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Amongst the many disciples who had attacked him, some of them were in the Ninth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, and some were in the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

There were even some who were at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

However, regardless of their strength, Huang Xiaolong had sent all of them tumbling down.

Some even exploded and died after their weapons slammed into them.

The rest of the disciples, who had not attacked Huang Xiaolong but hoped to steal his Devil Holy Water once he perished, nearly died from fright when they saw the disciples who were sent flying.

Even the dozens of First and Second Order Emperors who had wanted to take advantage of the situation felt their heart palpitating in fear.

Huang Xiaolong glanced coldly at those Emperor Realm experts before continuing to make his way up.

Those Emperor Realm experts whom Huang Xiaolong glanced at felt cold sweat dripping down their back.

No one dared to speak, and all of them remained still.

Everyone looked at Huang Xiaolongs figure, and they were unable to hide the fear in their eyes.

The disciples from the Hundred Transformation Sect, Devil Ape Cult, Lightning Beast Valley, Black Killer Sect, who had attacked Huang Xiaolong, numbered in the hundred thousand.

There were thousands of Ninth and Tenth Order Heavenly Monarchs.

With their strength combined, it was more than enough for them to severely injure a mid-First Order Emperor Realm expert.

However, in addition to blocking them, Huang Xiaolong also sent them flying.

Outside the Devil Tower...

“What! He sent all of them flying with one fist!”

The elders from Hundred Transformation Sect, Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor, Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor, and the Black Killer Sect Ancestor were dumbfounded when they received the report.

How could this happen!

Inside the tower...

Under all the disciples complicated gazes, Huang Xiaolong reached the two hundred and fifty-sixth step and did not show any sign of stopping.

“Three hundred!”

When Huang Xiaolong arrived at the three hundredth step, everyone felt their lips twitching and their hearts pounding.

After Huang Xiaolong reached the five hundredth step in one go, he finally stopped and took a break.

When Huang Xiaolong stopped at the five hundredth step, the tension inside the hearts of the surrounding disciples finally relaxed as they felt a wave of exhaustion wash over them.

They were terrified that Huang Xiaolong would climb the entire floor in a single go!

There were a total of one thousand steps on the Devil Towers first floor, and only a few minutes had passed since Huang Xiaolong had started!

He reached the halfway mark of the first floor of the Devil Tower in a few minutes!

Just when Huang Xiaolong sat down at the five hundredth step to rest, the outside of the tower was in utter chaos.

“Reaching the five hundredth step in one go! Less than ten minutes!”

Everyone was shocked.

The Heavenly Punishment Archdevil Ancestor suddenly looked upwards and sighed, “Could this be a sign of the next coming of the Archdevil Lord”

The hearts of the surrounding experts and the Heavenly Punishment Sects ancestors jumped when they heard this.

Next coming of the Archdevil Lord… This!

The Stone Ape and Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestors opened their mouths, but nothing came out in the end.

Legends had it that whoever could reach the Devil Towers ninth floor would obtain the two devil steles.

After gathering all Six Great Devil Steles, they would become the next Archdevil Lord!

And as for the black-haired young man, there was no stopping him from ascending to the ninth floor.

The light in the eyes of the various Archdevil Ancestors flickered.

After resting for half a day, Huang Xiaolong continued his journey upwards.

A few minutes later, Huang Xiaolong stepped onto the thousandth step and arrived at the top of the first floor.

When Huang Xiaolong stepped onto the top of the mountain, a huge hole opened above him, and light poured into his body without stop.

The boundless devilish light was the source of the Devil World, and it contained the purest devil energy.

It was the energy from the chaos laws that governed the Devil World.

Under the nourishment of the devil energy, Huang Xiaolongs Archdevil Godhead emitted resplendent rays of light.

His Heart of Hell started to pump with an astonishing force.

The light continued pouring out for another hour, and it didnt seem like it would stop anytime soon.

“This… how can there be so much energy!”

The surrounding disciples were shocked, looking at the endless light coming from the hole.

Earlier, when Chen Weijian had passed the first floor, the light had poured down on him for a mere ten minutes!

Three hours soon passed before the lights disappeared, and the huge hole in the space above vanished.

Huang Xiaolongs entire body seemed to have transformed, and he exuded a type of boundless pressure that seemed to envelop the world.

If one were to look carefully, they would discover that a thin line had actually appeared in the space between Huang Xiaolongs eyebrows.

Even though the line wasnt pronounced, it contained a supreme wonder.

It was one of the wonders of the Devil World.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong also discovered that after absorbing the source energy of the Devil World, the Blood Eye Devil Stele inside his body seemed to have undergone a rebirth.

His actual strength increased once again.

He was finally nearing the peak of the mid-Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

After examining the changes within his body, Huang Xiaolong raised his legs and walked towards the second floors entrance.

Everyone failed to move as they watched Huang Xiaolong disappear into the entrance of the second floor.

There was also a giant mountain on the second floor, but it was way larger and steeper than the mountain on the first floor.

There were only three other people other than him, compared to the swathes of disciples crowding around the first floor.

The instant Huang Xiaolong stepped onto the second floor, a flash of light covered the mountain.

Chen Weijian, Xing Yinuo, and Qin Hongbao looked in his direction.

When they saw Huang Xiaolong, their expressions changed.

It was mostly so for Chen Weijian, and a look of terror flashed through his eyes.

The three of them were already aware of what had happened on the first floor.

As if he couldnt see them, Huang Xiaolong raised his foot and started his climb.

Similar to the first floor, a formless pressure and mysterious energy was pushing against him.

This time, there was an additional force that made Huang Xiaolong sweat.

He felt as though there was a chaotic mountain hanging off his back.

Huang Xiaolong circulated his Archdevil Supreme Godhead and started making his way up.

Even though Xing Yinuo and Qin Hongbao had arrived on the second floor much earlier than Huang Xiaolong, they were only at the twenty-sixth and the twentieth step, respectively.

As a result, Huang Xiaolong passed the two of them in a blink of an eye.

They were only able to watch as he passed them effortlessly.

When Huang Xiaolong passed Xing Yinuo, she opened her mouth to say something to him.

However, she decided to swallow her words in the end.

Chen Weijian was on the two hundred and twenty-second step when he saw Huang Xiaolong charging towards him.

A trace of fear flashed through his eyes again.

He clenched his fist as he secretly gathered his strength.

One minute later, Huang Xiaolong arrived before him.

As Huang Xiaolong was approaching rapidly, Chen Weijian circulated his godforce to the maximum.

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