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Qin Huangzhong dazed for a long time as he stared at the holy fruit condensed at the entryway leading towards the third floor.

One holy fruit—!!

He had gotten two holy fruits on the first floor, but here, on the second floor, there was only one holy fruit!

“This…!” Qin Huangzhong was suddenly at a loss, frustrated, and angry.

Among the two people ahead of him, one might be Shi Yinyu, but what about the other person Song Litao Or Peng Zhengfei Or could it be He Jingyi instead

No, it shouldnt be any one of them.

Though in the Spirits World, Peng Zhengfei shared the title Twins Young Emperor, in reality, there was still a gap between Peng Zhengfeis talent and his.

The chances that the person was Song Litao or He Jingyi was even lower.

Now the question was—if that person was not Peng Zhengfei, Song Litao, or He Jingyi, who could it be

Suddenly, Qin Huangzhong felt he had overlooked something fundamental.

Earlier, he had assumed only Shi Yinyu was worthy of being his rival, but now, he had a feeling that a genius on the same level as him and Shi Yinyu had entered the Holy Mountain!

Who was this person

Qin Huangzhong tried searching his memories to see if someone stood out but couldnt think of anyone.

In the meantime, the news of someone clearing three floors of Holy Mountains obstacles in half a day exploded like a mega bomb through Hells three worlds.

At the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes headquarters in Spirits World, when the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming and Patriarch Shi Wushuang heard this news, both were dumbfounded with their mouths agape for a long time.

“Half, half a day, ascending three floors in half a day!” A long time later, the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe Old Ancestor Shi Ming finally reacted.

He rose suddenly in agitation while barking an order, “Investigate, use the full Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes power and find out who is this peerless genius! We must win over this person at any price, and we must have him become a friend of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe!”

A friend of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe!

In Hells three worlds, not everyone was worthy of becoming afriend of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe.

Yet the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming, who had once led an army to attack the Heavenly Court several billion years ago, claimed that their tribe needed to win over that peerless genius at any price!

This was an honor, a great glory!

However, the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Patriarch Shi Wushuang did not find this abnormal.

Instead, he respectfully complied, “Yes, please rest assured, Old Ancestor!”

This level of monstrous genius was, indeed, worthy of winning over, regardless of the price.

The Ghost Worlds Qin Fan held the record as the fastest person ascending the Holy Mountain.

Even so, Qin Fan had spent thirty-six days and four hours clearing the first three floors obstacles.

And now, Qin Fan was acknowledged as Ghost Worlds most potent cultivator!

Similarly, what did it mean to have a genius who merely used half a day to clear three floors obstacles It meant that this geniuss future achievements would be more astounding than Qin Fan!

This kind of genius, once he or she grows up, would shock the world.

“Old Ancestor, do you think this person could be Qin Hongzhuang” The Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Patriarch Shi Wushuang asked in a serious tone.

The Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming shook his head, “Though Qin Huangzhongs talent is as good as his father Qin Fan, ascending three floors in half a day is a fantasy for Qin Hongzhuang.”

“What if we fail to win this person over” Patriarch Shi Wushuang hesitated before asking a crucial question.

The Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor frowned and did not answer immediately.

Silence enveloped the hall.


An eerie cold wind blew across the Ghost World landscape; in every direction, there were yin winds formed of ghost qi.

On the tip of Ghost Worlds northern region, where the yin winds were the strongest and coldest stood a great fort-like city.

This city stretched for countless miles, resembling a super big plane rather than a city, and this was the Ghost Worlds number one city, Fengdu City!

Although the Fengdu City had not unified the whole Ghost World, it held supreme authority in the Ghost World.

The Fengdu City Castellan Qin Fans order was equivalent to an imperial edict!

In other words, in Ghost World, people would rather offend the Netherworld Kings Organisation than offend Fengdu City.

Just from this, one could understand Fengdu Citys standing in Ghost World.

At this time, somewhere inside a hidden space of Fengdu City, sat a tall stalwart man in his forties.

This middle-aged mans eyes were blue as the sea, he had big ears, and his aura was infinitely similar to heaven and earths aura.

This middle-aged man was Ghost Worlds most powerful cultivator, the strongest person, and Fengdu Citys Castellan, Qin Fan.

Qin Fan raised his hand, gathering the surroundings spiritual energy and condensing it into living beings, watching their changes, and comprehending something.

At this time, in the distance, a figure arrived in whistling wind.

Upon noticing this figure, Qin Fans movements stopped.

The figure was one of Qin Fans personal disciples, Jiao Zhouqing.

Jiao Zhouqing was a supreme godhead genius, who was also Qin Fans right-hand man.

Jiao Zhouqing was already a late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert.

“Greetings Master!” Jiao Zhouqing saluted as he arrived in front of Qin Fan.

“Stand up,” Qin Fan said, “Qinger, what is the matter”

In general, if there were no critical matters, Jiao Zhouqing would only report to him via messages, but now he had come to see him personally.

Surely, there had to be something extraordinary.

“Master, just a while ago, I received a report from the Asura World, related to the Holy Mountain.” Jiao Zhouqing hesitated briefly before he began.

“Someone has broken the Masters record.”

“Oh!” Qin Fan was genuinely surprised.

“You mean someone has already passed the second floor”

It has been a little over a day since the Holy Mountain surfaced.

Based on his son and that Shi Yinyus talent, it was granted that they had passed the second floor.

But which of those two broke his record

“No.” Jiao Zhouqings reply interrupted Qin Fans internal musing.

“Someone has already passed the third floor!”

“The third floor You, you, what did you say The third floor! Are you sure someone has passed the third floor!” Qin Fan rushed to his feet with an astonished expression.

His eyes were wide as fists.

“It is true; moreover, it took that person only half a day to pass the first three floors.

At this moment, that person has entered the fourth floor.” Jiao Zhouqing honestly replied, and went on, “It is estimated that most Hells forces have received news of this, everyone is in a wave of shock.”

“This, this, such a genius actually exists!” Qin Fan was even more shocked.

“Master, what should we do now” Jiao Zhouqing asked moments later.

“Check and find out who that person is.

We need to do our best to form a good relationship with him.” Qin Fan made an effort to calm himself, taking a deep breath, he added, “Pass my order, unless absolutely necessary, do not offend that person!”

“Yes, Master.”

When the Massacring Gods Gate, Misty Palace, Dark Roc Race, and various other forces learned the news, their reactions were similar to the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe and Fengdu City.

The mysterious peerless genius Huang Xiaolong turned into the target all Hells forces wanted to win over, overnight.

Inside the Holy Mountains fourth floor, Huang Xiaolong was ignorant of the furor he had caused outside.

He was entirely focused on killing those Blackstone Monsters, but to kill these Blackstone Monsters rapidly depleted his godforce.

By the time his kill count reached eight thousand, exhaustion set in.

Huang Xiaolongs progress slowed down significantly.

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