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“Audacious! How dare a mere Fortune Emperor Palaces disciple like you call Marshal Yu Shi by his name!” One of the generals harrumphed at Huang Xiaolong.

“Men, take down this disrespectful b*stard!”


The heavenly troops around them moved the moment the order was given.

Zhao Leis face changed, and a wave of panic struck him.

Even though he knew that Huang Xiaolong had some backing and the four beasts behind him were at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, the other side represented the Heavenly Court! The Heavenly Court could mean the entire Divine World, and anyone who dared to oppose them was seeking death!

He knew that Yu Shi was one of the marshals extremely valued by the Heavenly Emperor.

Even though he wasnt the Grand Marshal, Yu Shi had prestige not lesser than any of them.

In contrast to Zhao Leis panic, Huang Xiaolong was as calm as could be.

He looked at the heavenly troops surrounding him with a cold gaze.

Bei Xiaomei frowned as they were about to surround Huang Xiaolong completely.

Just as she was about to speak up for him, the silver armored general waved his arm to dismiss the troops.”

He looked at Huang Xiaolong with amusement and asked, “I know that you are Huang Xiaolong, the one with the king of supreme godhead.

Huang Xiaolong, even though you possess outstanding talent, talent is not the only thing in this world.

Do you think that a mere Fortune Emperor Palace will be able to protect you Let me tell you.

Even if Fang Gan comes here personally, he wont be able to go against Marshal Yu Shis order!”

“Even though Marshal Yu Shi didnt organize a manor for you all, all of you should sleep on the streets! You guys are pretty smart, the air is fresh on the streets, and you have the sky as your blanket.”

“Am I right”

The general roared with laughter.

All of a sudden, a group of people started flying towards them.

When everyone turned to look at them, Zhao Leis expression turned gloomy.

He turned to Huang Xiaolong and explained, “They are from the Solitude Emperor Palace.”

A light flickered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

Any person with half a brain could guess that someone from Solitude Emperor Palace was behind the actions of Heavenly Courts soldiers for evicting Fortune Emperor Palaces members from Manor 61.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the old man from the Solitude Emperor Palace who landed before him.

The old man was pretty muscular, and the aura he emitted wasnt weak.

If Huang Xiaolong was right, he was the Solitude Emperor Palaces Emperor, Gudu Wuyi.

In an instant, everyone from the Solitude Emperor Palace arrived before manor 61.

Without surprise, the general in the silver armor walked up and saluted him.

“Solitude Emperor, welcome.”

“General Zhou Han.” Gudu Wuyi laughed and cupped his fists to return the greeting.

“I troubled you with regards to the manor.

Did the arrangements change”

The silver armored general laughed and said, “Solitude Emperor is too polite.

Its nothing.

Everything has been arranged.

Manor 61 has been allocated to you.

You can bring all your disciples and settle down now.”

The silver armored general was blatantly ignoring the members of the Fortune Emperor Palace.

Zhao Lei and Li Shans face turned ugly beyond comparison.

“Hey, you guys are taking this too far.

Manor 61 has always been allocated to the Fortune Emperor Palace.

Why are you chasing them away for the Solitude Emperor Palace now!” Bei Xiaomei could no longer hold herself back, and she raged.

When the general turned to look at Bei Xiaomei, he sneered, “As it turns out, Young Lady Bei Xiaomei from the Silver Fox Commerce is here.

Young Lady, every single manor here, belongs to the Heavenly Court.

Marshal Yu Shi is in charge of the allocation, and we have no choice but to listen to his instructions.

If Young Lady Bei has any opinions about it, you can bring it up with our marshal.”

He only managed to hold back his irritation when he realized that Bei Xiaomei was the one speaking to him.

If it were anyone else, he wouldnt have bothered replying.

Before anyone could react, Gudu Wuyi walked up to greet Bei Xiaomei.

“Gudu Wuyi greets Young Lady Bei Xiaomei.

May I inquire as to whether or not President Bei Lengyang would be attending”

Bei Xiaomei replied with a cold harrumph.

“What has my father attending got to do with you Who do you think you are to inquire about my fathers whereabouts”

Since the Solitude Emperor Palace had caused the Fortune Emperor Palace to be evicted from the manor, Bai Xiaomei naturally wouldnt treat them with respect.

Gudu Wuyi was stunned, and his face turned red.

No matter what, he was still an Emperor.

How dare Bei Xiaomei mock me!

Gudu Canyang, who was standing behind Gudu Wuyi, raged.

Just before he could open his mouth to yell at her, Gudu Wuyi raised his hand to stop him.

He chuckled awkwardly at Bei Xiaomei, “Young Lady is right.

I was too rash.”

The Silver Fox Commerce behind Bei Xiaomei was simply too terrifying of an existence.

Even Gudu Wuyi had to take that into account when speaking to her.

Gudu Wuyi hastily turned and looked at Zhao Lei, “Brother Zhao Lei, Im sorry.

We didnt know anything about Marshal Yu Shi allocating Manor 61 to us.

Would you like to have a cup of tea before leaving”

Zhao Lei could only let out frosty laughter, “Whos your brother”

Everyone was stunned.

The members of the Solitude Emperor Palace felt a trace of rage emerging in their hearts.

“Zhao Lei, what did you say!” One of the ancestors beside Gudu Wuyi yelled.

He was one of the three Emperors from the Solitude Emperor Palace, and his name was Gudu Nanming.

Zhao Lei simply narrowed his eyes as he replied, “Dumb*ss.”

Everyone around them felt their jaws dropping to the ground.

“You!” Gudu Nanming couldnt help but yell.

“Enough.” Gudu Wuyis expression turned frosty as he turned to face Zhao Lei, “Zhao Lei, I hope you can still joke around during the Battle of the Heavenly Court.”

“Were going in.”

Gudu Wuyi flung his sleeve and led his disciples into Manor 61.

Zhao Lei and Li Shan turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, who didnt seem too bothered.

Huang Xiaolong turned to the silver armored general and said, “Are you called Zhou Han or something It doesnt matter.

Go back and tell Yu Shi that Ill remember this.

As long as I run into a prince in the Battle of the Heavenly Court, I wont show any mercy.

Ill slap them if I see them.

If I see them again, Ill crush them under my feet.

Even if the Heavenly Prince Di Jing shows up, Ill do the same.”

Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

Even Bei Xiaomei, Fang Xuanxuan, and Peng Xiao were stunned by his sudden declaration.

The silver armored general burst into laughter.

The next instant, everyone from the Solitude Emperor Palace echoed the General as they guffawed at his remark.

Other than the members of the Fortune Emperor Palace, even the heavenly troops broke out into laughter.

The silver armored general stared at Huang Xiaolong and said amid his laughter, “What did you just say Do you think you can crush Heavenly Prince Di Jing under your feet”

Gudu Canyang interrupted, “Huang Xiaolong, do you really think that youre untouchable with your king of supreme godhead Heavenly Prince Di Jing has the number one ranked godhead! Youre nothing but dogf*rt before him! How dare someone as you compare yourself to Heavenly Prince Di Jing!”

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