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“Lord Jia Yuan, how should we handle this matter” One of the Netherguard captains asked worriedly as he looked at Jia Yuan.

The remaining four of them felt uneasy as well.

Previously, they had obeyed his orders to guard Huang Xiaolong and go against Gu Zheng.

However, now that Lord Wang Sinan had arrived, the first person to be punished would definitely be Lord Jia Yuan, followed by them!

They all had heard about Lord Wang Sinans notorious methods and knew that he was cold-blooded and ruthless.

In the past tens of thousands of years, he had destroyed at least thousands of family clans and the number might have even reached the ten thousands!

Thousands of family clans! Moreover, they werent just normal small family clans!

These clans had existed for more than a million years, and had more than billions of disciples, but because they had offended Lord Wang Sinan, all of them were completely wiped out!

Jia Yuan looked at the fear in the eyes of his subordinates, and took a deep breath before standing up, “Since Lord Wang Sinan has arrived, let us go and welcome him.”

Welcome him!

The five Netherguard captains were dumbfounded as they looked at Jia Yuan walking out of the inner hall.

After gathering their courage, they walked out behind him.

The moment they emerged from the inner hall, they saw Wang Sinans party flying towards them.

Despite the distance between them, they could feel the terrifying killing intent pouring out of Wang Sinans body.

This killing intent formed into a wave as it swept past them.

Even Jia Yuan felt fear and trepidation in his heart, not to mention the five Netherguard captains whose hands and legs were trembling uncontrollably.

Wang Sinan wasnt blind and he noticed Jia Yuans group the moment they appeared.

When Jia Yuan and the captains saw the dark green light flashing through Wang Sinans eyes, they felt as though they were staring into the eyes of a ghost wolf.

Before long, Wang Sinan and Gu Cheng arrived in the air above the organization.

“Greetings to Lord Wang Sinan!” Jia Yuan bent down and greeted respectfully.

“We pay our respects to Lord Wang Sinan!” The five Netherguard captains knelt down in panic.

Wang Sinan stood high up in the air as he looked down on them arrogantly.

He then slowly increased the pressure exerted on them without saying anything.

Even though Jia Yuan was a God king, how could he possibly resist the pressure from a high-level Heavenly Monarch!

Under the increasing pressure coming from Wang Sinan, he eventually kneeled down.

“Where is that Asura noble now” Wang Sinan asked coldy after Jia Yuan was on the ground and a cold blast of wind swept through the land.

Jia Yuan replied with a pale face, “Lord Duwei is currently taking the test on the divine plane.”

“Lord Duwei” Wang Sinan sneered when he heard Jia Yuans address.

A burst of laughter left his lips and it seemed to pierce into their eardrums.

The five Netherguard captains lowered their heads in fright and they didnt dare to breathe.

Wang Sinan stopped laughing and glared at Jia Yuan, “Jia Yuan, did you not receive the summoning signal I sent earlier I clearly told you to cancel his registration qualifications! Not only did you ignore my order, you even allowed Duwei to continue on with the test!”

“Do you know your crime!” Wang Sinan was furious as he once again increased the pressure exerted on Jia Yuan.

Jia Yuan felt as though his spine was about to snap into two.

Jia Yuan endured the pain as he took a deep breath, “Lord Wang Sinan, I have done nothing wrong!”

Wang Sinan and everyone present were shocked speechless.

Jia Yuan then added, “Lord Duwei has fulfilled all the criteria set by the Netherworld Kings Organization and is qualified to take the test.

We cant simply cancel his qualifications as a participant!”

Wang Sinans face turned unsightly.

“So according to you, I should be punished, right!” Wang Sinan sneered.

“I do not dare!” Jia Yuan replied.

Wang Sinan was furious and his voice became louder as he yelled at Jia Yuan, “I think that is precisely what you are trying to say! Jia Yuan, as an elder of the Netherworld Kings Organization, and the person in charge of the Brookspring Plane, you should be aware of the consequences of going against your superiors order!”

Jia Yuan replied in a serious tone, “I know that, its just that Lord Duweis situation is somewhat special.”

“Special” Wang Sinan broke out in laughter.

“How special is it Is it because he knows you Or is it because he is the Young Master of some family clan”

“Guards, take off Jia Yuans elders robes right now! Remove his elders token from the organization!” Wang Sinan exclaimed.

“Yes, Lord Wang Sinan!”

Immediately, two senior Netherguard captains walked out from behind him and walked towards Jia Yuan.

They then took off his robe and found the token on him.

“Jia Yuan, you have committed the crime of disobeying your superior.

I will now revoke your status as an elder and detain you in the Netherworld Kings prison!” Wang Sinan then ordered, “Throw him into the Netherworld Kings prison!”

The two senior Netherguard captains nodded their heads and prepared to bring Jia Yuan away.

“Lord Wang Sinan, if you want to revoke my status as the elder of this branch, you need the approval of a junior commander before you can do so!” Jia Yuan looked furiously at Wang Sinan.

Even though Wang Sinan was a grand elder, according to the rules of the Netherworld Kings Organization, he still needed a junior commander\'s approval before he could revoke Jia Yuans position as an elder.

Wang Sinan scoffed, “I can always revoke your rank before seeking Lord Sun Changs approval.”

Sun Chang was obviously the junior commander they were serving under.

Jia Yuan shouted furiously, “You will regret this!”

“Regret” Wang Sinan and Gu Cheng looked at each other and roared in laughter.

“Drag him away and throw him into the lowest level in prison!”

In the Netherworld Kings prison, the severity of their crimes decided the level they were thrown to.

By throwing Jia Yuan into the lowest level, it was equivalent to saying that he had committed the most hideous of crimes.

The lowest level was supposed to be only reserved for prisoners with the death penalty.

Very soon, the two senior Netherguard captains dragged Jia Yuan away.

Jia Yuan roared in anger, “Wang Sinan, you will regret this!”

However, his voice faded away quickly soon after.

Looking at Jia Yuan who was dragged away, the faces of the five captains turned pale and bloodless.

“Lord Wang Sinan, this matter has nothing to do with us.

We were simply obeying the orders of Lord Jia Yuan.

We…” One of the Netherguard captains explained in panic.

“I know.” Wang Sinan interrupted.

The few of them were overjoyed as they thought that Wang Sinan was going to spare them.

However, Wang Sinan crushed their hopes as he ordered, “Guards, take off their robes and retrieve their tokens.

In addition, I want you to cripple their cultivation and throw them into the lowest level in prison!”

He didnt dare cripple Jia Yuans cultivation, but he was more than capable of ordering the crippling of a few guard captains.

When the five Netherguard captains heard it, they stood there in shock as their faces turned pale.

Very soon, their cultivation was crippled and they were dragged away.

After they were dragged away, Gu Cheng muttered under his breath, “What should we do with that Asura noble, Duwei”

Wang Sinan replied, “Once the test starts, nobody can enter the Divine Plane.

We can only wait for it to be over before taking further actions.”

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