they had already traversed over ten thousand li.

At their flying speed, they didnt need to rely on the transmission array as their speed was faster than the inland transmission arrays speed.

Soon, the three reached the forest where Huang Xiaolongs group had spent time earlier, where Huang Xiaolong had killed the Martial Demon Emperor Palaces Hall Master Cui Wei.

The three figures stopped in midair, looking at the forest floor where they could still spot Cui Wei and Chen Xindes bloodstains.

With a wave of Chen Kaiwens hand, bloodstains belonging to Cui Wei floated into the air, and under the support of Chen Kaiwens godforce, Cui Weis blood merged and seemingly came to life, as it wailed like a resentful spirit.

This was also an ancient chaos divine art called Soul Gathering Law.

However, the Soul Gathering Law was not easy to cultivate.

The cultivator was required to stay on an ancient battlefield, absorbing the ancient soul essence qi lingering on the ancient battlefield.

It was not easy to endure this ancient soul essence qi, especially for more than ten thousand years, otherwise, the cultivator would fail to succeed in cultivating the divine art.

“Cui Wei, rest assured, Master knows.

Master would avenge you for sure with my own hands.

Ill reap your killers life and burn his soul as an offering to you!” Chen Kaiwen promised with a gleam of cold light in his eyes.

Only then did the pool of blood ceased its wailing.

“Come on.” Just as Mo Xiao and his group were about to resume their chase to catch up with Huang Xiaolongs group, streaks of light appeared behind them, as several figures came flying from the direction of the Demonic Python City.

Their leader was a burly middle-aged man with strange features.

This burly middle-aged man had an abnormally big head, twice the size of an average man, and two very long arms and legs.

There were two poisonous black lizards wrapped around each of his arms.

These two poisonous black lizards were a daunting sight with their glowing green eyes, glaring crimson-colored tongues that stuck out now and then, and complex green patterns running down the length of their bodies.

Mo Xiaos actions halted as he saw this group of people.

Chen Kaiwen and Yan Kang were also surprised by the arrival of this group.

This was because this groups leader was none other than the Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces Emperor Peng Yi who was being accompanied by three of the Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces Ancestors!

It truly was a shock that the Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces Emperor Peng Yi had come personally!

Peng Yi and his group were just as surprised seeing Mo Xiao, Chen Kaiwen, and Yan Kang.

In the blink of an eye, the two groups of people were standing face to face.

“Brother Mo Xiao, it is really surprising that this matter has alerted you to the extent that you have come personally.

If I remembered right, Brother Mo Xiao, you have not taken any matters into your own hands since that battle with the Fiend God Emperor.” Peng Yi spoke first, smiling at Mo Xiao like they were two good ol friends.

Even though the two forces disciples squabbled occasionally, Peng Yi and Mo Xiao could be considered on good terms, especially after that time when the Fiend God Emperor Palace had attempted to encroach into their Floating Twilight Land.

Mo Xiao smiled in return as he said, “Isnt Brother Peng Yi the same as me Who wouldve thought that we would be working together again after so long.”

Peng Yi laughed.

“We might not need to do anything at all.

I mainly came because Im curious about that Fortune Emperor Palaces disciples identity and that middle-aged man.”

Mo Xiao nodded his head, then his gaze stopped on the two poisonous black lizards as he said, “Brother Peng Yis two desolate Blossoming Hearts Toxic Lizards are growing prettier by the day.

They probably have reached mid-level Emperor Realm strength, havent they”

Peng Yi smiled and replied, “Really, nothing can escape Brother Mo Xiaos eyes ah.”

“Since Brother Peng Yi is also here, shall we go together”

“My intentions exactly.”

The two groups flew off together in the blink of an eye.

“If that Fortune Emperor Palaces disciple learns that two great Emperors are coming for him, he would probably piss in his pants in fright.” On the way, Chen Kaiwen made a joke.

Everyone snickered happily in agreement.

“More than piss his pants, his soul will probably fly away.” Yan Kang chimed in.


Half an hour later.

Mo Xiao, Peng Yi, and the rest stopped above a small river.

“They had stopped here for some time around this river.” One of the Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces Ancestor Zhou Kefan pointed at the footprints by the riverside.

“They are still in the mood to stop and enjoy the sights” Chen Kaiwen sneered coldly, and added, “With our speed, we should be able to catch up with them in ten minutes or so.”

Mo Xiao, Peng Yi, and the rest sped away once again.

Roughly ten minutes later, Mo Xiao and Peng Yis group saw Huang Xiaolongs group in the air.

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