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Heavenly Emperor Di Jun looked at his son Di Jing\'s determined face and sighed helplessly, Are you absolutely sure that you want to go to the City of All-Heavens

The City of All-Heavens was a taboo!

A taboo for the Emperor Realm experts from the entire universe, even Sovereign Realm experts!

Heavenly Prince Di Jing nodded his head solemnly, “The City of All-Heavens.

Im bound to go there!” He paused slightly, then added, “Father, please rest assured, I have the Heavenly Dao Godhead and Heaven\'s Dao Physique.

I wont die so easily.” His gaze sharpened, “Huang Xiaolong isnt dead yet.

How can I die first!”

Di Jun let out another sigh, “Alright then, prepare well in these two days.

Ill send Yan Tianchen and a few others to escort you to the City of All-Heavens!”

It was a long way to reach the City of All-Heavens, and the journey was laden with many dangers that even an average high-level Emperor Realm experts strength could not guarantee he could arrive safely.

With Di Jings First Order Emperor Realm strength, it was certain that he wouldnt make it to the City of All-Heavens alone.

This was also why Heavenly Emperor Di Jun had Yan Tianchens group of several peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts escort Di Jing.

“Understood!” This time, Di Jing did not refuse.

He was aware that he wouldnt reach the City of All-Heavens safely by himself at his current strength.

His eyes turned frosty and sharp as he said, “Huang Xiaolong, your death is near.

I will kill you when I come back from the City of All-Heavens!”


The Radiance World.

Four years passed in the blink of an eye.

During this time, everyones attention was on the Radiance Worlds Son of Light, who had put up a battle stage, challenging the universes same-generation geniuses.

During these four years, there had been numerous geniuses from other worlds who had answered the Son of Lights challenge on the battle stage.

But none of them was his match.

In fact, in these four years, none of the challengers were able to last more than three moves from the Son of Light.

The majority of them were defeated in one move; worst still, some didnt even last one strike.

First-Order and a small number of Second Order Emperor Realm disciples were completely suppressed by the pressure exuded by the Son of Light to the point that they were lying face down on the battle stage.

Hence, in these four years, the Son of Lights reputation was catching up to Huang Xiaolongs, and there was a trend of surpassing Huang Xiaolong.

“Anyone among the younger generation below one hundred thousand years of bone-age who can take ten moves from me, I will worship them as my Master!” After the battle stage had been set up for four years, the Son of Light issued a public announcement.

Ten moves!

The announcement roused another wave of furor through various worlds.

But this also provoked the ire of many supreme godheads and king of supreme godhead geniuses of the younger generation.

Some successors of ancient sects and forces began making their way to the Radiance Worlds Reverence Moon Divine City to challenge the Son of Light.

They wanted to determine who was better.

However, another four years passed.

Whether it was supreme godhead geniuses or king of supreme godhead geniuses, regardless of which Emperor Palace or ancient sects these geniuses hailed from, none of them were able to last ten moves from the Son of Light.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong was still refining the other half of the inheritance inside the Heavenly Hall at the bottom of the Sea of Radiance.

He was completely unaware of the outside happenings.

The layers of sacred golden light enveloping Huang Xiaolong opened like blooming petals, and at the center, he was the god of light and radiance, the supreme existence above everything.

It was as if the entire Radiance Worlds radiance was gathered within Huang Xiaolong.

The light from his body soared to the heavens, bringing radiance to every corner of the world.

It even passed the boundary of the Heavenly Hall, flowing outwards to the Sea of Radiance.

The sixteen wings on Huang Xiaolongs back spread out and almost doubled in size.

On each wing, radiant runes glimmered, and each rune contained incredible radiance energy.

Soon, every ray of sacred light within the Heavenly Hall rushed into Huang Xiaolongs body with strong momentum, and loud hissing noises came from his body.

Suddenly, the sacred light that had gathered around Huang Xiaolong exploded! Then, a barely audible sound of something shattering came from within Huang Xiaolong as his momentum escalated.

The exploded rays of light condensed into shadows of Radiance Angels around Huang Xiaolong like they were his guardian angels.

Another month passed.

Huang Xiaolong completely absorbed every last ray of sacred light inside the Heavenly Hall.

When the last ray of light entered Huang Xiaolongs body, a divine radiance rune emerged on his forehead.

This divine radiance rune resembled the ancient character forbright. At the same time, it also resembled the shape of the Radiance World that had shrunk many times over.

A few minutes later, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes.

Radiant light danced inside his pupils, reflecting the entire Sea of Radiance and more, as well as all the islands on it.

Huang Xiaolong could see every corner of the Sea of Radiance clearly despite sitting inside the Heavenly Hall.

Huang Xiaolong took the time to check his internal condition.

A while later, he stood up with a satisfied expression.

Now that he had refined the other half of the inheritance, he had obtained the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance.

The radiance rune on his forehead was proof that the Radiance Worlds origin energy had recognized him.

He was the Radiance Worlds Lord.

Moreover, after obtaining the full inheritance, not only his physical body but even his three supreme godheads had improved by ten folds, maybe even more.

The only thing that depressed Huang Xiaolong was that his cultivation had merely advanced to the early Second Order Emperor Realm after refining the other half of the inheritance.

If someone learned that Huang Xiaolong had broken through from early First Order Emperor Realm to early Second Order Emperor Realm in less than a decade, they would probably cry to his death.

Re-emerging above the Sea of Radiance, Huang Xiaolong gathered the Heavenly Halls with a wave of his hand.

As the two Heavenly Halls floated in front of him, Huang Xiaolongs hands quickly formed a set of seals.

Gradually, both Heavenly Halls emitted brilliant lights as they began to merge into one entity.

The Heavenly Halls outer appearance did not change after merging, but its aura was several times more powerful!

The Array of Origin flew up from its position and imprinted on the Heavenly Halls floor, integrating into the Heavenly Hall.

The Array of Origin was one of the Radiance Worlds most powerful array formations.

After it integrated into the Heavenly Hall, the Heavenly Hall seemed more oppressive.

“Pity!” Huang Xiaolong shook his head as he looked at the Heavenly Hall in front of him.

Despite the integration of the two halves of Heavenly Hall into one entity and the Array of Origin, it still fell short of reaching the level of a grandmist treasure artifact.

Then again, even though this complete Heavenly Hall was not at the level of a grandmist treasure artifact, it was probably the most powerful amongst top-grade grandmist spiritual artifacts.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved the Heavenly Hall into his body and mounted on the ten-winged pegasus in a leap.

Their figures disappeared into the horizon in blurry afterimages.

The Radiance Angels and four odd beasts followed closely behind them.

The Myriad Spirits City was located on the Myriad Spirits World surface together with the Radiance Divine City.

They were known as the Radiance World\'s two holy cities.

The Myriad Spirits World surface was one of the Radiance World\'s biggest world surfaces, and the Myriad Spirits City occupied one-third of the Myriad Spirits World\'s land surface.

One could imagine how big the Myriad Spirits City was.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the heights of Myriad Spirits City that loomed over the land from afar.

He merely stopped for a brief few moments before nudging the ten-winged pegasus forward towards the Myriad Spirits City.

Huang Xiaolong did not conceal his aura deliberately.

Hence, the moment he entered the Myriad Spirits City, the Radiance Knight Corp Bishop Lu Zhaoming received a report from his subordinate.

Lu Zhaoming was thrilled upon receiving his subordinates report.

Killing intent flashed across his pupils.

“Punk, its astounding that youve got the guts to show up.

Very good! Let me see what tricks you have up your sleeve that you have the confidence to show up here in the Myriad Spirits City.

This time, Radiance Lord Dun Ei also wont be able to save you!”

Lu Zhaoming marched out from the palace with anticipation.

Since Huang Xiaolong was there, he couldnt let him run away.

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