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Huang Xiaolongs eyes gleamed.

After the Holy Mountain event, he would go to the Black Ant Clan and Demonic Bone Clans headquarters.

The Void Devil Beast Clan was annihilated by the Black Ant Clan and Demonic Bone Clan, and Huang Xiaolong had promised Xu Baisheng that this blood feud would be avenged.

Although the Black Ant Clan and Demonic Bone Clan were also super forces in Asura Worlds top one hundred, it was easy for him to destroy both of these clans headquarters.

“Order the Cataclysm Cult, Thunder Demon Gates, and Misty Clouds Sects Ancestors to send half of their Emperor Realm experts to Mohe Plane, and standby for the Netherworld Kings Organisations further instructions.

Remember, only those absolutely loyal, have them personally lead the group.” After some pondering, Huang Xiaolong ordered Jian Yuan, Fan Hui, Wan Yutian, and Tai Yue.

If the Massacring Gods Gates Old Ancestor were to lead an army to attack the Devil Scorpion Tribe, Huang Xiaolong needed to make some preparations in advance.

The Netherworld Kings Organisations headquarters was located within the Devil Scorpion Tribes forbidden land, hence, no harm could come to the Devil Scorpion Tribe.

“Yes, Master.”

Jin Yuan and the others respectfully complied then took out their communication talisman to contact the Cataclysm Cult, Thunder Demon Gates, and Misty Clouds Sects Ancestors.

“Master, the three sects Ancestors have responded, and they will personally lead half of their forces Emperor Realm experts to Mohe Plane.” A short while later, Jin Yuan and the other three reported to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, then exhorted a few other tasks to the four before entering the Netherking Flying Ships cultivation room to cultivate.

Inside the cultivation room, Huang Xiaolong summoned his three avatars, formed a four-colored spiritual energy gathering formation, and took out four top-grade grandmist spiritual pills from the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle.

He had yet to refine the several hundred top-grade grandmist spiritual pills inside the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle, and now that he had advanced to Heavenly Monarch Realm, it was high time he did so.

Four top-grade grandmist spiritual pills melted into four desolate black dragons, exuding strong dragon qi and pill qi.

This pill qi was many times stronger than any other spiritual pills Huang Xiaolong had consumed in the past.

Without delay, Huang Xiaolong ran the Grandmist Parasitic Medium and began absorbing the four desolate black dragons dragon qi and pill qi.

In a split second, the four black dragons dragon qi and pill qi rushed towards Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars, one wave stronger than the last.

While Huang Xiaolong was refining the four Black Dragon Spirit Pills, the Black Dragon Divine Armor appeared on the surface of his body, absorbing the dragon qi flowing out from the void.

The heart of hell in Huang Xiaolongs chest throbbed, emitting rays of black light.

Spheres of darkness element energy flowed out from the depths of hell into the heart of hell inside Huang Xiaolongs chest that subsequently spread to every part of his body.

This darkness element energy was Hells highest quality and purest origin energy.

At the same time, the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool and chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool between Huang Xiaolongs eyebrows continuously sent chaos lightning power throughout his body, tempering it.

Even for Huang Xiaolong who had broken through to the peak late-Second Order Heavenly Monarch Realm took two days to completely refine the four Black Dragon Spirit Pills.

Two days later, Huang Xiaolong stopped cultivating, feeling comfortable and rejuvenated all over.

“As expected of top-grade grandmist spiritual pills.” Huang Xiaolong was delighted with the results.

The effectiveness of these top-grade grandmist spiritual pills was several thousand times better than high-grade grandmist spiritual pills!

I wonder how many top-grade grandmist spiritual pills there are in paradise… Huang Xiaolong thought inwardly.

At his current cultivation realm, only refining top-grade grandmist spiritual pills would have any significant effects, even high-grade grandmist spiritual pills werent as beneficial.

Even though there were still three to four hundred top-grade grandmist spiritual pills inside the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle, at his current cultivation speed, this amount was barely enough to last him more than two years.

He needed to think of a way to get more top-grade grandmist spiritual pills.

But Huang Xiaolong was troubled as even the Netherking Commerce didnt offer top-grade grandmist spiritual pills.

Not to mention, top-grade grandmist spiritual pills were hard to come by even in auction houses, and they only appeared in several hundred thousand years.

Another issue troubling Huang Xiaolong was the grandmist aura, and purple grandmist aura.

He had already finished absorbing the purple grandmist aura he had obtained in the Barbarians space, and his Grandmist Parasitic Medium had advanced to the peak late of third stage.

In order to advance to the fourth stage, he needed to find more grandmist aura or purple grandmist aura.

Otherwise, no matter how good his talent was, even with several thousand years of cultivation, his Grandmist Parasitic Medium wouldnt advance to the fourth stage.

Since he had come to Hell, he needed to spend some time looking around.

He had found grandmist aura and purple grandmist aura in the Divine World, as one of the five big worlds, there had to be either one or both in Hell.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong re-adjusted his condition and took out another four top-grade grandmist spiritual pills and continued to cultivate.

Two days later, he took out another four top-grade grandmist spiritual pills and continued cultivating.

The days passed.

As Huang Xiaolong remained inside the cultivation room, refining top-grade grandmist spiritual pills, the heart of hell continuously absorbed Hells origin darkness energy.

Both the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool and chaos Black Tortoise Lighting Pools power tempered his physical body day in and day out.

Huang Xiaolongs strength rose steadily.


A year later...

Inside the cultivation room, Huang Xiaolong was completely enshrouded in flowing black light, chaos lightning, dragon qi, and pill qi.

The Netherking Flying Ships control was handled in turns by Jin Yuans group of four, speeding ahead, getting closer to the Asura Gate headquarters by the second.

There was a famous giant towering tree in the northern region of Asura World.

Its roots ran deep, reaching the deepest space of Asura World.

The tree trunk was as wide as a plane, and taller than one could imagine.

This giant towering tree was called the Divine Tree of Darkness, a great divine tree of Asura World.

According to the legends, not long after Asura World had come into existence, this Divine Tree of Darkness was born, and rooted in Asura World since then.

It had been there longer than anyone could remember.

In the proximity of the Divine Tree of Darkness were more than a hundred planes.

The Divine Tree of Darkness roots weaved through these planes, connecting these planes thousands of mainlands, high mountains, and deep seas together.

On these several thousand planes were magnificent cities that formed the Asura Gate headquarters.

At this time, somewhere within the Asura Gate headquarters dungeon, a brocade-robed Asura Gate headquarters disciple was holding a hot iron rod that was burning ember on the other end and mercilessly branding onto a young mans chest who was chained against an iron pole.

Instantly, the scent of scorched meat permeated the air.

The chained young mans face was distorted from enduring pain.

This iron rod was burned hot with a divine fire unique to the Asura World, called Witch Ghost Fire.

With a hot iron rod burned with the Witch Ghost Fire, forget God King Realm experts, even a Heavenly Monarch Realm expert would find it hard to endure its heat.

“Heihei, Ren Wokuang, how does an iron rod burned by the Witch Ghost Fire feel Not bad right” Wei Hong laughed maniacally as he blew at the flickering flames on the iron rod.

Chained against the iron pole, Ren Wokuangs scarlet eyes were coldly staring at Wei Hong, “One day, Ill make you die without a complete corpse.”

Wei Hong laughed even harder instead.

“Do you think you still get this chance Who do you think will dare to come and rescue you I forgot to tell you, that woman you love, Wang Mengqin, would be marrying me in a few months!”

“What!” Ren Wokuang screamed in disbelief.

“Impossible! Wang Mengqin will never have a change of heart, and she would never like you!”

“Impossible” Wei Hong sneered, “Women are fickle creatures, weve even set the wedding date and announced it.

On that day, Ill let you go out, so that you can see it with your own eyes when Wang Mengqin and I worship heaven and earth together.

Want to know why Ive been keeping your dog life until now So that you can watch me marrying your beloved woman! Ill kill you after were married!”

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