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“Ten days! ...Passed from the first to the fifth floor in ten days!”

When the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming heard the news, he didnt react for a full minute.

Three minutes later, there was still no reaction.

Patriarch Shi Wushuang called him several times, but there was still no response from Old Ancestor Shi Ming.

“Ten days! Ten days ah!”

Old Ancestor Shi Ming muttered repeatedly.

Within the Massacring Gods Gate headquarters, the Massacring Gods Gates Old Ancestor Chu Han and the Gate Chief Chu Gaofei and a group of Ancestors were discussing their next step in unifying the Asura World.

But their meeting was interrupted when someone ran into the hall in a fluster.

The Massacring Gods Gate\'s Elder Yang Cheng called out anxiously, “Old Ancestor, just now, the Holy Mountains side sent over the latest news.” After Elder Yang Cheng saluted, he reported with a kind of excitement, “Someone has already passed the fifth floor.”

“Fif-fifth floor!”

The hall became so quiet that one could hear each others breathing as all eyes looked at Elder Yang Cheng.

The Massacring Gods Gates Old Ancestor Chu Han looked dazedly at Elder Yang Chen.

He stared in the distance, seemingly lost in thoughts that others could guess.

A long time later, Old Ancestor Chu Han finally spoke, “Its, its that mysterious genius, isnt it” His voice was low and sounded hoarse.

“It is so, Old Ancestor.” Elder Yang Cheng honestly affirmed.

Massacring Gods Gate Chief Chu Gaofei also reacted at this time.

There was a complex expression on his face and his tone didnt seem right, “I heard this a few days back.

When the mysterious genius passed four floors in two and a half days, the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor publicly announced that they are willing to give this person the position of Lord Ancestor and also let him choose four items from their treasury to win over this person!”

“Now that this person has cleared the fifth floor in ten days, the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe must have received the same news, it makes me wonder what kind of terms that old guy would offer to win over this person.”

The Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors exchanged glances, and no one spoke a word.

Old Ancestor Chu Han harrumphed coldly, “Its clear to everyone what that old guy is scheming, then again, is this kind of genius someone he could win over so easily.”

Gate Chief Chu Gaofei lamented heavily at Old Ancestor Chu Hans words, “True ah, it is impossible for this kind of peerless genius to lower his head to anyone.

This mysterious genius is even more monstrous than that king of supreme godhead Huang Xiaolong.

Old Ancestor Chu Han stated seriously, “Although this kind of genius is impossible to win over, we still should do our best to form a good relationship with him.”

“Yes, Old Ancestor!”

The Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors complied respectfully.

From the time the Holy Mountain had first appeared until now, no one has been able to pass the twelfth floor.

Can this mysterious genius do it” One of the Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors said.

According to the old legend, one needs to have two king of supreme godheads to pass the twelfth floor.

This mysterious genius performance is so amazing, I think he may have two king of supreme godheads!” Another Ancestor stated his opinion.

“Two king of supreme godheads Hard to say for sure! This mysterious genius may not be able to pass the Holy Mountains twelfth floor.”

All of a sudden, there were various opinions from the Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors.

Above the Nethersea, another wave of exciting discussions broke out among the various forces experts.

“How long would it take the mysterious genius to clear the sixth floor!”

“He has just entered the sixth floor, its too early for us to be talking about when hes going to pass the sixth floor.”

“Early your fart! If I knew early on that he could pass the fifth floor in ten days, Id have made a bet the moment he entered the fourth floor!”

Many of them began calling out bets, betting on how long it would take Huang Xiaolong to clear the sixth floor.

Half of them estimated Huang Xiaolong could clear the sixth floor in two months, while others varied between three months, or four months.

There were a stubborn few that adamantly insisted it would take Huang Xiaolong half a year and above.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong was looking at three glistening golden holy fruits hovering in front of him and couldnt help but feel delighted.

From the first floor to the fifth floor, he had collected fifteen holy fruits!

Since the more one consumed these holy fruits, the better their effects, then the more the better.

Huang Xiaolong put away the three holy fruits into the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle, and looked towards the entryway to the seventh floor.

En, he still had got a lot of work to do.

Although killing these hell beasts was tedious and laborious work, Huang Xiaolong had actually taken a liking to it.

Probably all the disciples that entered the Holy Mountain liked this laborious work.

Each one of these hell beasts was a treasure that Huang Xiaolong wished there were more of them.

Unfortunately, every floor that he had passed so far, there were only ten thousand hell beasts on each floor, as if ten thousand was the limit.

Huang Xiaolong flew towards the entryway to the seventh floor, but the sixth floors hell beasts soon blacked his path.

High above the sixth floor was a flock of black flying beasts that resembled phoenixes, emitting cold air!

However, a little different from phoenixes, these flying beasts actually had a horn protruding out from their heads.

These were Horned Black Luan! Huang Xiaolong was taken aback.

Horned Black Luan was one of Hells divine beasts during the desolate era, a descendent of the Ice Phoenix.

Thus, these Horned Black Luan carried a degree of real phoenixs bloodline, though it couldnt be compared to a real phoenix, it had amazing attack and speed.

Adding to the headache was that these Horned Black Luan could be reborn through nirvana like the phoenix.

A phoenix could be reborn through phoenix-nirvana nine times, which was equivalent to having nine lives.

Although these Horned Black Luan could not revive nine times like the phoenix, on average, they could revive four or five times.

So that was not a big problem.

Although there were ten thousand of these Horned Black Luan, each of them had the strength of a mid-Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

Adding their phoenix-nirvana ability to this, they were ten times stronger than the Wind Thunder Long-tailed Leopards from the fifth floor.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help smiling wryly.

No wonder no one had been able to pass all of the Holy Mountains twelve floors for so many years.

Just the challenge on the sixth floor was enough to stump the majority of emperor ranked godhead geniuses.

While Huang Xiaolong was trying to figure out the fastest and most suitable way to deal with these ten thousand Horned Black Luan, these Horned Black Luan cried sharply.

Their cries rumbled like thunder, jarring Huang Xiaolongs eardrums.

In the next second, these Horned Black Luan were already attacking Huang Xiaolong, and arriving prior to their attacks was the rush of frigid cold qi from their bodies.

A thick layer of black ice covered the ground below and the surrounding space.

Alarmed, Huang Xiaolong pulled himself together.

His three supreme godheads spun, and a layer of red light appeared on the surface of his skin.

Supreme fire element godforce spread out, turning his immediate surrounding into a sea of flames.

Huang Xiaolong punched out, and his fist force roared forth, sending the Horned Black Luan that was swooping down on him tumbling back in the air.

The Horned Black Luan burst into flames in high air.

In the next second, bright rays of rippling light appeared where the Horned Black Luan had exploded, and it was reborn from the ashes!

Huang Xiaolong dove into the flock of Horned Black Luan like an ancient fire god, as he punched out his fists several times.

One day passed in the blink of an eye.

Despite exerting his full effort, by the end of the day, he had barely managed to kill a hundred of these Horned Black Luan.

Two, three, ten days….

These Horned Black Luan gradually reduced in numbers.

While Huang Xiaolong focused on killing the Horned Black Luan on the sixth floor, the fourth floor of Holy Mountains surface burst out in dazzling lights.

Finally, there was a second person who had cleared the third floor.

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