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On the main platform, Huang Peng and the ancestors were stunned when they saw someone standing up in the middle of the ceremony.

The already quiet venue became even quieter, and even the rustling of grass could be heard.

A myriad of expressions hung on the faces of everyone present.

“Whats that brat doing Is he looking for trouble!”

“Looking for trouble That brat has a death wish! How dare he mess around in the headquarters of the Asura Gate Did he spare a thought for his family or the clan behind him It doesnt matter if he dies.

However, he will drag his family or sect into deep trouble!”

“Even though the Asura Gate has been in decline for many years, even the Massacring Gods Gate and the Misty Palace wouldnt dare to provoke them!”

The Misty Palace was ranked number two in the entire Hell Asura World.

As for the Massacring Gods Gate, they were the second ranked superpower in the Hell Asura World!

Even those two massive superpowers wouldnt dare to look down on the Asura Gate… One could just begin to imagine the hidden strength the Asura Gate possessed.

Wei Hong and Wang Mengqin who had their backs facing Huang Xiaolong seemed to notice the anomaly and they hastily turned around.

Their gazes landed on Huang Xiaolong as well.

Despite the looks he was getting, Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent as he casually made his way towards his master, Ren Wokuang.

On the main platform, the faces of the patriarch and the ancestors twisted a little.

For Huang Xiaolong to do something like this during a wedding ceremony held in the headquarters of the Asura Gate… he was obviously challenging their authority.

One of the ancestors glanced at the grand elder sitting in the crowd and the grand elder instantly knew what he had to do.

In a flash, he appeared before Huang Xiaolong and stretched his arms out to block his way.

“Please return to your seat.” The grand elders face sunk and he continued, “If you dont, I will no longer act politely.”

Looking at the seven star Netherking robe on Huang Xiaolongs body, the grand elder of the Asura Gate felt a little pressured by the organization behind him and stayed his hand.

However, Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent and he spat out a single word at the grand elder standing in his way.

“Scram!” Despite him not yelling at the top of his lungs, everyone heard what he said.


Everyone felt an explosion going off in their head.

They didnt dare to believe their ears when Huang Xiaolong dismissed the grand elder before their eyes.


He was obviously someone seeking death, right

The disciples of the Asura Gate felt rage rushing through their veins and even Huang Pengs group reacted when the word left Huang Xiaolongs mouth.

A chilly light flashed through the grand elders eyes and he growled, “Are you here to mess with us! Do you really think that our Asura Gate wont be able to kill you because youre part of the Netherworld Kings Organization”

“Yes, thats what I think.

Im extremely sure your Asura Gate doesnt possess the ability to take my life.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and declared.

Everyone felt their jaw drop when they heard Huang Xiaolongs reply.

“Is this b*stard a retard or did his parents drop him when he was a baby”

Everyone started chuckling and discussion broke out in the crowd.

A mere Heavenly Monarch was boasting that the Asura Gate wouldnt be able to kill him! Even if he had four Emperor Realm experts backing him up, there were more than forty Emperor Realm experts in the Asura Gate! All of them felt that there was only one way everything could play out.

Anyone that dared to mess about in the Asura Gates headquarters had to die!

Even Deng Feizhi who had tried to form a connection with Huang Xiaolong previously shook his head.

The grand elders face was ugly beyond comparison and he turned to look at Huang Peng who was seated on the main platform.

A slight nod was enough for the grand elder to know what to do.

With nothing else holding him back, a murderous gaze flashed through the grand elders eyes and he said in a cold voice, “Why dont you see if Ill be able to kill you” As soon as he spoke, brilliant rays of light emerged from his body and formed the phantom of an asura behind him.

The moment the asura appeared, a bloodthirsty sensation and the stench of blood filled the area.

Violence and darkness enveloped the entire venue.

“This is the Hell Asura Divine Art from the Asura Gate! If anyone reaches the tenth level, they would be able to jump levels and defeat someone stronger than them! The might of the divine art is terrifying! Im afraid the grand elder has already reached the ninth level of the divine art!”

Someone in the crowd yelled in shock.

The grand elder sent a slap flying towards Huang Xiaolong and a violent storm rose.

Countless asuras swooshed towards Huang Xiaolong with the intent of tearing him to shreds.

Just as the attack was about to connect, a figure flashed and a miserable shriek filled the air.

When everyone processed what happened before them, the grand elder could be seen flying through the air.

When he landed, his robes were shredded to pieces and his armor was shattered.

The only difference was that the Desolate Giant, Tai Yue, was standing before Huang Xiaolong.

Everyone swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock.

They were in shock as none of them could see when Tai Yue had moved and how he had attacked.

Even the Lifeless Sects ancestor, Xu Junhua, and the Windy Sea Ghost King, Wang Liugong, felt fear creeping up their hearts.

Their pupils constricted and a solemn expression appeared on their faces.

In an instant, silence filled the venue.

Huang Xiaolong continued to make his way to Ren Wokuang, and even the disciples blocking him from the view of everyone present dispersed.

Before long, Ren Wokuang and the two disciples responsible for dragging him there were left.

Everyones gaze turned to Ren Wokuang and Wang Mengqin even screamed, “Brother Ren!”

Wang Mengqin couldnt help but feel joy welling up in her heart when she saw Ren Wokuang.

As for Wei Hong, Jia Ding, and even Deng Zhilong were stunned.

Their expressions changed.

“Is this Asura noble here to rescue junior brother Ren”

Several disciples who recognized Ren Wokuang started to discuss among each other.

On the main platform, Huang Peng and several other ancestors couldnt help but feel something was off.

Why was an outsider looking for one of their disciples What was going on!

Huang Peng and several other ancestors had just emerged from their seclusion not too long ago and they had no idea what was going on between Wei Hong and Ren Wokuang.

“Whats going on here Speak.” Huang Peng turned around and questioned the other ancestors who were in charge of the Asura Gate when he was in secluded cultivation.

“That disciple is called Ren Wokuang and because of the crimes he committed several tens of years ago, he was thrown into the Black Prison.

His crimes included killing fellow disciples of the Asura Gate.” Jia Ding hastily replied.

Huang Peng and the other ancestors felt their heads clearing up.

So… is he here to rescue Ren Wokuang

“Why is he here today” Huang Peng muttered under his breath.

Isnt he supposed to be locked in the Black Prison!

Ancestor Jia Ding took over once again and crafted a perfect reply, “This is because Ren Wokuang is Wang Mengqins acquaintance and he begged us to allow him to attend her wedding ceremony.

Wei Hong agreed after taking into account Wang Mengqins feelings.

He requested for me to allow Ren Wokuang to be brought here to witness the entire process.”

Huang Peng nodded his head.

“However, I never thought that Ren Wokuang would be so ungrateful as to get someone to cause trouble at the scene today! He disrupted the entire wedding ceremony by getting someone to break him out of prison!” Jia Ding continued, “Patriarch, he doesnt respect our Asura Gate in the slightest and we should immediately sentence an ingrate of a disciple like him to death!”

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