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Chapter 177: Imperial City Battle (9)

While the crowd was still immersed in their excited discussions, the first competitors, Cui Li and Jin Desheng, made their way onto the stage.

The crowd quieted abruptly as both of them stood face to face on the battle stage.

Anticipative silence filled the air.

In a split second action, blinding lights engulfed their silhouettes, each summoning their martial spirits.

On the last day of battle, neither kept their true strength hidden.

Cui Li had an average grade eleven martial spirit, the Lightning Devouring Beast.

The space immediately surrounding her body was instantly filled with flashing bolts of lightning the moment it emerged.

An atmosphere of terrifying destruction permeated the area.

On the other hand, Jin Desheng had a top grade ten martial spirit which was infinitely close to a superb talent martial spirit, and it’s name was Giant Black Water Ape.

Judging from its outer appearance, the Giant Black Water Ape was five to six times larger than the Lightning Devouring Beast, but in actuality, the Giant Black Water Ape’s strength was innately suppressed by Cui Li’s martial spirit.

Pressured by the surrounding lightning, the Giant Black Water Ape’s bright water sphere’s radius continuously shrunk in on itself.

Suddenly, Jin Desheng bellowed and his body dashed forward in a flash, winding up a fist to attack Cui Li.

A light blue water vapor diffused around Jin Desheng like a barrier as he leaped out.

Because it was of a lower grade, his martial spirit was suppressed by Cui Li’s martial spirit on an innate level.

The longer the fight dragged on, the more he fell to a disadvantage.

Therefore, he needed to seize the initiative.

Below the stage, Huang Xiaolong shook his head silently while watching the battle.

Without needing to watch further, he already knew Cui Li would come out on top in this match.

Regardless of whether one was talking about Cui Li’s martial spirit or her battle qi strength, both were more powerful and abundant than Jin Desheng’s.

Sure enough, moments later Jin Desheng was knocked out of the battle stage by Cui Li.

After the first duo’s match ended, the following match was between Xie Puti and Han Dong.

The round ended quicker than the first round, very much lacking in suspense as Xie Puti defeated Han Dong effortlessly without summoning his martial spirit.

“Third group, Huang Xiaolong versus Yanggang!” After the result of Xie Puti and Han Dong’s match was announced, Cheng Jian’s voice sounded again.

The moment Cheng Jian’s voice fell, Huang Xiaolong and Yanggang stood up simultaneously.

The two opponents exchanged glances.

Yanggang sneered at Huang Xiaolong mockingly then stepped out ahead of him towards the battle stage.

Huang Xiaolong calmly followed behind him in an unhurried gait.

All eyes of the crowd focused on them in high anticipation as Huang Xiaolong and Yanggang stood face to face on the stage.

Cui Li sat below the stage and remained focused on the two figures the entire time.

Yanggang looked at Huang Xiaolong, smirking confidently, “How was the feeling of sleeping in the streets last night Not bad right” Pausing for effect, Yanggang continued, “Heartless Young Noble asked me to pass you a message: This, is only the beginning!”

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Oh~, really” followed by a shake of the head in a regretful way, “Unfortunately…”

“Unfortunately what” Yanggang’s face sank.

“Unfortunately those that become other people’s dogs usually don’t live long.” came Huang Xiaolong’s nonchalant reply.

“You!” Anger and killing intent exploded in Yanggang’s eyes.

Light rippled around his body as currents of gloomy black energy spread out at rapid speed with a tinge of ice blue frosty chilliness mixed in.

It was a beast that looked like a cross between a lion and a tiger.

It’s body was pure black and it had a pair of icy blue eyes, hovering midair behind Yanggang.

This was Yanggang’s martial spirit, a top grade twelve superb talent martial spirit, Celestial Yin Beast!

The Celestial Yin Beast of Martial Spirit World contained the darkest Yin energy and was most pliable amongst martial spirits.

The instant his Celestial Yin Beast appeared, Yanggang’s momentum soared.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong with a cold expression, shouting “I’ve said to you before, you’d better hope you don’t come across me on the stage, otherwise, you won’t be walking out of here on your own when you leave!”

“Summon your Divine Black Dragon martial spirit.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “To defeat you, there’s no need for me to call upon my martial spirit.”

“What!” Below the stage, everyone who heard his words were flabbergasted and it caused someone to blurt out in surprise.

“Huang Xiaolong actually said he could defeat Yanggang without summoning his martial spirit!”

Even Cui Li and Xie Puti were astounded when hearing Huang Xiaolong’s claim.

On the guest platform where Duan Wuhen was sitting in a lazy demeanor, he was originally leaning back deeply into the chair, but even he could not help straighten his body a little when hearing what Huang Xiaolong said.

A tiny spark of interest shone in his eyes.

The same thing also happened with Cheng Jian and the other Duanren Empire ministers.

Disbelief swept over the crowd when they heard Huang Xiaolong actually dare to utter such an arrogant claim.

Defeat Yanggang without relying on his martial spirit After all, the public was of the opinion that Huang Xiaolong’s strength was about the same as Yanggang.

Recovering from their shock, everyone secretly shook their head with a similar thought flickering in their minds: This Huang Xiaolong’s arrogance has gone overboard.

Listening to the gasps of shock and awe coming from the crowd, anger shot right to Yanggang’s head, thickening the killing intent in his eyes.

“Fine, fine!” Yanggang’s voice was extremely cold, “Since this is how you want it, I also won’t use my martial spirit.” In a flash, the Celestial Yin Beast once again returned to Yanggang’s body.

With Yanggang’s martial spirit gone, the black vapors around the stage vanished.

Watching this series of actions, Huang Xiaolong only shrugged his shoulders.

To him, the result was the same whether Yanggang used his martial spirit or not!

“I’ll let you make the first move!” Yanggang pushed his battle qi to the extreme as he spoke to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette suddenly blurred just as Yanggang’s voice ended, leaving an afterimage behind on the stage where he previously stood.

Before one could blink, he was already right in front of Yanggang.

Well, he offered, therefore, Huang Xiaolong needn’t be polite!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes had a coldness in them.

Punching out using his Collapse Fist, he hit Yanggang’s body without obstruction.

Boom! A deafening collision rang in the air, followed by Yanggang’s miserable scream.

He slid across the stage floor right to the edge.

Everyone watching held their breath, forgetting to breathe, as they stared dumbly at Yanggang’s figure nearly spilling out of the battle stage.

In the next second, Duanren Square exploded with astonishment.


“What! What was that blurry image!”

“How did Huang Xiaolong achieve such speed!”

“So fast, it was too fast! Was it Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit ability!”

Many were filled with doubt and disbelief.

Shocked and thrilled expressions came from the crowd as they stared fixedly at the battle stage.

Xie Puti who had been watching from below the stage suddenly jumped to his feet, feeling genuine shock.

Cui Li, Pang Yu, Dai Shanni, and the rest also jumped up from their seats like Xie Puti.

One punch from Huang Xiaolong sent Yanggang flying! Yanggang did not even have time to react!

Before Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi broke into the Xiantian realm, his martial spirit ability, Phantom Shadow already achieved a speed comparable to Fei Hou’s, and after stepping into the Xiantian realm, his martial skill ability’s effectiveness had more than doubled.

When also adding Yanggang’s arrogance and carelessness on top of that, it was no surprise he was knocked to the edge by Huang Xiaolong.

Up on the main platform, Duan Wuhen looked on interestedly, sitting straighter than before as he spoke to Cheng Jian, “Looks like all of us underestimated Huang Xiaolong.”

The shocked Cheng Jian only recovered some clarity when Duan Wuhen spoke, and nodded dumbly.

Not only the two of them, but even their Duanren Emperor had underestimated Huang Xiaolong!

Previously, Duanren Emperor surmised Huang Xiaolong had the strength to compete for a spot among the top ten, but now…!Cheng Jian smiled bitterly inside.

The truth, it seemed, was that Huang Xiaolong did not only have the capability to wrestle for a spot in the top ten.

Judging from his speed just now, Huang Xiaolong had the strength to contend with Xie Puti for first place!

When Huang Xiaolong said he could defeat Yanggang without summoning his martial spirit, many had thought Huang Xiaolong was insufferably arrogant.

At this very moment, no one doubted Huang Xiaolong’s strength.

Noises from the crowd rose and fell.

On the stage, Huang Xiaolong slowly strode in Yanggang’s direction with a cold expression on his face, advising: “It’s better if you summon your martial spirit.

If not, you won’t even have the chance to counter.”

Yanggang got up from his position, wiping away the blood flowing down from his mouth as he fixed a deadly glare on Huang Xiaolong.

There was wrath, humiliation, and intense murder, but at the same time he understood that what Huang Xiaolong stated was fact.

If he did not summon his martial spirit, he truly would not have the capability to counter Huang Xiaolong’s attack.

When Huang Xiaolong displayed his martial spirit ability it was simply too fast for him!


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