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For a moment, none of the surrounding experts made a sound, including the remaining three Emperor Realm pontiffs.

In a swift leap, Huang Xiaolong landed on the ten-winged pegasuss back.

When he was about to leave on the ten-winged pegasus, a loud voice rang in the silent atmosphere, “Not so fast!”

Others were stunned.

When they turned towards the source, they saw a group of Radiance Knight Corp flying towards them.

The one who had spoken was a muscular middle-aged man with a thick Hungarian mustache, bright-spirited eyes that resembled two bright suns that glints sharply, making others shy away from meeting his gaze directly.

He seemed to be the leader of the group.

“Its the Radiance Knight Corp\'s bishop, Lord Lu Zhaoming! Young Master Lu Feng is with him as well!”

“Lord Lu Zhaoming has long stepped into late-Third Order Emperor Realm.

Hes the Radiance Knight Corp\'s Archbishop Abras personal disciple!”

The large crowd of experts stirred with anticipation.

Even the three Emperor Realm pontiffs hastened to Lu Zhaomings side.

“Greetings, Lord Lu Zhaoming!” All three saluted respectfully.

Lu Zhaoming nodded at them as he and the rest of his group continued flying towards Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong frowned, then looked at Lu Zhaoming, Lu Feng, and others coming towards him withan inquisitive expression.

“This ten-winged pegasus belongs to our Radiance Knight Corp.

Therefore, you cannot take this ten-winged pegasus away.” Lu Zhaoming said as he came to a stop in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong suddenly smiled.

A blind person could also see that the ten-winged pegasus was an ownerless creature.

Yet this Lu Zhaoming had the cheek to claim that it belonged to the Radiance Knight Corp.

He was literally lying through his teeth.

“You say this ten-winged pegasus belongs to your Radiance Knight Corp.

In other words, do you mean its yours” Huang Xiaolong pointed at the radiance divine armor on Lu Zhaoming, and he half-jokingly said, “That armor on your body is actually mine.

How about you take it off for me and strip naked.”

The surrounding experts couldnt hold back their laughter.

Lu Zhaoming blanked for a second.

Then his eyes narrowed in anger as a dangerous light glinted in them.

The light in his eyes danced like flames.

“Insolent! This is our Radiance Knight Corp\'s bishop, Lord Lu Zhaoming.

Do you know youve committed a crime worthy of death just by uttering those words!”

One of the knight captains standing behind Lu Zhaoming stepped out and reprimanded Huang Xiaolong in a fit, “Dont assume that the Radiance Knight Corp wont dare to kill you because youre an Emperor Realm expert!”

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong flicked his fingers in the air, and that Radiance Knight Corp\'s captain went flying off his mount.

He burst into a ball of flames in midair, amidst blood-curdling screams before disappearing from the world a second later.


Everyone present was astounded.

It had never occurred to them that Huang Xiaolong could have the guts to kill a captain of the Radiance Knight Corp.

A Radiance Knight Corp\'s captain! Once killed, that meant the entire Radiance Knight Corp would hunt down the murderer.

There would also be a bounty on the killers head, subjecting him to pursuit from every expert in the Radiance World.

“You!” Lu Zhaoming had not expected Huang Xiaolong to kill a captain right in his face.

This was simply…!

“Do you think after killing a Indestructible Pontiff, you dont have to put our Radiance Knight Corp in your eyes”

Lu Zhaoming sneered, “Very good! If you had left tactfully just now, you could have escaped safely.

But now, you\'re dead! You are far too arrogant for your own good!

Although the sight of Huang Xiaolong killing Indestructible Pontiff had deterred them somewhat, Lu Zhaoming refused to believe that he, a late-Third Order Emperor, couldnt deal with a junior that had recently broken through to Emperor Realm.

With that said, a halberd appeared in Lu Zhaomings hand as he shouted, “Die, brat!” A burst of cold rays shot out from his halberd.

But Lu Zhaomings words barely fell when a giant palm suddenly appeared in the sky and struck down with overwhelming destructive darkness element power, akin to a super dark sun.

Lu Zhaoming had yet to react when he was already hit by the giant palm, smashing straight into the Sea of Radiance.

The beast mount under him had turned into a scattering blood fog.


Lu Zhaoming hit the sea surface hard, then shot straight to the seabed, raising several thousand zhang of waves.

The Radiance Knight Corp\'s Lu Feng and the rest looked stupidly at sea below.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his palm, looking coldly at the spot where Lu Zhaoming had smashed into the sea, “You speak too much nonsense! Looking at the sake that youre the Radiance Knight Corp\'s so-called bishop, Ill spare you today.

If there is a next time, Ill pinch you to death.”

Wait until he received the other half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance.

The Radiance Knight Corp would be under his command.

Hence, in a sense, this Lu Zhaoming would be his subordinates subordinates subordinate.

Taking this point into consideration, Huang Xiaolong had spared Lu Zhaomings life this time.

“Anyone else wants to say that this ten-winged pegasus belongs to him” Huang Xiaolong once again looked at the crowd of experts, as his gaze lingered longer on Lu Feng and the group of Radiance Knight Corp.

Lu Feng and several of the Radiance Knight Corp\'s captains retreated in trepidation, and blood faded from their faces.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong did not bother with them further and left on the ten-winged pegasus.

The ten-winged pegasus had a fantastic flight speed.

As all its ten wings spread and flapped, it could traverse several tens of thousands of li.

Lu Feng and the others only dared to dive into the sea after watching Huang Xiaolong fly out of sight to rescue Lu Zhaoming.

Although Huang Xiaolong had not slapped Lu Zhaoming to death in one palm strike, he hadnt been lenient either.

That strike had actually shattered half of Lu Zhaomings skull, and his neck had twisted oddly at a sixty-degree angle.

After some emergency rescue efforts by Lu Feng and the others, Lu Zhaoming regained consciousness.

There was fury and shock in his eyes as he shouted, “Pass my order.

There will be a bounty of two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones to capture that bastard! Go immediately! I must kill that bastard!”

Soon, Lu Zhaomings bounty order spread like a hurricane.

Huang Xiaolong was completely ignorant of the storm he had caused.

Then again, even if he did know, he wouldnt put the matter to heart.

To him, the most important matter at the moment was getting the remaining half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance.

Riding on the ten-winged pegasus, Huang Xiaolong continued traveling southward.

One after another, small islands disappeared behind Huang Xiaolong.

Perhaps it was the powerful momentum from the ten-winged pegasuss body that no radiance beasts attacked them along the way.

“Thats the ten-winged pegasus! Bishop Lu Zhaoming has placed a bounty on the person riding it!”

“Chase, quickly, chase him!” Although no radiance beasts attacked them, Huang Xiaolong and the ten-winged pegasus would occasionally catch some experts attention when they passed by the bigger islands.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze was icy.

He initiated his Emperors will that took the shape of a little chaos ax and chopped towards a group of experts that wanted to attack him.

A streak of radiant ax light that stretched as far as the horizon cut across the sky.

In that instant, the group of experts trying to attack Huang Xiaolong plummeted like locusts.

Blood rained down on the sea below.

The ax qi split the big islands below into halves.

The chaos ax returned to Huang Xiaolong.

This was the first time Huang Xiaolong had used his Emperors will in its tangible form.

Among fifty thousand experts, only one survived, one that Huang Xiaolong spared specifically.

This surviving expert was a late-First Order Emperor Realm, standing alone as if abandoned.

His body trembled uncontrollably, and his eyes turned, looking everywhere except at Huang Xiaolong.

Four big churches pontiffs, and close to fifty thousand experts were slaughtered in the blink of an eye! A force from Huang Xiaolongs palm grabbed the late-First Order Emperor and pulled him to Huang Xiaolong.

“Lu Zhaoming placed a bounty for my capture” Huang Xiaolong asked coldly.

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