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A dark cloud of anger formed over Zhao Leis face, but he remained silent.

After an awkward moment of silence, Fang Gan coughed lightly in an attempt to break the awkward atmosphere.

All of a sudden, the disciples spectating the match broke out into fervent discussion.

Fang Gan turned to look at the source of the discussions and the sight that greeted him caused his jaws to drop.

In the second arena, Sun Shihai was standing triumphantly, with a huge grin on his face, his opponent however, was sprawled on the ground.

“Martial Uncle Suns strength is beyond comprehension! He took out Guo Zhong, a Sixth Order God King realm expert, with a single punch!”

“That punch probably only contained a thousandth of Martial Uncle Suns power! Guo Zhong is really lucky! If Martial uncle Sun used all his strength, Guo Zhong would be drinking tea in the afterlife!”

“We wont even be able to see his body! He will probably disintegrate if Martial Uncle Sun used his full strength!”

Everyone broke out into heated discussion about the battle that just occurred.

“Martial Uncle Sun is unparalleled!”

The other disciples from the Snow Moon Hall cheered for his victory and praised him to the high heavens.

Zhou Chen, Yan Ying, and the Grand Elder from Snow Moon Hall beamed with pride.

“Shihai is acting too unbridled! He should have acted more politely and given Guo Zhong a chance to fight back! After all, we are all from the same sect...” Zhou Chen cackled with laughter as he tried to conceal his pride and conceit.

A frown formed on Zhao Lei\'s face.

They hadnt planned on Sun Shihai being this strong.

Zhou Chen turned to face Li Shan and Chen Yirong, “So what are your thoughts What can we do about this” He wanted to see if they had any other opinion on Sun Shihais strength.

Since the start, Zhou Chen knew that Li Shan and Chen Yirong were speculating about Sun Shihais strength.

He knew that they were definitely surprised to see his disciples sudden increase in strength.

When Li Shan heard what Zhou Chen had to say, he exclaimed in amazement, Shihai\'s strength really exceeded our expectations!”

Chen Yirong interjected, With Shihais speed of cultivation, by the time the Battle of the Heavenly Court begins, it is very likely that he will be able to enter the top thousand!”

Zhou Chen gave a hearty laugh.

At that moment, Chen Longshi was battling it out with Huang Xiaolong in the fifty-fourth arena.

No longer holding himself back, Chen Longshi launched himself at Huang Xiaolong, with godforce circulating in his palm.

A deafening boom resonated through the arena, as the palm attack struck its target.

It was an attack unique to the Fortune Emperor Palace, known as the Heavenly Thunder Palm One needed an innate thunder bone to be able to practice the technique, and the practitioner had to be surrounded by lighting during the training process.

Only after tens of thousands of years of absorbing the lightning around him would he be able to achieve small completion in the technique.

“I believe that senior brother Chens Heavenly Thunder Palm has surpassed the small completion stage… He might even have reached the grand completion phase of the technique!” A disciple exclaimed when he saw Chen Longshis spectacular attack.

Even if he is not at the grand completion stage, senior brother Chen is born with an innate thunder bone.

Hes able to cultivate a hundred times faster than ordinary people! His attack power when unleashing a lightning based move will be more than double than that of any other disciple! Another disciple continued.

While the disciples from the Snow Moon Hall were still engaged in their discussions, Huang Xiaolong casually raised his finger and pointed at Chen Longshi who was rushing towards him.

The moment he pointed at Chen Longshi, all the energy in the hall seemed to gather at his fingertip.

As brilliant rays of light scattered around the hall, many disciples were blinded for a moment.

If Jiang Hong was present, he would have cried out in amazement.

He had defeated Mo Xiao in the past with a single finger.

Right now, Huang Xiaolongs attack didnt merely look the same, but the theory behind his attack was completely similar to when Jiang Hong had made his move.

Chen Longshi saw a blinding ray of light flash by and a sharp pain erupted from his chest.

He was sent flying backwards as though someone had slammed a sledgehammer in his chest.

When the light finally dissipated, everyones gaze fell on Chen Longshis body which was crumpled on the edge of the arena.

Blood flowed from the gaping hole in his chest.

He was defeated!

He was defeated after a single point from Huang Xiaolong!

Everyone felt their jaws drop to the ground.

Chen Longshi from Snow Moon Hall had been defeated! Whats worse, he was defeated by a single finger!

In the second arena, Sun Shihai, who had defeated his opponent with a punch, saw the scene that played out on the fifty-fourth arena.

It wiped the smile off his face and a look of shock replaced it.

Chen Longshi, who was the peak of the late-Fifth Order God King Realm was one-shotted by Huang Xiaolong with a single finger! What in the world is Huang Xiaolongs combat power! Was he comparable to a Sixth Order God King Realm expert

Back on the main table, everyone stared blankly at Huang Xiaolong.

Zhao Chen turned to look at Chen Longshis bloodied body lying at the border of the arena and his smile stiffened.

The result was completely out of his expectations.

Zhao Chen had wanted to arrange for Huang Xiaolong and Sun Shihai to face each other in the first round.

However, Zhang Chen had personally drawn the lots and he couldnt find a chance to pull any tricks.

When he first realized that Huang Xiaolong was going up against Gong Longshi, he was secretly elated.

He felt that Chen Longshi was definitely strong enough to deal with Huang Xiaolong without breaking a sweat.

Although it was regrettable that Sun Shihai wasnt personally responsible for Huang Xiaolongs defeat, at least Huang Xiaolong would be out of the selections.

All of a sudden, hearty laughter left Zhao Leis lips.

Zhao Lei rejoiced as he smacked the handle of his chair and cheered, Great, great! He did extremely well! Good job!”

It felt so good!

It was a little too obvious that Zhao Lei was elated.

I called it! This brat is definitely not at the Second Order God King Realm! We should scold him for hiding it from us! Zhao Lei laughed arrogantly, I didnt expect for the disciples of the Snow Moon Hall to be weak to such an extent...

Zhou Chens face flushed red with anger.

It couldnt be denied that Zhao Lei was right.

Huang Xiaolong had only been admitted to the Fortune Emperor Palace for a short while.

Yet, he was able to defeat Chen Longshi with a single finger.

If Chen Longshi wasnt trash, what else could he be

At the same time, Li Shan exclaimed, Does that mean that Huang Xiaolong is as strong as a Sixth Order God King realm expert Shouldnt he be an early-Fourth Order God King Realm cultivator”

Early-Fourth Order God King Realm!


When Huang Xiaolong registered for the selections, his cultivation base was the mid-Second Order God King Realm! Despite hislow cultivation level, it was already shocking for everyone.

Right now, Li Shan and Chen Yirong felt as though an earthquake was occurring in their heart.

After recovering from the shock, Fang Gan regained his composure.

As he recalled Huang Xiaolongs move, he muttered to himself, Even with all my years of experience, I have no idea which ancient sect is able to pass down such a unique technique! What a mighty attack!”

Zhao Lei grinned, He probably picked it up from an ancient sect in the Floating Twilight Land.”

Li Shan, Chen Yirong, and the others nodded.

In the arena, Huang Xiaolong felt completely indifferent.

Even though he had only seen his senior brother, Jiang Hong, using this technique only once, he had managed to pick it up with his monstrous comprehension ability.

The reason he had used it against Chen Longshi was because he wanted to get a sense of its strength.

Chen Longshi wasnt even that powerful.

If he wanted to defeat Chen Longshi, he didnt even need to make a move.

Jiang Hong was only able to utilize the move after comprehending the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

Since he had only used it in the Floating Twilight Land, Huang Xiaolong wasnt afraid that anyone would recognize the move.

It didn\'t take long for the first round of selections to end.

There were only some three thousand participants.

As long as they survived two rounds, they would be placed in the top 1000.

As such, the second round was extremely important.

As the audiences watched with bated breaths, Huang Xiaolong, Sun Shihai, and the other disciples walked forward to draw their next opponent.

Sixth! Huang Xiaolong picked up his lot and glanced at it.

As it turned out, Sun Shihai was also holding a slip that saidSixth.

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