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Huang Xiaolong strolled through Myriad Spirits Citys streets on the ten-winged pegasus, which attracted a lot of attention.

“Its a ten-winged pegasus! Could it be the same one that appeared in the vicinity of Sea of Radiance a few years ago!”

“Correct, its the same one! This black-haired young man killed the Indestructible Pontiff with one punch, and he even sent Bishop Lu Zhaoming flying with one palm strike.

Bishop Lu Zhaoming issued the bounty of two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones for his capture!”

“Its him! Has he gone mad How dare he show up here at Myriad Spirits City Is he tired of living Hes more arrogant than our Son of Light, ah!”

“Ive heard that the Divine Worlds Heavenly Prince Di Jing has not dared to answer the challenge.

Everyone is also wondering which corner that Huang Xiaolong is hiding, not daring to come out.

Also, the Buddha Worlds Pu Ti has not dared to accept the challenge as well.

Our Son of Light is really the strongest person of the younger generation in the universe!”

“Of course, our Son of Light has put up the battle stage for almost nine years now.

Still, no one has successfully lasted ten moves from him.

Even if Di Jing or Huang Xiaolong come, they would fail like the others before them.

They know that they are not our Son of Lights match.

Thats why they did not show up to accept the challenge!”

The various churches experts on the streets conversed excitedly.

These words stoked Huang Xiaolongs curiosity.

Son of Light Battle stage

Huang Xiaolong stopped a young man in front of him on the street and inquired about the Son of Light putting up a battle stage.

When the young man saw the ten-winged pegasus below Huang Xiaolong, he nearly jumped back in alarm.

He awkwardly squeezed a smile.

“Erm, that one…” He stalled, debating if he should get as far away from Huang Xiaolong as possible or answer Huang Xiaolongs question.

Huang Xiaolong threw him a spatial ring and said, “Answer my questions to my satisfaction, and these ten thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones are yours.”

The young mans hands and legs shook as he stared at the spatial ring in his palm.

He was just an average low-level Heavenly Monarch.

Forget ten thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones; merely one thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones was an exorbitant sum for him.


Is this really, really for me” The young man stammered.

Huang Xiaolong nodded in affirmation.

The young man gulped audibly and managed, “A little over eight years ago, our Son of Light put up a battle stage at the Reverence Moon Divine City, challenging all the younger generations geniuses.

Anyone below one hundred thousand years of bone-age can battle him on the battle stage.

But to-date, there hasnt been anyone who could last ten moves from the Son of Light.

No, in fact, no one could last more than five moves.

Our Son of Light made an announcement a few years ago, stating that anyone who could take ten moves from him, he would worship that person as his Master!”

“Oh~,” Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered as he asked, “So, is your Son of Light very strong”

The young man raised his chin, full of pride as he replied, “Of course.

Our Son of Light has only been cultivating for less than thirty thousand years, yet hes already a Fourth Order Emperor Realm expert.

Ive also heard that our Son of Lights cultivation of Radiance Divine Tome has reached the twelfth floor.

He can easily kill a Fifth Order Emperor Realm expert.”

Huang Xiaolong was genuinely surprised to hear that.

Less than thirty thousand years and he is already a Fourth Order Emperor

It seems like this Son of Light was indeed a rare monstrous genius.

This level of talent is as strong as Di Jings.

However, Di Jing has the Heavenly Dao Godhead, and the number one Heavens Dao Physique.

Could the Son of Light have two king of supreme godheads

Huang Xiaolong believed that the Son of Lights cultivation would not reach a level comparable to the Heavenly Prince Di Jings with one king of supreme godhead.

“Now, theres still a little over a year from the stipulated ten years.

If Huang Xiaolong, the Heavenly Prince Di Jing, or Buddha Worlds Pu Ti do not show up, then our Son of Light will become the undisputed strongest person amongst the younger generation of geniuses.”

There was an unmistakable pride and shared glory in the young mans tone.

In the few years since the Son of Light had put up the battle stage challenge, he had defeated numerous geniuses from various worlds.

None of his challengers were able to last more than five moves.

His undefeated streak was a source of pride for the Radiance Worlds experts.

“Senior, Bishop Lu Zhaoming is deploying experts from the Radiance Knight Corp and would arrive very soon.

I, I think, you should leave Myriad Spirits City as fast as you can.” The young man couldnt help saying to Huang Xiaolong towards the end.

Perhaps, it was for the sake of the ten thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones that he cautioned Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the young mans robe and stated, “Youre a disciple of the Purple Flame Church”

The young man hesitated but answered honestly, “Yes, my name is Andrew.

My Master is the Purple Flame Churchs Archbishop.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

The Purple Flame Church was one of the stronger churches of the Radiance World.

Merely judging from their strength, the Purple Flame Church was definitely within the top one thousand amongst the Radiance Worlds countless churches.

Additionally, it was not attached to the Radiance Lord Dun Ei or the Radiance Knight Corps rule.

“Wait till I kill Lu Zhaoming.

I will make a trip to the Purple Flame Church when I get time in the future.

At that time, I might have to trouble you when I want to see your Purple Flame Churchs Archbishop.”

The young man, Andrew, was clearly taken aback.

Then, his face turned red, as he looked slightly embarrassed as he waved his hands in the air, not knowing what to say.

Huang Xiaolong merely waved Andrew away, seeing his response.

Andrew hastened away as if he had received an amnesty.

After all, Lu Zhaoming and his team of Radiance Knight Corp would be arriving soon.

Whoever stood close by Huang Xiaolong at this point was literally looking to get killed.

Huang Xiaolong watched as Andrew hurried away in a fluster, and he didnt really mind his attitude.

He continued heading towards the Radiance Knight Corps headquarters, riding on the ten-winged pegasus.

While Huang Xiaolong made his way to the Radiance Knight Corps headquarters, Lu Zhaoming was rushing towards Huang Xiaolongs location, leading a group of Radiance Knight Corps experts.

Lu Zhaoming was cautious, knowing that Huang Xiaolong wasnt a soft persimmon.

Therefore, he invited his Master, Abra.

Abra was the Radiance Knight Corps Archbishop, a mid-Ninth Order Emperor Realm expert.

Other than his Master Abra, there were a dozen more Emperor Realm pontiffs.

These pontiffs all served under his Master Abra.

Abra, Lu Zhaoming, and thousands of experts all uniformly rode on Sky Dragon Horses, galloping down the streets, scaring all other churches disciples to retreat to the sides.

The Sky Dragon Horse was one of Radiance Worlds divine beasts.

Even though it was not a high-bloodline divine beast, it was quite pricey.

This also showed how wealthy the Radiance Knight Corp was.

These Sky Dragon Horses had the strength of Tenth Order God King Realm and above.

A handful of them had the strength of low-level to mid-level Heavenly Monarch.

As these Sky Dragon Horses auras were completely released, it immediately attracted attention, and some of the weaker cultivators on the streets felt overwhelmed.

Before Huang Xiaolong actually saw Lu Zhaomings group, he already sensed the powerful momentum of Lu Zhaomings army of thousands moving towards him.

Huang Xiaolongs divine sense spread out, covering several hundred-million miles radius, capturing the presence of Abra, Lu Zhaoming, and others.

‘Unfortunately, Xiaoniu Isn\'t here. Huang Xiaolong sighed to himself.

The old little cow loves nothing more than fighting.

As the thought crossed his mind, the ten-winged pegasus continued towards the Radiance Knight Corp at a steady pace.


Half an hour later.

Huang Xiaolong felt the tremors coming from the ground—tremors caused by thousands and thousands of galloping Sky Dragon Horses.

A dozen breaths passed, and the several tens of thousands of Sky Dragon Horses, Abra, Lu Zhaoming, and the rest entered Huang Xiaolongs line of sight.

At this point, there was only Huang Xiaolong on the street.

Others had long fled far away.

Lu Zhaomings army stopped one thousand meters from Huang Xiaolong while Lu Zhaomings Sky Dragon Horse trotted a few meters forward.

He stared coldly at Huang Xiaolong.

His sonorous voice rang in the street, “Punk, youve got some guts to come here to our Radiance Knight Corps Myriad Spirits City.

Today, no one can save you, even if you say youre friends with the Son of Light!”

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