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Originally, Huang Xiaolong hadnt planned on fighting with this ten-winged pegasus.

After all, he didnt lack a mount.

With his current status and identity, what kind of mount couldnt he get if he wanted to

Hence, Huang Xiaolong dodged in a flicker by reflex.

But the result surprised Huang Xiaolong.

When he made a move to dodge, the ten-winged pegasus had already arrived by his side, and he wouldnt leave!

It actually stood intimately by Huang Xiaolongs side, snorting in excitement and pleasure.

His actions utterly stupefied Huang Xiaolong.

No, it cant be!

“Little guy, Im not your master.

Why are you following me so closely” Huang Xiaolong joked.

The ten-winged pegasus blinked his sapphire blue eyes and spoke, “Who said Im young Its just that the energy from your body is very comfortable.

I have seen many pontiffs, but the energy from their bodies isn\'t as comfortable as yours.”

Huang Xiaolong was surprised by the ten-winged pegasuss reply.

Energy Could it be the Heavenly Halls energy

In other words, could this pegasus sense the Heavenly Halls energy in him

Then again, it was not impossible.

Legend had it that elite sacred beasts like the pegasus were born from the Radiance Worlds origin radiance energy.

By this point, the group pursuing from behind had caught up.

They immediately spread out and encircled Huang Xiaolong and the pegasus.

“Punk, get lost, dont hinder us!” One of them barked impatiently at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong made a quick sweep around him and asked in an unhurried tone, “And if I dont… Get lost”

The person snickered at Huang Xiaolongs retort, “Not going to get lost I told you to get lost for your own good, giving you a chance to run to save your life! Since you dont know how to appreciate it, then, you might as well go to hell now!” He swung his blade at Huang Xiaolong.

This person was quite powerful, a peak late-Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch, just half a step from advancing to late-Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

In any church of the Radiance World, he would be a candidate of focused nurturing.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze turned frosty, watching the blade falling towards him.

A ruthless light gleamed, and in the next second, everyone saw the man who had slashed his blade at Huang Xiaolong suddenly split into two halves from the middle.

Blood spurted high into the air and rained to the ground.

The man was already dead before he could grunt in pain.

His companions were startled, and they looked at Huang Xiaolong in shock and wariness.

All of a sudden, the surroundings went deathly quiet.

“You, you dared to kill my Half Moon Churchs Senior Deacon, you—! Youre so f*cking dead!” One of them pointed angrily at Huang Xiaolong angrily as he shouted.

The several hundred people behind him were glaring murder at Huang Xiaolong.

The Half Moon Church was part of the Radiance Worlds most powerful one hundred church forces, one of the arms under the Radiance Lord Dun Ei.

“I killed him, so what” Huang Xiaolong sounded as if he was talking about eating lunch.

“If your Half Moons pontiff is here, Ill kill him just the same.”

Everyone looked strangely at Huang Xiaolong because of his words.

The Half Moon Churchs pontiff was a late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert.

The man let out a whoop of laughter, “Punk, you would kill him, relying on your strength Dont you know that our Half Moon Churchs pontiff is a late-Tenth Order Emperor You dont even qualify to carry our Half Moon Churchs pontiffs shoes, but you have the cheek to speak of killing him.”

Huang Xiaolong simply tapped a finger in the air just as the man finished, and the man burst into a fog of blood.

“So what if hes a late-Tenth Order Emperor” Huang Xiaolong repeated nonchalantly, “Even if hes a late-Tenth Order Emperor, Ill end him just the same.”

It wasnt as if he had not killed a late-Tenth Order Emperor before.

Whether it was above Hells Nethersea or the Devil Worlds Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield, he had killed several late-Tenth Order Emperors.

Truth be told, he had actually lost count of many late-Tenth Order Emperors he had killed to date.

Although Huang Xiaolong had consecutively killed two people and showed his startling strength, the several thousand experts, encircling him, perceived his words to be presumptuously arrogant.

Huang Xiaolongs words especially infuriated the Emperor Realm experts.

Among these several thousand people, there were four Emperor Realm pontiffs.

Though none of them were high-level or even mid-level Emperor Realm, one of the four was an early Second Order Emperor Realm expert.

“You really got a big tone there.

Do you think that killing a late-Tenth Order Emperor is just the same” The early Second Order Emperor Realm pontiff questioned as his expression grew icier by the second, “Do you think you are our Radiance Ancestor I really want to see how you are going to kill me, an early Second Order Emperor!”

Huang Xiaolong had not concealed his aura when he had killed the two people earlier.

Thus, this early Second-Order Emperor Realm pontiff was able to determine that Huang Xiaolongs cultivation was merely at the early First Order Emperor Realm.

Moreover, he could clearly tell that Huang Xiaolong had just advanced not long ago.

A punk that recently advanced to Emperor Realm actually had the guts to talk in a big tone in front of them, claiming he could easily kill a late-Tenth Order Emperor.

It would be strange if they werent outraged.

That pontiff leaped into the air, and the sword in his hand slashed out towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Punk, take my Ten Thousand Radiance God Slash!” Layers upon layers of sword qi rushed forward with just one slash, numbering exactly ten thousand layers.

Every layer of sword qi was powerful enough to kill any First Order Emperor.

“This is the Fire Worshipper Churchs ultimate technique!”

“The Fire Worshipper Church is an ancient supreme church that had disappeared for a billion years.

Indestructible Pontiff actually got the Fire Worshipper Churchs ultimate technique!” The other three Emperor Realm pontiffs exclaimed almost in unison.

It could be said that the Radiance Lord Dun Ei ruled half of the Radiance World, and the Radiance Knight Corp ruled the other half.

Then again, this was a very general description of the overall situation.

In truth, still, a large number of Radiance Worlds super churches did not attach themselves to Dun Ei or the Radiance Knight Corp.

The Fire Worshipper Church in ancient times was one such example.

This aspect alone spoke volumes of the Fire Worshipper Churchs power.

As the Fire Worshipper Churchs ultimate technique, the Ten Thousand Radiance God Slash was an overbearingly powerful attack technique.

Since Indestructible Pontiff had used such a big move in his initial attack, he clearly intended to kill Huang Xiaolong in one move.

One reason for him to do so was to deter everyone, so the process of taking away the pegasus would be smoother.

Secondly, he detested Huang Xiaolongs arrogance, who had just broken through to Emperor Realm.

In a split second, the Ten Thousand Radiance God Slash attack reached Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong snickered ironically.

Without employing his Emperors will or using the three devil steles power, he punched out with his bare fist and dispersed the Ten Thousand Radiance God Slash in an instant.

He rushed forward and punched the Indestructible Pontiff squarely on the chest.

Huang Xiaolongs fist pierced a hole through Indestructible Pontiffs chest and came out his back.

Huang Xiaolong slowly withdrew his fist.

At the same time, a group of experts was flying towards them.

This was the group that had invited Huang Xiaolong to join their team.

Lu Feng and his team saw Huang Xiaolongs fist pierce through Indestructible Pontiffs chest from afar and came to a sudden halt in midair.

Shock and disbelief were written all over their faces.

The shock was mainly visible on the mid-Third Order Heavenly Monarch middle-aged man who had claimed to teach Huang Xiaolong a miserable lesson.

His complexion turned pallid.

All around was an unnatural silence.

This eerie silence had descended due to overwhelming shock as no one could move their gazes away from the gaping hole in Indestructible Pontiffs chest.

“You, how is it possible!” Indestructible Pontiff shrieked sharply.

Even at this point, he denied reality.

He, an early Second Order Emperor, had his chest penetrated by a punk who had newly advanced to the Emperor Realm.

Moreover, there was a destructive force that was frenziedly shredding away his bodys vitality.

A few breaths passed and Indestructible Pontiffs body exploded into splatters of blood and flesh.


Ignoring the astounded faces, Huang Xiaolongs cold gaze swept around, and he asked, “Anyone else wants me to get lost” Then he pointed at the ten-winged pegasus and added, “I want this ten-winged pegasus, anyone wants to snatch it”

Originally, a ten-winged pegasus was negligible to Huang Xiaolong, and he didnt care about possessing it.

But now, he had decided to take it.

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