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Chapter 181: Imperial City Battle (13)

“This is a second martial spirit innate ability!” Cheng Jian’s eyes narrowed in a dignified manner as he spoke each word with emphasis.

A second martial spirit innate ability!

An ability to conceal.

“What a strong martial spirit ability!” At this moment, a Duanren Empire general behind Duan Wuhen could not help exclaiming: “Not even I can detect Huang Xiaolong’s breath in this instant!”

He was a Xiantian Third Order expert!

Even a Xiantian Third Order expert could not detect Huang Xiaolong’s presence; one could imagine how remarkable Huang Xiaolong’s second martial ability was.

Outside the battle arena, many spectating experts were also blown away.

Once again, the crowd was in an uproar.

Cui Li, Pang Yu, and the rest also searched with their eyes and spiritual senses, trying to see if they could detect Huang Xiaolong’s presence on the stage.

While everyone was still searching for a shadow of him, Huang Xiaolong suddenly appeared in the air above behind Xie Puti, striking down a palm aimed at Xie Puti’s back.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to succeed, the black flames shrouding Xie Puti flared up, engulfing Xie Puti’s immediate surroundings in flames.

Huang Xiaolong’s expression turned grave and immediately retrieved his palm while retreating backward.

Xie Puti spun to the back.

One again, both of them stood face to face on the stage.

In the air above, both the Black Dragon and Black Flame Phoenix were still fighting, dragon roars and phoenix cries rang out endlessly in people’s ears.

Tremendous shockwaves burst from the battle arena, surging out with the stage as its center, rolling like thunder.

The bright sun above was nowhere to be seen, entirely blotted out by the black flames and energy emitted by the black dragon and black flames phoenix.

Watching Xie Puti, Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Xie Puti’s body was entirely wrapped in a protective black flame barrier, and there didn’t seem to be a way to get within ten meters of him.

He needed to think of a method to break through the black flames barrier.

At the same time, Xie Puti too was frowning while watching Huang Xiaolong.

The moment Huang Xiaolong concealed himself, Xie Puti had no clue of his presence at all, or his location.

To defeat Huang Xiaolong was much harder than he had presumed!

Two cold lights reflected on Huang Xiaolong’s hands.

He summoned the Blades of Asura, gripping them in his palm.

The Wings of Demon on his back stretched out and Huang Xiaolong used Phantom Shadow at the same time, swinging the blades at Xie Puti.

“Wrath of the Nether King!”

Two beams of blade lights were like an awakened thousand year old volcano eruption that welled forth, akin to a stampede of thousands of beasts or a cavalry army of millions of soldiers.

and the attacks immediately reached Xie Puti.

Too fast!

Xie Puti was stunned! The protective black flames shrouding Xie Puti rose up, and the Wrath of the Nether King attack actually dissolved under the heat of the black flames, swallowed up!

First rank grade thirteen martial spirit, Black Flame Phoenix’s black flame was said could to be capable of incinerating all beings, and it had proven it could even devour the attacking blade lights that came from Blades of Asura.

After the black flames melted and devoured Huang Xiaolong’s Wrath of the Nether King, Xie Puti flickered and disappeared.

He again reappeared within meters of Huang Xiaolong with another finger attack, but this was not a repeat of Mirage Void Finger from earlier.

“Meteor Finger!”

With a point, several different surreal finger-prints materialized out of nowhere and separated, like a rain of shooting stars that targeted Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong did not hide or dodge this time.

Instead, he raised his hand and pointed a finger as well.

A beam of aureate light shot out, crashing against the incoming Meteor Finger.

“Zi!” Thunderous shockwaves echoed endlessly.

Outside the battle arena where the shockwaves hit had caused a splitting pain in the experts’ eardrums and made them frightened by the level of battle.

In the two finger attacks collision, Huang Xiaolong staggered back three steps from the force.

Although Huang Xiaolong swallowed many Fire Dragon Pearls and cycad fruits during his cultivation that raised his physical defense to a level higher than warriors in the same realm, making his defense almost comparable to a Xiantian Second Order, Xie Puti too had his own fortuitous encounters.

On top of that, he had his family’s resources.

Xie Puti’s physical defense and power was close to reaching a Xiantian Third Order expert.

“Fire Exploding Finger!”

Xie Puti’s silhouette blurred away, renewing his attack on Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong activated his martial spirit ability, Space Concealment, and disappeared from sight.

Xie Puti’s attack fell on empty air once more.

The ‘game’ progressed with one attacking while the other retreated and vice versa.

One exchange after another, the entire battle stage became marked and ruined between both of their attacks.

Finger-sized holes, palm prints… even fist prints littered the stage.

Just like that, Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti exchanged more than a dozen blows.

Some of the weaker warriors outside the battle arena could barely follow their movements.

Bang! The two separated after the latest collision, standing on opposing sides of the stage.

Within the last dozen exchanges just now, both seemed equal on the surface but the experts with a keen eye could tell Huang Xiaolong was at a disadvantage.

If it wasn’t for Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit ability of hiding, he would probably have lost long ago.

No matter if it was strength, battle qi, or speed, Huang Xiaolong was weaker and slower than Xie Puti.

Suddenly, at that moment, a dragon’s whine resounded, attracting everyone’s attention.

Looking up, everyone saw the two fighting martial spirits, Divine Black Dragon and Black Flame Phoenix.

The Black Flame Phoenix’s claw found an opening and pierced through the Divine Black Dragon’s back.

Dragon scales fell, while blood rained down from the air above.

The Divine Black Dragon was wounded.

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong’s expression turned grave and he leaped up onto the Divine Black Dragon’s head.

Every movement was followed intently by the crowd as in the next moment, a light blue glow flickered around the black dragon’s body.

The parts burned by the Black Flame Phoenix’s black flame slowly stopped bleeding.

New dragon scales grew rapidly as the wounds healed.

Eyes widened in shock as everyone watched this scene happening in front of them.

“What is happening! How can that Divine Black Dragon’s injuries heal so quickly!”

“It’s Huang Xiaolong! Huang Xiaolong’s third martial spirit innate ability! Huang Xiaolong actually has a third martial spirit ability!”

Some experts guessed the reason behind the Divine Black Dragon’s rapid recovery was because Huang Xiaolong initiated his third martial spirit ability!

The crowd was dazed with shock.

It had never crossed anyone’s mind that Huang Xiaolong would have a third martial spirit ability!

In Martial Spirit World, possessing a second martial spirit ability was enough to cause envy, yet this Huang Xiaolong supposedly had a third one!

Cui Li, Pang Yu, Dai Shanni, and the rest jumped up from their seats.

Although Duan Wuhan and Cheng Jian managed to control themselves and remained seated, the shock was evident on their faces.

There were people that had a third martial spirit ability in Martial Spirit World, but in the entire Snow Wind Continent, the number did not exceed the fingers on both hands.

Furthermore, neither Duan Wuhen or Duanren Emperor himself had awoken a third martial spirit ability.

Xie Puti like everyone else was stunned into a daze.

Not only did Huang Xiaolong have a third martial spirit ability, but did it have to be something that could help him heal his injuries!

Instant Recovery ability was just as useful as Space Concealment and would be more concisely described as a heaven defying ability.

In actual fact, Huang Xiaolong’s third martial spirit ability, Instant Recovery, used to only be capable of merely recovering depleted battle qi.

But, after Huang Xiaolong broke through to the Xiantian realm, he had recently noticed that his third martial spirit ability actually underwent some changes and evolved.

Not only could it restore exhausted battle qi, it was able to recover vitality.

Getting over his shock, Xie Puti too moved beside his Black Flame Phoenix martial spirit with a sway of his body.

He spoke slowly, “I did not expect you would have a third martial spirit ability, but you probably have another martial spirit, right!”

Another martial spirit!

Hearing this, the crowd was dumbfounded.

Xie Puti’s words meant…! Heads nearly snapped off their necks as they spun to look at Huang Xiaolong.

Could Huang Xiaolong really…!

Huang Xiaolong was startled.

Xie Puti could guess he had a second martial spirit

“Blue Dragon, come out!” Since the secret could not be kept any longer, Huang Xiaolong need not hide it any longer.

With a loud summon, Huang Xiaolong’s body burst out in gleaming ice blue light.

Before the stupefied looks, an enormous Divine Blue Dragon’s roar shook the heavens as it hovered behind Huang Xiaolong.

The moment the Blue Dragon emerged, a pressure far stronger than that of the Black Dragon’s overshadowed the Black Flame Phoenix’s aura.

It was a dragon’s might capable of deterring the world!

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong’s momentum rose sharply.


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