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Huang Xiaolong ignored the shocked expressions on the Ancestors faces around him.

He continued leading everyone flying outwards.

The group of Ancestors cautiously followed behind Huang Xiaolong, flying with vigilance.

During this time, they saw the other ruins of the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

They could barely find any intact palace building.

The more these Ancestors saw, the bigger the apprehension in their hearts grew.

This was the Fiend King Star ah, the Fiend God Emperor Palaces core palace buildings.

These buildings were protected by layers of array formations, fiendish creatures, and numerous experts.

Yet it had fallen to this state of damage now!

Were these ruins single-handedly caused by this Fortune Emperor Palaces disciple in front of them

As these Ancestors astonishment deepened along the way, a small number of them still denied Huang Xiaolongs credit for these ruins.

Some even suspected that they were caught in an illusion, a very profound illusion that they could not differentiate from reality.

In the meantime, they had flown out from the Fiend King Star.

Suddenly, the echoes of a thunderous explosion reached their ears.

The rescued Ancestors hearts tightened nervously.

When they turned to look at the source, they saw two mountain-sized, odd-looking monsters attacking the Grand Fiend God Formation in space.

The Grand Fiend God Formation emitted bright flickering lights as a large part of the nefarious qi sea scattered away, and the malevolent giant arms exploded to nothingness.

Overwhelming aftershocks and hurricane wind blades slashed in the direction of Huang Xiaolongs group.

Sensing the destructive power from these aftershock wind blades, the Ancestors expressions changed for the worse, and they quickly evaded as fast as they could.

These Ancestors broke out in a cold sweat as these wind blades blew past them.

By the time these Ancestors regained their senses and looked at the consecutively exploding giant arms, another wave of palpitations came over them.

“The Grand Fiend God Formation is broken!” One of the Ancestors exclaimed with obvious doubt.

The Grand Fiend God Formation was the Fiend God Emperor Palaces most powerful array formation.

Several generations of Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors had repeatedly strengthened it.

It was renowned as the Fiend God Emperor Palaces undefeatable array formation.

The Grand Fiend God Formation that had been unbreakable in billions of years was actually destroyed!

“Who are they!”

All the Ancestors attention was on the two odd beasts.

Their faces had already paled from the overwhelming pressure from the two odd beasts bodies.

“I know who they are!” One of them shrieked sharply with a horrified expression, “They are the King of Darkness subordinates—the four odd beasts that were said to be invincible gods of war under him!”

The King of Darkness!

Invincible gods of war—the four odd beasts!

All of these Ancestors belonged to various Emperor Palaces, and they had lived for a long time.

They had naturally heard of the King of Darkness four odd beasts legend.

Right at this time, the two odd beasts struck the void area above the center of the Grand Fiend God Formation and crushed the famous array formation into shatters.

Their claws then ransacked through the void as if searching for something.

Their actions stopped a good while later.

The two odd beasts then flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

The Ancestors around Huang Xiaolong scattered and fled in a panic at this sight.

The two odd beasts reached Huang Xiaolongs side in the blink of an eye.

“Reporting to Master, the Grand Fiend God Formation is destroyed.

However, Feng Chu is missing.

Subordinates were incompetent for letting Feng Chu escape!” The two odd beasts knelt before Huang Xiaolong and requested, “Please punish us!”

The fleeing Ancestors stopped abruptly and turned to look at Huang Xiaolong with jaws agape.

Fang Gans eyeballs nearly popped out from his sockets as he stammered, “Mas-Master!”

With a wave of his hand, Huang Xiaolong collected the Heavenly Hall back into his body and responded, “I know, stand up.”

Although Huang Xiaolong had expected it to be difficult to kill the Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu, he was disappointed to hear that he had escaped.

Feng Chus escape meant future troubles for him.

Not to mention that the Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi and others had escaped as well.

No one dared to speak as Huang Xiaolong stood there silently for a long time.

“Uncle Fang,” Huang Xiaolong said to Fang Gan a while later.

Fang Gan jumped for no reason but he quickly asked, “Xiaolong, what is it”

“I still have something to do, why dont you all leave first and wait for me outside” Huang Xiaolong inquired Fang Gans opinion.

Fang Gan was extremely flattered.

He said while shaking his head, “Sure, sure, go do your things first, well wait for you outside.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and set off towards one of the Fiend God Emperor Palaces big planets without further delay.

The two odd beasts and the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel followed him.

He was going to collect the Fiend God Emperor Palaces treasury and it was on a nondescript planet.

Fang Gan, Chen Xi, and the others waited until Huang Xiaolong was out of sight.

They couldnt even dare to move until then.

“Brother Fang Gan, erm, is he really a disciple of Fortune Emperor Palace” Chen Xi shifted his gaze from the horizon to Fang Gan as he asked the question in his mind.

After all, it was really difficult for Chen Xi to believe that a Fortune Emperor Palaces disciple actually had a fourteen-winged Radiance Angel by his side.

Furthermore, this Fortune Emperor Palaces disciple also had the ability to subjugate the gods of war odd beasts, who were said to be invincible.

The odd beasts ah, the King of Darkness most powerful four gods of war.

All the Ancestors looked at Fang Gan.

They had similar questions on their minds.

Fang Gan chuckled wryly then explained, “He really is our Fortune Emperor Palaces disciple, named Huang Xiaolong.

He entered the Fortune Emperor Palace, possessing the king of supreme godhead, about a hundred years ago.

At that time, he was accepted by our Chief of Hall Masters Zhao Lei as his personal disciple.”

Fang Gan was still unaware of Huang Xiaolongs three king of supreme godheads, and his three archdevil bloodlines.

“King of supreme godhead!”

The details in Fang Gans explanation successfully shocked Chen Xi and the others.

But they soon took it for granted since Huang Xiaolong had subdued existences like the odd beasts.

It only made sense for him to possess the king of supreme godhead.

“He entered your Fortune Emperor Palace a hundred years ago!” Another Ancestor asked suddenly.

These Ancestors finally caught the key word.

Around a hundred years ago!

“Yes ah, a hundred years ago!” A complicated expression flickered across Fang Gans face as he added, “A hundred years ago when he entered the Fortune Emperor Palace, his cultivation had not even reached the God King Realm.”

But in a hundred years, Huang Xiaolong had advanced to a high-level Heavenly Monarch!

Frankly speaking, even Fang Gans heart missed a beat.

“Brother Fang Gan, congratulations, ah! Your Fortune Emperor Palace accepted such an amazing disciple.”

It was not hard to imagine that the Fortune Emperor Palace would rise to the top in the future with a disciple like Huang Xiaolong.

Other Ancestors also congratulated Fang Gan.

Fang Gan laughed heartily as he thanked everyone.

A while later, Fang Gan and other Ancestors flew out from the Fiend God Emperor Palaces starry space, and waited outside for Huang Xiaolong as agreed.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong had arrived at a particular planets vast underground space.

Inside the underground space were numerous grandmist spiritual pills, chaos spirit stones, numerous divine armors, and divine artifacts spread farther than the eye could see!

Many of these divine armors and divine artifacts originated from ancient times.

They were taken from some old Emperor Palaces, ancient families and sects.

All these were kept here by the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

Floating high in the air were one hundred and eighty-three chaos spiritual veins—many of them were mid-grade, but there was one high-grade chaos spiritual vein!

Huang Xiaolong was surprised to see a high-grade chaos spiritual vein in the Fiend God Emperor Palaces treasury.

Huang Xiaolong collected all the chaos spiritual veins with a wave of his hand and put them in the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bracelet.

His hands continued to wave in the air as he continued collecting mountains after mountains of grandmist spiritual pills, chaos spirit stones, divine armors, and divine artifacts.

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