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As soon as the little cow finished speaking, she turned to Jiang Hong with a wry smile.

“Kiddo Grandmist, you will need to work your hardest to protect an old lady like me.

With my weak bones, I wont be able to fend off an attack if the Blood Demons were to make a sudden attack.”

Jiang Hong was taken aback and could only afford to return a bitter smile.

He thought to himself, so what if Im the Grandmist Emperor In the end, Im still a mere bodyguard...

“Yes Senior Azure Cow, you can rest assured.” Jiang Hong managed to force out a reply with a tinge of bitterness in his voice.

The little cow said matter of factly, “After we exit the Floating Twilight Lands, we will head over to the Grandmist Lands.

I havent met your master in ages! Moreover, I need to ask him for some help…”

She felt that she was really too weak right now.

Even though she experienced reincarnation and the speed of her cultivation was shocking, she still felt that it was too slow.

In order to rapidly recover her cultivation base, the little cow felt that the King of Grandmist would definitely have an idea.

“Yes Senior Azure Cow.” Jiang Hong didnt dare to go against her wishes.

“When the time comes, Kiddo Huang can also go pay the old man a visit.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

In fact, he was really looking forward to paying his master, the King of Grandmist, a visit.

As they conversed, the group made their way towards the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range.

After breaking through the blood-red barrier of mist, Huang Xiaolong noticed that the mist was clinging on to him.

As soon as some of it attached itself to his clothes, it would emit a faint demonic qi along with a trace of poison.

The trace of poison was so faint that it was almost impossible to detect.

With Huang Xiaolongs cultivation of the chaos golden dragon lightning, the poison wasnt able to harm him in the slightest.

However, Xu Baisheng and the rest werent so lucky.

They hastily circulated their cultivation base to resist the poison.

Jiang Hong was shocked when he noticed the look of indifference on Huang Xiaolongs face when he entered the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range.

He didnt even bother to defend himself against the toxic devil qi present in the blood-red mist! The toxic devil qi was extremely famous in the Divine World! Ordinary Emperor Realm experts wouldnt be able to act like Huang Xiaolong if they were to come into contact with it.

He realized that there were still many things he didnt know about his junior brother.

The more he interacted with Huang Xiaolong, the more surprised he became.

When the group ventured deep into the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range, a deep growl resounded in their ears.

Their minds shook when they heard it and all of them felt unsettled.

“Thats a Blood Demon!” Xiang Xun cried out.

“Theres more than one!” The little cow casually said.

“Im afraid there are around one to two thousand Blood Demons in this herd…” Her tone suddenly changed and she licked her lips in anticipation, “However, the meat of a Blood Demon is really tasty! Tonight, we feast on Blood Demon meat!”

The rest of the group forced out a bitter laugh.

In an instant, the group of Blood Demons appeared in their sights.

A single Blood Demon was the size of a humongous raging bull! They had blood-red eyes and two sharp horns extended out from their head.

They had a huge mouth and an equally large nose to match it.

As for its legs, they were as thick as a pillar and its sharp black claws seemed to emit an eerie light.

Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback by the sight of the fearsome Blood Demons, “Hey, little girl, are you related to them Could it be that all of you belong to the same cow clan Are they your descendants!”

“Nonsense! Not every beast that takes the shape of a cow belongs to the cow race.

How can they be related to me They look ugly as hell!”


Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Yeah! Youre the prettiest cow in existence!”

“Thats right! I am the best looking female cow in the whole cow race!” The little cow proudly announced.

Everyone stifled their laughter but Huang Xiaolong burst out laughing, “How can someone like you brag about your looks You look like a bag of bones for goodness sake!”

The little cow glared at him and spat, “What do you mean by someone like me Cant you see my perfect hourglass figure Where have you seen a prettier cow than me!”

Such blind narcissism made someone like Jiang Hong start to sweat.

When they were messing about, the horde of Blood Demons arrived before them.

Xiang Xun simply opened his mouth and spat out a ball of Black Infernal Divine Fire.

In an instant, a sea of flames engulfed the Blood Demons.

The several Heavenly Monarch Realm Blood Demons nearest to them instantly turned into ashes.

“Xiang Xun you little rascal! You should have left a few of them alive! We still need to eat Blood Demon barbecue tonight!” Seeing that Xiang Xun had already decimated a large group of Blood Demons, the little cow hurriedly screamed at him.

Xiang Xun stopped momentarily and a bitter smile crept up his face.

One by one, the others started to fight against the ferocious Blood Demons.

Even the strongest of the Blood Demons were at the early Heavenly Monarch Realm.

There was no need for Jiang Hong to lift a finger as Xiang Xun alone was strong enough to take care of them.

The battle ended as quickly as it started.

Under the little cows command, Xiang Xun allowed two Blood Demons with cultivation levels equivalent to early stage Heavenly Monarchs to live.

The little cow giggled as she looked at the two Blood Demons before her.

“Kiddo Huang, I havent savored your barbecue in a long while.

Now that your senior brother is here, its time for you to show off your skills!”

Huang Xiaolong slapped his forehead and said, “Whatever…”

Jiang Hong was stunned for a second.

When he snapped out of it, he asked, “Is junior brother a good cook Can he actually make delicious barbecue”

“Of course!”

“If Senior Azure Cow is so sure, I have to try the meat barbecued by junior brother today!”

That night, the delicious aroma of barbecued meat wafted through the valley.

Everyone was gathered around the campfire, eager to try Huang Xiaolongs handiwork.

Every mouthful that Jiang Hong ate was followed with praise for Huang Xiaolongs cooking.

He even claimed that leaving two Blood Demons was too little!

Even Huang Xiaolong himself was surprised that Blood Demon meat was so delicious.

It was way better than all the beasts he had cooked in the past.

The next day, Huang Xiaolong and the others continued on their journey.

After much deliberation, Huang Xiaolong decided to bring out the first half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele.

He poured his godforce into it and tried to locate the second part of it.

However, even after three days, the Blood Eye Devil Stele failed to produce the slightest reaction.

During the course of those three days, the number of Blood Demons that fell by their hands was comparable to the number of Blood Demons that entered their bellies.

Despite moving around for three days straight, the distance they covered was merely several tenths of the endless Scarlet Blood Mountain Range.

They knew better than to make rash decisions and they remained focused on their goal.

Finally, on the eighth day, the Blood Eye Devil Stele that had been spinning around Huang Xiaolong showed some reaction.

A low pitched buzz was emitted and crimson light burst forth from the eye of the stele.

Everyone was startled.

“Whats this” Huang Xiaolong cried out.

He had a gleeful look on his face as he looked at the camel-shaped peak that was in the distance.

“Over there on the mountain peak!”

From the way that the Blood Eye Devil Stele was behaving, he knew that the second half of the stele was near.

Huang Xiaolong climbed on top of the little cow and charged towards the peak, with Jiang Hong and Xiang Xun following closely behind them.

They arrived before long but before they could rejoice, Xiang Xun frowned.

“Theres a strong presence of…” In a flash, they arrived at the peak.

Xiang Xun could sense an ominous presence as he announced, “There is a strong presence of nefarious qi here!”

Nefarious qi

Huang Xiaolong was confused.

The Blood Eye Devil Stele was refined by the Devil Worlds Archdevil Lord.

It wasnt anything special if it gave off devil qi.

However, there was no way it produced nefarious qi!

Jiang Hong nodded, “Theres a chaos demonic beast at the base of the mountain.

It has the strength of a peak early-First Order Emperor Realm expert.”

Even though Xiang Xun was able to detect the nefarious qi given off by the chaos demonic beast, he wasnt able to see through its strength.

Too bad it wasnt able to hide its strength from Jiang Hong.

With a single glance, Jiang Hong had seen through its true strength.

“Chaos demonic beast” the little cow chuckled, “Personally, I love beasts like that.”

Huang Xiaolong smirked as he shook his head, he knew of the plans that the little cow came up with.

However, to subdue a chaos demonic beasts at the peak of the early-First Order Emperor Realm was easier said than done.

Even if they had Jiang Hongs help, it wasnt going to be a walk in the park.

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