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It was an army of thousands and thousands of black dragon souls.

Although these were not real black dragons, they still exuded an overwhelming majestic dragon might that suppressed everything in the four directions.

The world came to a halt.

Then, before everyones dumbfounded eyes, the myriad of black dragon souls roared as they began attacking the surrounding Massacring Gods Gates disciples.

Watching the majestic waves of black dragon souls flooding towards them, the Massacring Gods Gates disciples were terrified.

Some ran away in fear, while a scarce few attacked desperately.

In an instant, tragic cries reverberated in the air.

In the midst of the chaos, a few black dragon souls were eliminated due to some Massacring Gods Gate disciples desperate attacks.

After all, these black dragon souls were not truly invincible, merely pale shadows of black dragons condensed from the combination of Black Dragon Divine Armor, Black Dragon Throne, and the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangles black dragon energy.

“We killed one of the black dragon souls!”

“Weve killed one too!”

Triumphant shouts came from several Massacring Gods Gates disciples.

Huang Xiaolong looked at those triumphant Massacring Gods Gates disciples and sneered.

These black dragon souls could easily be condensed again after being destroyed.

As long as the Black Dragon Divine Armor, Black Dragon Throne, and Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle still existed, there would be an endless supply of energy to birth more black dragon souls.

Huang Xiaolongs darkness element godhead continued to enter the Black Dragon Clans three treasures.

Immediately, another ten thousand black dragon souls were added into the fray.

The triumphant smiles on those Massacring Gods Gates disciples faces froze when they saw numerous black dragon souls appear, and this time there were more than they had killed.

A miserable howl broke the atmosphere at this moment as Zhang Xiaomeng exploded under three puppet Netherguard captains consecutive attacks.

His blood splattered to the ground like the rain.

The Massacring Gods Gates disciples felt a chill down to their souls at this sight.

On their faces was the fear they felt deep in their hearts.

Zhang Xiaomeng was one of two most powerful Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors leading the army this time.

He was a mid-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert, yet he was beaten till he exploded!

Then again, Zhang Xiaomeng was still a mid-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert, even though his body had exploded, his soul still existed within his godhead, hence, he had not really died.

Pieces of Zhang Xiaomengs exploded body twisted and contorted on the ground, trying to merge together again.

Before the pieces of his flesh could merge back, they were pulverized by another palm strike from the three puppet Netherguard captains.

“Brother Gao Yu, save me!” Zhang Xiaomeng cried out to Gao Yu for help.

Although it was said that as long as the soul within the godhead remained, one could live on, but the godheads defenses would be broken sooner or later.

On another side, the Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor Gao Yu was furious and panicked at the same time.

He and Zhang Xiaomeng had known each other since they were merely Ancient God Realm.

During these one billion years, they had gone through life and death circumstances countless times, but Gao Yu was not even able to save himself at this moment, much less lend a hand to save Zhang Xiaomeng.

Moments later, Gao Yu\'s body also exploded under constant attacks from several puppet Netherguard captains.

Jin Yuan, you wont be able to kill us, just let us go! Otherwise, my Massacring Gods Gate and your Netherworld Kings Organisation…!” Gao Yu roared at the top of his lungs, and the panic in his voice was obvious.

“Lets discuss that if you survive today.” Asura King Jin Yuan sneered with disdain.

Yes, it was difficult to truly kill a Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert like Gao Yu, however, difficult to kill didnt mean couldnt be killed.

At this time, twelve giant wings spread out from the Demon King Fan Huis back, resembling twelve blood-red sharp blades.

In a split second, he slashed a Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor into twelve parts.

Demon King Fan Hui snorted and said, “Gao Yu, if you choose to submit to my Master now, maybe hell spare your life if hes in a good mood.”

Gao Yu hollered in rage, “Want me to submit Dream on! Worst comes to worst, Ill blow up myself, pulling all of you with me!”

“Thats right, worst come to worst, well blow ourselves up, pulling you all down with us!” Some of the remaining Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors shouted, their faces warped with fury and resentment.

Tai Yue and the others looked solemn at these peoples fanatic reactions.

If these Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors all blow up at the same time, the destructive power could raze the whole Green Flame Mountain Range to the ground.

Even with their strengths combined, Tie Yue and his side could only retreat.

The Devil Scorpion Tribes foundation would be completely destroyed.

More importantly, in the depths of the Green Flame Mountain Range was the Netherworld Kings Organisations headquarters.

It was very likely that the headquarters would suffer various degrees of damages if that happened.

“Haha, Jin Yuan, are you afraid” One of the Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor laughed madly.

At this time, the puppet Netherguards suddenly gathered in high air, all one hundred of them.

This baffled everyone.

Watching one hundred puppet Netherguards flying high into the air at the same time, the Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor Gao Yu had a strong premonition.

At the same exact moment when all one hundred puppet Netherguards gathered in high air, an overwhelming power flooded out from their bodies.

Then, a large space fissure opened as a giant ancient city emerged from the opening.

The giant ancient city cast a shadow over the land, exuding an eternal aura, and a destructive power.

“The City of Eternity!” Tai Yue exclaimed in shock.

The same City of Eternity inside the inheritance space!

Upon successfully accepting the Lord of Hells inheritance, Huang Xiaolong had learned that the City of Eternity was actually a divine artifact left behind by the Lord of Hell, a grandmist treasure level divine artifact!

A grandmist treasure of the same level of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

The Lord of Hell had collected countless grandmist grade materials to forge the City of Eternity, however, he had never used it in front of the others before.

Therefore, even people like Tai Yue, Jin Yuan, and others did not know that the City of Eternity was actually a grandmist treasure.

“No, this, this is a grandmist treasure!” Gao Yu exclaimed loudly in panic.

A grandmist treasure!

All remaining Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors and disciples were shaking visibly.


Feeling the terrifying power from the City of Eternity, the unnerved group of Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors screamed in horror.

Just as they wanted to scatter and flee in different directions, a light dome extended from the City of Eternity and rebounded the fleeing Ancestors to the middle.

However, the light dome did not harm any of the Devil Scorpion Tribes disciples.

They were allowed to pass through the light dome without any resistance.

At last, there were only those from the Massacring Gods Gate kept under the City of Eternitys light dome.

Under the one hundred puppet Netherguards control, the energy gathering above became increasingly frightening and the despair of death enveloped everyone from the Massacring Gods Gate.

In the next second, the City of Eternity directly smashed down on the remaining Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors and disciples.

Even before the City of Eternity reached them, the weaker Massacring Gods Gates disciples exploded into mists of blood.

Then, it was the low-level Heavenly Monarchs, mid-level Heavenly Monarchs, and so on...

The Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors frantically attacked the light dome.

However, no matter how hard they attacked, they were unable to make a scratch on the light dome.

Not even a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert could escape out of the City of Eternitys light dome powered by the hundred high-level Emperor Realm puppet Netherguards once they were trapped within.

Unless the person trapped within was someone who had surpassed the Emperor Realm.

Watching the City of Eternity continue to slam down without stopping, Gao Yu said, “Were going to die anyways, everyone blow up!”

Huang Xiaolong watched everything with detached coldness, wanting to explode now Its already late.

Under the City of Eternity, there was nothing to be feared even if all the Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors blew themselves up together.

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