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Chapter 1911: The Three Devil Steles Power

Chiyou was inwardly astonished after seeing the seventy-plus Ice Dragons freeze his attack.

When he was about to attack again, the air current behind him turned violent in an instant.

Chiyou looked back and saw the four odd beasts attacking him.

In a split second, Chiyou gave up on attacking Huang Xiaolong and hurriedly flickered away to avoid the four odd beasts joint-attack.

“KILL!” Huang Xiaolong waved his hands forward, ordering the Three Skull Ancestors.

The Three Skull Ancestors launched themselves on the Black Killer Sect Chief Cui Huajie and the sects experts.

Simultaneously, the seventy-plus Ice Dragons targeted the Hundred Transformation Sects Old Ancestor Chen Xie and the Hundred Transformation Sects experts.

Huang Xiaolong moved at the same time.

In a flicker, he reached Violent Lightning and the Lightning Beast Valleys experts.

When Huang Xiaolong made his move, there was a flash of holy radiance light flowing from his body.

Fourteen Radiance Angels flew out simultaneously, and dove into the group of Lightning Beast Valleys experts with Huang Xiaolong.

The two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels jointly attacked Violent Lightning Archdevil, whereas the rest twelve-winged Radiance Angels rounded the Lightning Beast Valleys mid-level and high-level Emperor Realm experts.

The remaining First order, Second Order, and Third Order Emperor Realm experts were left to Huang Xiaolong.

Now that Huang Xiaolong had broken through to the Emperor Realm, he very much needed to have a few Emperor Realm opponents for him to gauge his new strength.

Moreover, this was also a good time to see how powerful the three devil steles powers were.

The low-level Lightning Beast Valleys Emperor Realm experts soon noticed Huang Xiaolongs intention and were enraged, “Everyone form the Lightning Beast Grand Formation and kill Huang Xiaolong!”

“Kill Huang Xiaolong and dedicate the three devil steles to the Lord Archdevil Ancestor!” There were sixty-plus low-level Emperor Realm Ancestors from the Lightning Beast Valley.

A Lightning Beast Grand Formation formed by sixty-plus low-level Emperor Realm Ancestors was sufficient to kill a Fourth Order Emperor Realm expert.

The Lightning Beast Grand Formation looked like a giant mouth similar to a chaos lightning beasts open mouth.

A ruthless smile raised at the corner of Huang Xiaolongs mouth, and he flew straight into the beasts mouth in a flicker.

Falling into the center of Lightning Beast Grand Formation, devilish rays burst out.

Devil qi flowed vigorously from Huang Xiaolongs body as his Archdevil Supreme Godheads godforce was pushed to the extreme.

Alarming devil qi swirled around him and condensed into a familiar Devil Tower.

A strong beam of devilish light rushed skywards from Huang Xiaolongs body.

The Blood Eye Devil Stele, Myriad Curses Devil Stele, and Glaze Devil Stele rotated around Huang Xiaolong in the air, forming a synergized light dome.

The Devil Worlds origin energy falls continuously from the void, into the center of the three devil steles and Huang Xiaolongs Ascending Devil Physique.

At this time, one of the Third Order Emperor Realm experts of Lightning Beast Valley leaped forward as he launched an attack at Huang Xiaolong.

“Lightning Beast Grand Formation, Lightning Sound Super Palm!”

A humongous palm suddenly appeared in the sky, slapping down on Huang Xiaolong.

Savage lightning streaked across this humongous palm, accompanied by deafening rumbles of thunder that could jar the soul.

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent as he looked up at the humongous Lightning Sound Super Palm.

With a twist, he faced the sky and struck out a palm of his own, his surging palm force infused with the four chaos lightning pools power.

The colossal Lightning Super Sound scattered instantly.

In midair, Huang Xiaolong swooped down, slapping out another palm strike, directed at the Lightning Beast Valleys early Third Order Emperor Realm Ancestors chest.

That early Third Order Emperor Realm Lightning Beast Valleys Ancestor merely saw a blurry shadow flicker past his sight, and in the next moment, Huang Xiaolongs palm force struck his chest.

The instant Huang Xiaolongs palm force hit his chest, the Blood Eye Devil Steles spirit by his side emitted a burst of blood light.

A stronger blood-red light beam shot out from Huang Xiaolongs palm force.

A beat later, the Lightning Beast Valleys Ancestor whistled across the air in the backward direction and crashed in the far distance, howling and screaming.

The blood-light shining from his body was akin to thirsty bloodworms sucking his blood, causing his body to shrink.

Moreover, his flesh split into pieces one after another into blood pupils.

These blood pupils were the copies of the Blood Eye Devil Steles spirit.

Other Lightning Beast Valleys Ancestors turned deathly pale after seeing this sight.

“Everyone, dont panic.

Huang Xiaolong merely borrowed the Blood Eye Devil Steles power.

Based on his current early First Order Emperor Realm strength, he wont be able to do that more than a couple of times!” A late-Third Order Emperor Realm Ancestor bellowed to the rest.

“Dont tell me more than sixty of us are no match against one early First Order Emperor Realm brat!”

“Kill him—!” After that, the same Lightning Beast Valleys late-Third Order Emperor Realm Ancestor slashed his long sword at Huang Xiaolong.

The long sword in his hand resembled interlocking bones as it was forged from chaos divine beasts spine, containing vast amounts of chaos lightning power.

Sword qi cut across space, with rumbling chaos lightning and thunder at its tail.

Huang Xiaolong didnt take the Radiance Divine Scepter as his weapon but blocked the sword qi attack with his bare hands.

The sword slashed at Huang Xiaolongs palm akin to slashing onto a chaos steel wall.

Zheng! Metals clashed, creating sparks of fire.

A sharp pain ran up the Lightning Beast Valleys Ancestors arm.

He could hardly grip the sword, and it flew out from his hand.

His face paled.

That sword was a low-grade grandmist spiritual weapon.

It was extremely sharp, especially when enhanced with his lightning godforce, yet he was no match against Huang Xiaolong!

No, he didnt even scratch Huang Xiaolongs skin!

While he was in a daze, Huang Xiaolongs fist punched out.

The ten thousand ancient curses symbol in the Myriad Curses Devil Stele glimmered in resplendent lights.


Huang Xiaolongs full force punch hit the Lightning Beast Valleys late-Third Order Emperor Realm Ancestors chest and came out through his back.

Like a broken-lined kite, he crashed to the ground far away.

He grunted nonstop, and his body twitched and jerked uncontrollably.

There were ten thousand chaos curses runes inscribed on his skin.

These ten thousand ancient rune curses continuously corrode his body.

This was like throwing a mortal into a pool of ten thousand kilos of sulphuric acid.

In a breaths time, that Lightning Beast Valleys Ancestor was corroded down to his bones.

Even his godhead crumbled to pieces due to corrosion.

Even Huang Xiaolong was taken aback, seeing the Myriad Curses Devil Steles power—the curses were simply terrifying.

This sight brought the other Lightning Beast Valleys Ancestors to another level of terror.

For a moment, none of them dared to attack Huang Xiaolong.

Then again, even though these Lightning Beast Valleys Ancestors did not dare to attack, Huang Xiaolong did not hesitate.

In a flicker, he attacked a Lightning Beast Valleys peak late-Third Order Emperor Realm Ancestor.

Brilliant lights exploded with one punch.

The Ancestor was terrified and wanted to dodge but was too late—boom!

A piercing pain came from his chest and by the time his body touched the ground, others saw that his body had turned into a transparent crystal, exactly like glass!

In the blink of an eye, that Lightning Beast Valleys Ancestor had turned into a glass sculpture, and lay there devoid of vitality.

Gasps sounded from all around.

Everyone reacted swiftly, scrambling away from Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong moved again—one punch and one palm strike—his consecutive attacks continued.

He shifted between the Blood Eye Devil Stele, Myriad Curses Devil Stele, and Glaze Devil Steles power.

As Huang Xiaolong kept using the three devil steles power, he got more familiar with it, and he was able to employ their power with ease.

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