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Dun Ei raised a single eyebrow and reassured Lan Zhi.

“Junior Brother, calm down.

Even if Huang Xiaolong uses the remainder of his lifespan to look for the inheritance, he wont be able to find it.”

Lan Zhis eyes lit up, and he exclaimed with joy, “Senior Brother, do you mean…”

“Thats right.

I have already learned of the approximate location of the other half of the inheritance.” Dun Ei nodded his head and reassured Lan Zhi.

“Congratulations, Senior Brother! As long as you obtain the other half of the inheritance, you will definitely be able to break through into the Sovereign Realm!” Lan Zhi cried out in joy.

A smile also formed on Dun Eis face.

According to what Lan Zhi said, he would be able to refine the other half of the inheritance immediately after locating it.

As long as he did that, he would be able to enter the Sovereign Realm!

That was the Sovereign Realm they were talking about!

He was merely a step away from entering the Sovereign Realm at his current level.

No! He was less than half a step away! There were times he felt that he had touched the gates of the Sovereign Realm, but no matter how hard he tried, the gates remained closed.

He knew that there was a paper-thin screen stopping him from breaking through o the next level.

As long as he obtained the other half of the inheritance, he was sure that he would break through the screen! It was also possible for him to directly enter the peak of the early-First Order Sovereign Realm!

In the billions of years that had passed, he had already made enough preparations.

He had always been using the resources of the Radiance World to strengthen himself.

“In a little bit, you shall head over to the Sea of Radiance with me.” Dun Ei said all of a sudden.

“Sea of Radiance!” Lan Zhi widened his eyes in shock.

“Could it be that the other half of the inheritance is located in the Sea of Radiance!”

Dun Ei nodded his head and laughed.

“Thats right!”

The Sea of Radiance was the largest sea in the Radiance World.

It was also the most dangerous region of the Radiance World that housed countless radiance beasts.

No one knew how many beasts there were.

With Lan Zhis strength, it would be a wise move to bring him along.

Of course, Dun Ei wasnt afraid that Lan Zhi would lust over the other half of the inheritance.

He had already made his preparations.

If the worst-case happened and Lan Zhi really decided to betray him, he was confident that he could suppress Lan Zhi instantly.

Before long, the two of them soared through the skies as they charged straight towards the Sea of Radiance.

Since they wanted to keep their mission a secret, Dun Ei had only told Lan Zhi about the plan half an hour before departing.

Other than Lan Zhi, they only brought along one hundred experts.

Every single one of them was a pontiff of the Radiance World.

All of them were experts at the Tenth Order Emperor Realm.

Moreover, they were extremely loyal to Dun Ei.

Since the distance they had to travel wasnt too far, they managed to arrive at the Sea of Radiance in half a month.

The moment they appeared, Dun Ei killed his way through the horde of radiance beasts with no mercy.

In ten days, they arrived at one of the massive islands located south of the sea.

Dun Ei scanned his surroundings, and he locked on to one of the massive mountain ranges poking out from the middle of the island.

“This should be the place.” As soon as he completed his sentence, his figure blurred as he appeared in the space above the mountain.

A complicated light flashed through Lan Zhis eyes.

That was the second half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance they were talking about.

He would be lying if he said he wasnt moved.

He raised his fists, but he soon lowered them in resignation.

“Light of Destruction! Explosion!” Dun Ei muttered as he approached the mountain range.

He opened his palms, and endless radiance energy surged out from his body.

It contained the might to destroy the world as it headed straight for the mountain range.

In an instant, the peak of the mountain exploded, and the island trembled.

Along with the collapse of the mountain, an ancient diagram written in the runes of the Radiance World appeared.

“Is this the Array of Origin of our Radiance World!” A look of shock appeared on Dun Eis face, and the other experts sucked in a cold breath when they heard what he said.

The Array of Origin that had been lost for god knew how many billion years had finally reappeared on a random island on the Sea of Radiance!

Dun Ei didnt find it surprising.

He took out a hundred Radiance Divine Stones.

Those rocks were formed by the origins of the Radiance World after countless years.

Every single one was something spirit stones couldnt buy.

Dun Ei shook his arm, and all one hundred of them entered the formation.


Lets pour our powers in to activate this formation.” Dun Ei turned to the pontiffs and said.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” All of them flew into the formation and started pouring their energies into it.

Before long, Dun Ei and Lan Zhi arrived at the center of the formation.

All one hundred of them poured their radiance energy into the formation, and a burst of light illuminated the area.

Pillars of light charged into the sky, and there was a specific number of them.

Not a single one more, not a single one less.

One hundred pillars of light broke through the heavens above them.

In that instant, Dun Ei and Lan Zhi assisted by pouring in their radiance energy into the eye of the formation.

The island started to tremble, and it seemed as though it would collapse at any moment.

After twenty minutes of activating the formation, the massive sea around the island started to shake.

Massive waves formed one after another.

Eventually, a holy creature that emitted an ancient aura charged into the sky.

It raised its head and howled to the heavens.

In the next moment, the billions of miles of water around the island erupted.

If Huang Xiaolong was present, this shock would have probably overwhelmed him.

The ancient holy beast looked exactly like the Heavenly Hall he had obtained in Hell!

“Its the Heavenly Hall!” Lan Zhi yelled in surprise.

It went without saying that he had experienced the might of the Heavenly Hall when Huang Xiaolong had unleashed it against him in the past.

Dun Ei looked at the Heavenly Hall in the middle of the sky that was emitting layers of light as he chuckled, “Thats right.

This is the Heavenly Hall.

Huang Xiaolong only managed to obtain the other half.

Half of the inheritance has always been stored in this Heavenly Hall!”

When Huang Xiaolong, Shi Xiaofei, and the other members of the Huang Family returned to the Fortune Emperor Palace, Huang Xiaolong allowed them to mess about for a month.

After staying for a month, he brought everyone towards the Grandmist Lands.

Since the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe was going to launch their attack on the Divine World, the Grandmist Lands would be the safest place for them to be.

Huang Xiaolong would only rest easy if he managed to bring everyone related to him to the Grandmist Lands.

After hearing that Fang Xuanxuan and Peng Xiao both wanted to follow him, he decided to bring them along.

It was too bad Fang Gan and Zhao Lei wanted to protect the Fortune Emperor Palace to the end.

Huang Xiaolong had no choice but to allow them to do as they wished.

The Netherking Flying Ship sped towards the Grandmist Lands.

“Sea of Radiance.” In the main hall of the flying ship, Huang Xiaolong received a report from Tai Yue of the Netherworld Kings Organization.

The instant he saw the message, he understood that Dun Ei had started to make his move.

The Netherworld Kings Organization had a presence in the Radiance World as well.

Even though they werent extremely active there, they were able to gather intelligence on the Radiance Worlds leader.

As for what Dun Ei wanted to do in the Sea of Radiance, Huang Xiaolong had no idea.

A sneer formed on Huang Xiaolongs lips, “Dun Ei, Lan Zhi, wait till I head over to the Radiance World.

Ill definitely give you the thanks you deserve.”

He wasnt concerned that Dun Ei or Lan Zhi would locate the other half of the inheritance.

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