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Ren Wokuangs eyes were blood-red and towering killing intent burst out from his body.

He screamed, “I refuse to believe this! I refuse to believe that Wang Mengqin will fall for you! Its impossible for you two to get married!”

Wei Hong simply chuckled, “Its true that Wang Mengqin doesnt like me.

Youre right.

She still loves you.

However, I simply promised her that I will set you free the moment she marries me.

In order to free you from here, she agreed!”

Despite being happy that she was still thinking about him, rage filled his heart.

“Youre shameless! Youre a shameless b*stard!”

Wei Hong laughed it off.

“Thats right, Im shameless.

So what if Im a vile b*stard Youre the hero, youre full of righteousness, however, look at yourself right now.

Youve been tortured to the point where you dont even know if youll be more thankful if I killed you right now.

Even the woman you love has promised to be my wife.

The winner will always be the king.

Right now, Im a winner, youre just a dog!”

Endless anger flashed through Ren Wokuangs eyes and if he could run free, the first thing he would do would be to tear a chunk of flesh out of Wei Hongs body to vent his anger.

A smile remained on Wei Hongs body as he continued, “In front of authority and strength, love is nothing but a farce.

Youll only be able to survive in this world when you possess both authority and power! No matter how unwilling Wang Mengqin is to be my wife, she will belong to me after the wedding.

Several hundreds of thousands of years later, she will slowly learn to love me and you will be nothing more than a forgotten memory.”

“In the future, everyone in the Asura Gate will know that Wang Mengqin is my woman! I wont just possess her body, I will even win her heart over.

The one thing I didnt expect is for her to still be a virgin.

You really surprised me.

The more I think about how I will ravage your true love and the more I think about her beautiful moans… What a great feeling!”

Wei Hong roared with laughter when he thought about it and the entire prison was filled with his booming voice.

“You! Im going to kill you!!!” Ren Wokuang roared and he trashed about.

It was too bad he was restrained by ten thousand years old ice chains and he failed to set himself free.

Wei Hong raised his arm and grabbed his shoulders.

Giving it a violent squeeze, the sound of bones breaking echoed through the air.

Chilly Yin energy pierced through Ren Wokuangs bones.

The intense pain caused Ren Wokuangs expression to contort, but he clenched his teeth and refused to scream.

Wei Hong released a sinister laughter, “Hehehe, your bones really are tough.

However, the tougher they are, the more I like it.

The more I like it, the more I feel like tormenting you!” He tightened his grip once again and sounds of shattering bones filled the room.

Even though Ren Wokuangs face was twisted in pain, he refused to scream.

“I want to see how long youll be able to last.” Wei Hong snickered and he released his shoulders.

Moving his palms down to Ren Wokuangs arms, ribs, and his legs, not a single part of Ren Wokuangs body was left intact.

Every time he shattered the bones on a part of Ren Wokuangs body, he would let out roaring laughter before revealing an expression of excitement.

Ren Wokuang was eventually unable to endure the pain and the yells he let out were comparable to that of a wounded beast.

Hearing his screams, Wei Hong didnt slow down in the slightest.

Instead, he grabbed even harder and completely shattered every bone in Ren Wokuangs body.

Looking at the pale prisoner before him, Wei Hong called one of the disciples over.

“Senior Brother Wei Hong, do you have any instructions for me” The disciple in charge of guarding the prison revealed an expression of flattery as he asked.

“After I leave, continue to torture him.

However, you cannot kill him.

After my wedding, I will personally end him!”

“Senior Brother Wei Hong, you can rest assured.

I will do as you command.”

Wei Hong nodded his head and laughed, “Good.

Once everything is over, I wont forget to reward you.”

A smile lit up on the disciples face and he thanked Wei Hong.

Turning around, Wei Hong faced Ren Wokuang once again and he laughed, “Wang Mengqin promised to marry me in exchange for your freedom.

However, shes too naive.

Does she really think that I will let you off Hahaha, wait till I obtain her body after the wedding… As soon as I do, Ill release you from all your suffering!”

“You! I wont let you off even after tuning into a ghost!” Ren Wokuang mustered all his strength and made a solemn declaration.

“Ill exterminate your soul as well.

Dont worry about it.

You wont even have the chance to turn into a ghost.” Wei Hong laughed and continued, “Ill come back to torture you more in a few days.” He turned around and left as soon as he spoke.

With Ren Wokuangs cultivation at the middle stages of the God King Realm, his bones would have recovered by then.

Wei Hong decided to allow him to recover before shattering all his bones again.

Looking at Wei Hongs back, Ren Wokuang screamed, “Wei Hong, you shameless b*stard, kill me if you dare!”

The guard respectfully sent off Wei Hong before returning to Ren Wokuangs side.

He shook his head and said, “Senior Brother Ren, you had such a bright future ahead of you.

For a woman, you became enemies with Senior Brother Wei Hong… what a pity.”

“Pei! Youre a disgrace! I must be blind to accept you as my junior brother!” Ren Wokuang gathered a mouthful of blood before spitting in the disciples face.

Wiping away the blood on his face, the disciple raised his hand to cover Ren Wokuangs lips.

“Since you have a stinky mouth, Ill give you a little present.” He took out several green worms and dangled them before Ren Wokuangs face.

The moment he saw the worms, his expression changed.

The green colored worms were precisely one of the most feared poisonous insects in the Hell Asura World, as they would feed on the five visecras in a human body.

The disciple holding the worms revealed a maniacal laughter, “Ren Wokuang, you cant say that your junior disciple is mistreating you.

I wasted a lot of spirit stones to get my hands on these.” As soon as he spoke, he stuffed the worms into Ren Wokuangs mouth.

A terrifying howl was quickly followed by strange yells as the guard disciple howled with laughter.

In a flash, several months passed and Huang Xiaolong left his state of cultivation in the inner room of the flying ship.

After counting the amount of time that had passed, he felt that they should be arriving at the Asura Gates headquarters soon.

Huang Xiaolong absorbed his avatars back into his body and exhaled a deep breath.

Despite the efforts he placed into his cultivation, he was unable to break through the Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

However, after refining the origin of hell and the Primordial Black Tortoises lightning energy, his battle prowess improved by quite a lot.

After emerging from the training room, Jin Yuan and the others greeted him respectfully.


“Are we arriving at the Asura Gates headquarters soon” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Well be there in an hour or so.” Tai Yue replied.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and followed the four of them into the control room of the ship.

In an hour, the towering Divine Tree of Darkness appeared in their sights.

“Thats the Divine Tree of Darkness!” Looking at the massive tree before them, Huang Xiaolong was somewhat shocked.


Master needs to be careful when dealing with this tree when you arrive at the Asura Gate.

After the countless years of painstaking cultivation by the Asura Gate, the Divine Tree of Darkness is now one of the protectors of the Asura Gate.

The body of the tree is extremely tough, and even peak-Tenth Order Emperors wouldnt be able to break it easily.

According to the legends, only experts surpassing the Emperor Realm would be able to suppress the divine tree!” Fan Hui hastily explained.

The faces of the four of them became extremely solemn when they looked at the Divine Tree of Darkness.

Huang Xiaolong muttered a soft acknowledgement before making them put the flying ship away.

In the end, the five of them flew towards the Asura Gates headquarters without the assistance of the flying ship.

However, Huang Xiaolong felt a little shocked when he saw that there were many flying ships that were also heading towards the headquarters.

It seemed as though the newcomers were all from influential sects in the Hell Asura World…

Why are there so many people heading to the Asura Gates headquarters!

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