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In Bei Xiaomeis message, the party that held the Highgod Advancement Tournament in the lower realm that year was a force called Lightning Clan, and they were one of the top ten ancient races in the Divine World during the Desolate Era.

The Lightning Clan had a deep connection to the Black Dragon Clan.

After the Fiend God Emperor Palace had annihilated the Black Dragon Clan, the Lightning Clan was also implicated in the aftermath, suffering a high degree of loss and casualties.

Although the Lightning Clan was not annihilated, the race had begun to decline sharply.

Ever since then, the Lightning Clan rarely appeared in public and had chosen to take a step back, secluding themselves away from the world.

Merely three to four people of the race knew about it because the Lightning Clan had secretly organized the Highgod Advancement Tournament in the lower realm.

Moreover, the Lightning Clan had kept themselves out of the spotlight the whole time, so it had taken the Silver Fox Commerce a herculean effort to find this information.

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply to calm his surging emotions as he repeated the name under his breath, “Lightning Clan!” I finally found out.

As long as he could find where this race lived and learned about the ancient formation that could send him back to the lower realm, he would be able to go back!

Thinking that he would see his family and Shi Xiaofei, Huang Xiaolong could barely contain his excitement and joy.

Although it had been less than a thousand years since he had ascended to the Divine World, he felt like ten million had passed.

Huang Xiaolongs desire to go back to the lower realm grew stronger by the second.

In truth, his heart was already there.

Hence, he urged the four odd beasts, Radiance Angels, and the Netherguards to raise the power of the Netherking Flying Ships core array.

The Netherking Flying Ship turned into a streak of black light, disappearing into the vast space.

Before Huang Xiaolong left the Devil World, he had made arrangements with Gao Changran, Yin Crow Sect, Lu Xiaoqing, and the rest.

Therefore, he was assured of their safety hereafter.

According to the Silver Fox Commerces investigation, the Lightning Clan lived hidden in the Divine Worlds farthest east region, a border territory between the Divine World and Thunder World.

With the Netherking Flying Ships speed, it would still take more than a months journey to reach that territory.

As the Netherking Flying Ship entered the Divine World territory, a giant light beam suddenly broke out from the ground somewhere on an uninhabited planet of the Divine World, shaking the heavens.

Simultaneously, chaos qi spewed out, roiling like a tsunami.

The heavenly daos aura filled the entire uninhabited planet.

A burst of domineering laughter echoed endlessly in the air.

When the sounds of laughter finally stopped, another thunderous explosion came from the ground as a figure flew out akin to a coiling dragon soaring to the sky.

“I finally broke through to Emperor Realm!” Another burst of fanatical laughter rang.

“Huang Xiaolong, your death is impending!”

“Ill make certain that your death is very much enjoyable!” There was boundless hatred and killing intent in the voice.

If Huang Xiaolong were here, he would know this person who held profound hatred towards him was none other than the Heavenly Prince Di Jing!

Heavenly Prince Di Jing stood high in the sky, executing a powerful momentum belonging to an Emperor Realm expert.

Every gesture he made exuded a deterring domineering air.

The heavenly daos aura continued to linger around Di Jing and even took the shape of dragons, coiling in wait by his side.

With the Heavenly Courts vast resources, Di Jing had finally obtained the Heavenly Dao Stone, and he had successfully broken through to Emperor Realm by borrowing its power.

His physical attributes had evolved completely.

The Heavenly Emperor Di Jun flew over from a distance.

“Not bad, not bad, youve advanced to Emperor Realm!” Di Jun praised, beaming from ear to ear with satisfaction.

Heavenly Prince Di Jing grinned and responded courteously, “It is thanks to Imperial Fathers support or my cultivation wouldnt have advanced so soon.

By advancing to Emperor Realm, my Emperors will has fully integrated with the heavenly dao.

From now on, I am the heavenly dao.

No one can kill me anymore.

My Heavens Dao Physique is comparable to the average grandmist treasure artifact, and its truly indestructible!”

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun nodded with a reassured smile.

“The time when I advanced to Emperor Realm, I had suffered many stages of heavenly tribulations, and I had almost failed.

Jinger, you possessed the Heavenly Dao Godhead, which exempted you from suffering the heavenly tribulations.

I hadnt expected that your breakthrough would be so smooth.”

Heavenly Prince Di Jing smiled hearing his fathers words.

“I have the Heavenly Dao Godhead, so it was granted that there wasnt going to be heavenly tribulation.

Huang Xiaolong has three king of supreme godheads, I dont think there would be any heavenly tribulations descending on him as well.

However, Huang Xiaolong will never have such a chance because I will kill him utterly and completely before that!” Heavenly Prince Di Jings face was twisted fiercely at the mention of Huang Xiaolong.

The Heavenly Emperor Di Jun seemed a little awkward.

Noticing his expression, Heavenly Prince Di Jing asked, “Imperial Father, did the Heavenly Court find out Huang Xiaolongs whereabouts Where is he now Ill go kill him now!”

Now that he had stepped into the Emperor Realm, he couldnt wait to take Huang Xiaolongs life.

Di Jing genuinely wanted to see Huang Xiaolongs reaction when he stood in front of him.

However, Heavenly Emperor Di Jun hesitated in silence.

“Imperial Father, whats wrong” Heavenly Prince Di Jing asked in confusion.

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun raised his head to the sky, letting out a heavy sigh, then said, “Two days ago, there was news from the Devil Worlds side.”

Heavenly Prince Di Jing frowned slightly in confusion, the Devil World What does that have to do with Huang Xiaolong

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun glanced at his son Di Jing, then added, “Huang Xiaolong went to the Devil World some time back and obtained the Myriad Curses Devil Stele and Glaze Devil Stele.

He had found the Blood Eye Devil Stele in the Divine World before that!”

“What! The Myriad Curses Devil Stele, Glaze Devil Stele, and the Blood Eye Devil Stele!” Heavenly Prince Di Jing was shrieking out of tune.

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun slowly added, “Furthermore, he has successfully refined all three devil steles and advanced to Emperor Realm!”

Heavenly Prince Di Jings head buzzed.

Huang Xiaolong has already broken through to Emperor Realm Earlier than he did!

Looking at Di Jings lost-soul expression, Heavenly Emperor Di Jun sighed heavily, but he did not say anything further.

Frankly, he himself had found it hard to accept these facts after hearing it two days ago.

Some years back, during the Battle of the Heavenly Court, Huang Xiaolong was still a Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, whereas his son Di Jing was already a Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

But Huang Xiaolong had actually broken through to Emperor Realm ahead of his son! How long had it been Barely twenty years.

“I dont believe it.

I dont believe Huang Xiaolong has advanced to Emperor Realm so fast!” Heavenly Prince Di Jing screamed angrily, “Impossible.Its absolutely impossible!”

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun shook his head and sighing again.

“I dont believe it as well, but this is the truth.

During this trip to the Devil World, Huang Xiaolong not only advanced to the Emperor Realm, but he also subjugated the Three Skull Ancestors and tamed more than seventy Ice Dragons of Ninth Order Emperor Realm and above.”

Heavenly Prince Di Jings eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets.

The Three Skull Ancestors! More than seventy Ice Dragons of Ninth Order Emperor Realm and above!

“Jinger, let it go.

Well shake hands and make up with Huang Xiaolong.

If we bow our heads first, Huang Xiaolong will not pursue the matter of the ancient Thunder Maggots.” Heavenly Emperor Di Juns voice was laced with a sense of powerlessness.

Huang Xiaolong was growing faster by the day, and the worst thing was that there was the King of Grandmist and Grandmist Emperor Palace backing Huang Xiaolong.

Heavenly Prince Di Jing stubbornly shook his head in refusal, “No, Imperial Father.

Even if were willing to shake hands and make peace, Huang Xiaolong wont agree.” His gaze turned cold as he went on, “So what if Huang Xiaolong has already broken through to Emperor Realm So what if he has the King of Grandmist and Grandmist Emperor Palace backing him.

I represent the heavenly dao.

They will die when I want them to, regardless of who they are!”

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun frowned at Di Jings words.

“Imperial Father, dont worry.

There will be others who will deal with the King of Grandmist and the Emperor Palace.” He reassured despite his icy tone.

“Youre referring to Shi Ming” Heavenly Emperor Di Jun asked.

However, Di Jing shook his head, “No.”

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