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When the members of the Wangu Clan heard Wangu Wudis tyrannical laughter, all of them crouched closer to the ground.

None of them could stop trembling.

Those who knew Wangu Wudi would know that his unbridled laughter usually meant that he was incensed.

He was about to lose his mind.

Tens of years ago, he had laughed uncontrollably when he had exterminated one of the strongest families on Pegasus Galaxy.

All 321056 people were killed, down to the last dog!

Blood had formed a river, and corpses had littered the streets.

Finally, Wangu Wudis laughter stopped.

“Huang Family!” He spat out word by word, and the temperature in the hall seemed to fall below the freezing point.

Snow started to form in the air, and the killing intent emitted by Wangu Wudi materialized.

It was obvious that he wanted nothing more than to tear the members of the Huang Family to shreds.

“After so many years, this is the first time someone has dared to kill a member of my Wangu Clan! He even killed my elders!”

“Huang Family, ah Huang Family, I wanted to give you a chance to surrender to me.

You could have been my dog.

Since you refuse to choose the road to life, Ill turn all of you into dead dogs!”

Chilling killing intent shot out from Wangu Wudis eyes.

The plaque hanging at the entrance shattered into a million pieces as Wangu Wudi no longer held his aura back.

After taking several deep breaths, he started to suppress the killing intent in his body.

He looked at the trembling disciples below him and said, “Get up.”

Despite an order from Wangu Wudi, none of them dared to move.

“This subordinate doesnt dare…” One of the disciples said.

Wangu Wudi raised his arm, and a hole was blasted through the brain of the disciple who had spoken.

He collapsed without uttering another word.

The rest of the disciples felt their legs turning soft when they saw what had happened to their fellow disciple.

“If I tell you to get up, get up.

If I tell you to kill yourself, kill yourself.

If I want you to dig out your eyes, you will do it.” Wangu Wudi snapped at them.

“I do not wish to repeat myself.

Is that clear”

“Yes, Lord Wudi!” The disciples trembling on the ground crawled to their feet, and cold sweat dripped down their foreheads.

“Did you say that the person who killed my nephew might be someone hired by the Huang Family”

Even though Wangu Wudis killing intent had already pierced through the heavens, he wasnt a rash person.

He wanted to get to the bottom of the matter before making a move.

He knew that the Huang Family wasnt an existence any random superpower could dream of matching.

He had to make preparations before he could exterminate the Huang Family once and for all.

He would never give them a chance to recover.

“Yes, Lord Wudi.” One of the disciples replied respectfully.

“The news has been spreading around Divine Dan City.

The person who killed Young Master Wangu Rui left for the Abundant Deities Manor with Huang Kebin.”

A light flashed in Wangu Wudis eyes.

“Is there still no news on how Wangu Changlong, Wangu Di, and Wangu Hanyan died”

Everyone looked at each other in silence.

“Even though there were many people present, none of them dared to talk about what happened.” One of the disciples replied.

“Even Zhang Zongyang of the Zhang Family refuses to speak of the matter.

Its as though either all of them have been cursed, or they have taken a vow to keep silent about the matter.”

The disciple who made the guess was spot on.

Even though there were a ton of people present, Huang Xiaolong had cursed all of them.

Moreover, they had also taken an oath never to reveal what had happened.

As such, even though everyone knew that Wangu Changlong, Wangu Di, and the other experts of the Wangu Clan had died under Huang Xiaolongs hands, none of them knew the details.

“Even though there is no solid evidence, this disciple thinks that it was a trap laid down by Huang Xiaohai, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the others.

They probably made a sneak attack when Lord Wangu Changlong and the others entered their range.”

Wangu Wudi frowned.

Could that really be the case

He could feel that things werent as simple as the disciple thought, but no matter how he tried, he couldnt put his finger on it.

After another round of questioning and obtaining nothing else, Wangu Wudi sent them away.

When they left, they dragged the body of the dead disciple out of the hall.

After they were gone, Wangu Wudi took out a transmission symbol and contacted the Wangu Clan in the Wangu Galaxy.

He ordered them to send over several experts to Divine Dan City.

He then contacted the Ghost Refining Gate and the Ancient Demon Race.

He asked them to send their experts over.

Not feeling reassured yet, he contacted all the leaders of the families under the Wangu Clan and several old ancestors for help.

When he was done contacting them, he finally relaxed.

“Huang Xiaohai, I dont care what hidden strength you have at your disposal.

If I fail to destroy your Huang Family, Ill change my family name!” Wangu Wudi chuckled sinisterly.

Just a moment ago, he gathered all the superpowers from all the galaxies surrounding them.

He was going to make his move after their arrival!

When that happened, he was sure that the Huang Family would be destroyed.

With so many experts at his disposal, it was enough to drown everyone in the Huang Family, even if all the experts were to spit on them once.

When everyone was gathering their strength to answer Wangu Wudis call, the Alchemist Grandmaster Unions disciples brought the near-dead Ascending Moon Old Man to the entrance of the Abundant Deities Manor.

When the guards noticed the Ascending Moon Old Man, they jumped in fright.

One of them supported the old man, and the others ran into the main hall to report the situation to Huang Xiaohai.

As soon as the disciple entered the main hall, he yelled anxiously.

“Family Head, the disciples of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union threw Senior Ascending Moon at the entrance of the manor!”

“What!” Huang Xiaolongs expression changed.

Everyone else also felt a sense of unease in their hearts.

As his figure blurred, Huang Xiaolong disappeared from his seat, and the others followed behind him as quickly as possible.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived at the entrance and saw how the Ascending Moon Old Man was covered in blood from head to toe while being supported by a disciple from the Huang Family, his heart trembled.

Huang Xiaolong rushed towards him, and he circulated the Innumerable Buddha King of Supreme Godhead.

He poured radiance energy into the Ascending Moon Old Mans body endlessly.

“Old man, wake up! Wake up!” Huang Xiaolongs hoarse voice echoed through the air.

His hands trembled as he held the Ascending Moon Old Man.

He could feel the vitality of the old man seeping away, and there was almost nothing he could do to stop it.

When Huang Xiaohai and the others arrived at the entrance, their hearts sank.

“Go! Bring out the Ginseng King!” Huang Xiaolong yelled as he turned around to look at Huang Xiaohai.

As he wasnt allowed to bring anything from the upper realm when he had descended, all his spiritual medicines and spiritual pills were left in the Divine World.

He only knew that the Huang Family had the Ginseng King, which could be used to save the Ascending Moon Old Mans life.

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