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Jin Yuan, Fan Hui, Tai Yue, and Wan Yutian who had been guarding outside the City of Eternity immediately noticed Huang Xiaolong.

In the next moment, shock was etched on their faces.

With their keen eyesight, they saw through how heaven defying Huang Xiaolong\'s True Dragon Physique had become.

Although Huang Xiaolong\'s True Dragon Physique was amazing before he entered the City of Eternity, it wasn\'t really perfect, and now, his True Dragon Physique was flawless! Truly and utterly flawless!

More importantly, the four of them sensed a power within Huang Xiaolong\'s body that made them feel afraid!

This power is…!

On top of that, master not only broken through to Heavenly Monarch Realm but had already reached the peak late-Second Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!


Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly watching the four shocked faces in front of him, as if it was expected.

After all, he himself had found it surprising that he could tame the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool and accept the Lord of Hells inheritance so smoothly.

At the time Huang Xiaolong had entered the City of Eternity, his cultivation was still at the early of Ninth Order God King Realm, whereas now, Huang Xiaolong was already a peak late-Second Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, just half a step from Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

Huang Xiaolong was confident that he could kill a peak late-Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert once he stepped into Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

And in Hell, using the heart of hells power, he could even kill a Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert!

Counting the time, there were thirty plus years left until the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

Thirty plus years!

Before the Battle of the Heavenly Court, Huang Xiaolong was confident he could step into Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, even Fifth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!

Because he had the heart of hell now.

In Hells three worlds, he could cultivate by absorbing Hells origin energy with half the effort but with twice the results.

Huang Xiaolong waited a while.

Seeing that the Asura King and the others were still staring at him in a daze, he called out their names to attract their attention.

Asura King Jin Yuan and the others snapped to their senses hearing Huang Xiaolongs voice.

The four hurried forward and respectfully saluted, “Congratulations to master on successfully accepting the old masters inheritance!”

Successfully accepting the old masters inheritance meant Huang Xiaolong was rightly their new master!

Therefore, their attitude was even more respectful than before.

Huang Xiaolong smiled nonchalantly as he spoke, “No need to stand on ceremony.

I have made you all wait for long out here, haven\'t I”

Desolate Giant Tai Yue laughed in his gruff voice and replied, “Not long, not long at all.

We thought it would take master at least two hundred years to finish accepting the old masters inheritance.”

Demon King Fan Hui chimed in with his hearty laughter, “It is as Old Yue said.

While waiting here, we happened to discuss which side master would go first We thought that it would take several hundred thousand years if the master wanted to refine the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool, in that case, we would have waited here for several hundred thousand years, even a million years!”

The others laughed hearing his words.

Huang Xiaolong had succeeded in refining the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool and had accepted the old masters inheritance.

Hence, Jin Yuan, Fan Hui, Tai Yue, and Wan Yutian were beyond thrilled.

“Previously, we were worried master would miss the Holy Mountains appearance after accepting the old masters inheritance, but now, it seems, we have worried in vain.” Asura King Jin Yuan said happily.

“Holy Mountains appearance” Huang Xiaolong asked with a confused face.

Wan Yutian took the initiative to explain, “The Holy Mountain is a supreme spiritual mountain born of our Hells three worlds and has a total of twelve floors.

There is a long-time rumor circulating Hells three worlds that if a person could ascend to the twelfth floor of the Holy Mountain, then he would be able to see paradise.

In paradise, there are countless supreme spiritual pills and supreme divine artifacts!”

“Supreme spiritual pills, supreme divine artifacts Are they top-grade grandmist spiritual pills and grandmist treasures” asked Huang Xiaolong.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong was only interested in top-grade grandmist spiritual pills and grandmist treasures.

“That is so.” Jin Yuan answered in affirmation.

“Although no one has ever succeeded in ascending to the twelfth floor, the majority of Hells three worlds experts has always firmly believed that there are top-grade grandmist spiritual pills and grandmist treasures in this paradise.”

“No one has ever reached the twelfth floor Not even our Master” Huang Xiaolong sounded as astonished as he felt.

Since Huang Xiaolong had successfully accepted the Lord of Hells inheritance, the Lord of Hell could be considered as his Master.

Fan Hui nodded and answered, “Yes, not even the old master has ascended to the twelfth floor because the Holy Mountain only allows those below Emperor Realm cultivators to enter.

Although the old master wanted to try climbing to Holy Mountain, he was unable to do so.”

Huang Xiaolong understood immediately, so it was like that.

“How much time is left until the Holy Mountain appears” Huang Xiaolong asked another question.

If he could ascend to the twelfth floor and get his hands on a grandmist treasure, that prospect didnt seem too bad.

Better yet if that grandmist treasure was a weapon, he lacked a suitable weapon at the moment.

Even though there were numerous divine artifacts inside the Tianwu Treasure Huang Xiaolong had gotten, there wasnt one that he really liked.

“There are four more years.” Jin Yuan answered and added, “But, the Holy Mountain appears above the Nethersea every time.

Rushing there from here, even with the Netherking Flying Ship, it would take us a little over three years to reach the Nethersea.

The timing is just right if we depart now.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement.

In that case, he would enter the Demon God Blood Pool upon returning from the Holy Mountain.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong had planned to enter the Demon God Blood Pool and break through to the Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm in one go.

The Demon God Blood Pool, as its name indicated, originated from the blood of a demon god.

Cultivating within the pool would very likely awaken his Archdevils bloodline.

As long as his three Archdevils bloodlines awakened, his future breakthrough to Emperor Realm would be much smoother and easier.

However, Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry.

The Demon God Blood Pool would be here and wont run away.

“Lets go out first.” Huang Xiaolong said.

Jin Yuan and the rest complied.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolongs group of five exited the inheritance space, and appeared outside the mountain peak.

Huang Xiaolong did not take any of the spiritual veins nor the high-level Emperor Realm puppet Netherguards.

Though there were dangers along the way to the Holy Mountain, there was Jin Yuans group of four as bodyguards, and at the moment, he had no use for those spiritual veins.

“Master, Ive got news about the Asura Gates disciple Ren Wokuang, whom you wanted me to investigate.” As they flew outwards, Tai Yue remembered the matter and reported to Huang Xiaolong.

There was news of Master!

Huang Xiaolongs face lit up with joy and he urged, “How is he!”

Tai Yue hesitated but reported frankly, “According to our investigation, Ren Wokuang entered the Asura Gates headquarters several thousand years ago.

He was quite talented, and a top emperor rank godhead genius, thus he was accepted by one of the Asura Gate headquarters Grand Elder as personal disciple.

Two hundred years ago, he was promoted to the ranks of Asura Gate headquarters elite disciples, but…” His voice trailed off.

“But what!” Huang Xiaolongs voice grew stern.

“But some years back, he offended one of the Asura Gate headquarters Ancestors disciples because of a female disciple called Wang Mengqin.

His Master was powerless to protect him, so Ren Wokuang was imprisoned inside the Asura Gate headquarters dungeon, suffering punishments everyday!” Tai Yue stressed, “Moreover, they are heavy punishments!”

Heavy punishment!

A cold light glinted in Huang Xiaolongs eyes upon hearing that.

The surrounding space solidified as a black-colored ice spread in different directions.

“What is the name of that Asura Gate headquarters Ancestors disciple” Huang Xiaolongs voice was eerily icy.

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