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Gu Cheng finally regained his senses when he realized that Jiao Qingshan was now directly in front of him.

He fell to his knees in fright, “Grand Elder Gu Cheng from the Gu family pays his respect to Lord Senior Commander and Lord Junior Commanders!”

Jiao Qingshan ignored him and barely even glanced at them.

The way he acted was precisely the way Wang Sinan had acted upon arriving in Mongolia City.

Wang Sinan felt the weight of a mountain crushing him as he kneeled before Jiao Qingshan and the rest.

“Wang Sinan.” Just as Wang Sinan was thinking about the reason behind Jiao Qingshans visit, Jiao Qingshan started the ball rolling.

“Wheres Jia Yuan”

Jia Yuan!

The bodies of both Wang Sinan and Gu Cheng started to tremble uncontrollably.

They were here because of Jia Yuan! Lord Jiao Qingshan was here for Jia Yuan!!!

“Lord Senior Commander, I, I… I…” Wang Sinans face turned completely white and his tongue became stiff.

He stammered and didnt know how to explain himself.

He thought of the earlier scene where Jia Yuan had yelled, “You will regret this!”

Previously, he had felt that Jia Yuan was nothing more than an irritating fly.

However, he finally understood the meaning behind Jia Yuans words!

As it turned out, the person he was relying on was the Senior Commander, Lord Jiao Qingshan!

Wang Sinan felt extreme regret welling up inside his heart.

If only he knew that Jia Yuans backer was the Senior Commander, Jiao Qingshan, he wouldnt have dared to let out a fart! Let alone throwing Jia Yuan into the lowest level of the Netherworld Kings prison, he wouldnt even have ordered for his arrest!

The only thing he couldnt understand was how Jia Yuan had earned the favor of Lord Jiao Qingshan.

As a Grand Elder, he had only met Lord Jiao Qingshan twice in the past thousands of years! Based on Jia Yuans identity, it was impossible for him to even see Lord Jiao Qingshans shadow!

“Speak!” Jiao Qingshan yelled when he saw Wang Sinan trembling on the ground.

His voice was as loud as the thunder from the nine heavens, and Mongolia City rumbled in its wake.

All the experts in Mongolia City heard a loudbang and their hearts started to shudder.

Wang Sinan slammed his head into the ground.

The words got caught in his throat as he stammered, “Reporting to senior commander, Jia Yuan, hes … hes…”

All of a sudden, Sun Chang, who was standing behind Jiao Qingshan, shouted furiously, “Wang Sinan, how dare you revoke Jia Yuans status without permission and throw him into prison! Speak, who gave you the authority! How dare you break the rules of the Netherworld Kings Organization!”

Wang Sinans mind was shaken and his face paled even further.

The remaining trace of hope in his heart vanished.

“Lord Senior Commander, I … Jia Yuan… he disobeyed orders from his superior and in a fit of anger, I revoked his status as a Elder! This subordinate admits his crime, and I hope that the Senior Commander will punish me accordingly!” Wang Sinan grasped at straws as he tried to defend himself.

A trace of coldness flashed through Jiao Qingshans eyes and he asked, “Then tell me, why did Jia Yuan go against your order”

Wang Sinan fell into a state of panic and his mind blanked out.

He couldnt possibly tell Jiao Qingshan that Jia Yuan had offended him by protecting the Asura noble, Duwei, and to vent out his anger, he had punished Jia Yuan without going through the proper channel, right

“Sun Chang, didnt you say that we shouldnt tolerate this type of presumptuous disciples who ignore the rules of our Netherworld Kings Organization Didnt you say that we should set an example of killing him to warn the others” Suddenly, Jiao Qingshan turned around and said to Sun Chang, “Since Wang Sinan was raised by you, do you want to do it yourself Or should I…”

As soon as the words left his lips, Wang Sinan felt his entire body going limp.

“Lord Senior Commander, Lord Sun Chang, have mercy, please have mercy on me!” Wang Sinan kowtowed continuously and begged for his life.

Sun Chang hesitated for a moment, but he gritted his teeth and replied to Jiao Qingshan respectfully, “Lord Qingshan, let this subordinate handle it.”

Jiao Qingshan snorted indifferently.

Sun Chang turned around and raised his hand before slamming it down.

A palm formed by divine lightning congealed in the sky and slammed down on Wang Sinan, turning him into a pile of ash.

Gu Cheng was frightened out of his mind when he saw that Wang Sinan was reduced into nothing more than ash before him.

“Lord Senior Commander, I…” Just as Gu Cheng was going to speak, Jiao Qingshan interrupted, “None of them can live.”

Before Gu Cheng could regain his senses, Sun Chang had already made his move.

The last thing Gu Chang saw was the space above him going dark.

Jiao Qingshan looked at the two dead bodies coldly and said to Sun Chang, “I want you to personally go to the prison now and invite Jia Yuan and the five Netherguard captains out! Go now!”


Jiao Qingshan didnt use the word release, but instead, he ordered Sun Chang to invite them out.

Sun Cheng was startled and dared not disobey.

“Yes, Lord Jiao Qingshan.”

After Sun Chang left, Jiao Qingshan took out his summoning symbol and reported everything to the chief, Tai Yue.

Tai Yue instantly received the report regarding Sun Chang and a frown formed on his face.

“Gu family.” Tai Yues frown deepened as he spoke.

“Whats wrong” Fan Hui couldnt help but ask.

Tai Yue revealed the contents of the report to the three of them.

After the three of them were done reading it, Jin Yuan snorted, “I heard that in recent years, the Gu Familys disciples have been getting more and more arrogant after gaining the backing of the Divine Slaughter Sect.

Even a mere grand elder dares to interfere with the business of our Netherworld Kings Organization!”

In Hells three worlds, the Netherworld Kings Organization was undoubtedly the strongest.

In the Hell Asura World, the Divine Slaughter Sect could be considered the second strongest superpower.

The strength of the Divine Slaughter Sect wasnt something to scoff at.

“If the Gu Family dares to act out of place, I wouldnt mind exterminating their entire family!”

“Lets not care about the Gu Family for now and continue watching this little fellows test...”

The four of them quickly turned their attention to Huang Xiaolong.

At this time, somewhere above a certain mountain peak, Huang Xiaolong punched and sent a late-Tenth Order God King Realm Hell Netherworld Lion flying.

Immediately after, his figure flashed and appeared on top of the space above the Hell Netherworld Lion.

The golden lightning flashed in his hands, as he sent it smashing down on the beast.

In the next instant, the lion appeared at the foot of the mountain, no longer breathing.

“That golden lightning!” The Golden Lionman, Wan Yutian, blurted out in surprise.

“Could it be the chaos lightning pool!” Jin Yuan and the three others were shocked.

Suddenly, rays of dark light poured out from Huang Xiaolongs body and covered a thousand mile radius around him.

“This! This is darkness supreme godforce!” Fan Hui was astonished and happy at the same time.

“Its indeed the darkness supreme godforce!” A flash of joy passed through the faces of the four chiefs and Jin Yuan exclaimed in shock.

Wherever the dark light passed through, all living things would wither and crumble into black mist.

Even the hell beasts were unable to escape their miserable fate.

The four of them whose eyes were opened wide, felt excitement bubbling in their heart.

“This… Is this the power of darkness that originated from the Netherworld Kings Jade!” Fan Hui sucked in a deep breath and was no longer able to contain his excitement.

“Thats right, this is definitely the power of darkness of the Netherworld Kings Jade!” Jin Yuan and the three others clasped their hands in excitement.

The four of them were no strangers to the power of darkness of the Netherworld Kings Jade.

After all, it belonged to their old master, the king of hell.

If his darkness supreme godforce contains the power of darkness of the Netherworld Kings Jade… Doesn\'t that mean…

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