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Watching the imperial courtyard students scatter away in panic, Ao Ping hesitated slightly before approaching Huang Xiaolong.

Ao Ping looked at Huang Xiaolong with a complicated expression.

Ao Pings strength was at a similar level with Caley.

Maybe he was a tad bit stronger than Caley, but the difference was nothing to shout about.

Huang Xiaolong had easily dealt with Caley and Brennus group with a few kicks and punches.

Didnt it mean that it was also a matter of a few kicks and punches if Huang Xiaolong wanted to deal with him

“What are you looking at There are no flowers on my face.” Huang Xiaolong said jokingly.

Ao Ping smiled and said, “If there were flowers on your face, I definitely wouldnt be looking at you.”

Both laughed at his reply.

“Come sit at my place” Ao Ping invited Huang Xiaolong courteously by making aplease gesture with his hands.

Huang Xiaolong accepted briskly, “Sure! I have some good wine.”

When both were seated inside the hall of Ao Pings mountain peak cultivation palace, Huang Xiaolong took out two small jugs of Yin Yang Wine.

“Yin Yang Wine!” Ao Ping exclaimed softly in astonishment.

“How did you get your hands on this”

The Yin Yang Wine was famous throughout the myriad worlds, but the Yin Yang Restaurant only conducted business in Hells three worlds.

Thus it was difficult for people outside the loop to get their hands on it.

Even as the son of the Dragon Worlds ruler, there werent many chances for Ao Ping to enjoy it.

Huang Xiaolong grinned, “I have a lot.

I guarantee there is enough to fill our stomachs.” He pulled off the cork, and instantly, the fragrance of wine permeated the air.

Wine cups clinked.

“Your strength has indeed exceeded my estimation.” Ao Ping sighed as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “I admit it now, you have the strength to battle Dun Hao.” Then he shook his head, “However, your strength should be at par with Dun Haos, at most, you can get a draw fighting him.

I still think it is impossible for you to defeat him within ten moves!”

Even so, it was already an incredible achievement for Huang Xiaolong to fight against Dun Hao to a draw in Ao Pings opinion.

After all, in almost a decade, no one had lasted ten moves, fighting with Dun Hao!

Moreover, Ao Li was just an early Second Order Emperor, whereas Dun Haos cultivation had broken through to the early Fourth Order Emperor Realm.

From another angle, doesnt that say Ao Lis talent was more terrifying than Dun Hao…

The Son of Light Dun Haos talent was only next to the legendary Radiance Ancestor.

In fact, it was rumored that Dun Haos potential was greater than the Radiance Ancestor.

Thus, if Ao Li was truly more talented than Dun Hao, it was merely beyond Ao Pings scope of imagination.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled nonchalantly at Ao Pings words.

“I think Dun Hao must have heard about what happened to Caleys group by now.”

Hearing that, Ao Ping grinned, “His expression must be hideous right now, and he might have flipped the table in anger.”

While Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping were chatting, Dun Haos face darkened immediately as he listened to Lin Tianruis report inside a particular luxurious mansion in the Reverence Moon Divine City.

His cold and furious voice reverberated in the hall, “What did you say That Ao Li packed up Caley with one punch!” This news was too shocking for him to accept.

Caley was one of the imperial courtyards king of supreme godhead students.

Dun Hao very well knew how strong Caley was.

Ao Li had packed Caley up with one punch.

That meant Ao Li was…!

Lin Tianruis expression was solemn as he spoke, “Yes, this was witnessed by several hundred of the Reverence Moon Academys imperial courtyard students.

That Ao Lis battle strength is shocking.

Even Brennus was sent flying with a kick.

Im afraid his battle strength has reached…!” His voice trailed off.

A chilling gloomy light flickered across Dun Haos eyes, ripples of radiance light spread out from his body.

“This Ao Li, is he really just an early Second Order Emperor” Dun Hao suddenly asked.

He could not believe Ao Li was an early Second Order Emperor Realm.

Lin Tianrui nodded, “He is indeed an early Second Order Emperor.

Teacher Claude has confirmed this.

So, this information is probably accurate.”

Lin Tianrui shuddered inwardly.

Ao Li is but an early Second Order Emperor, yet his battle strength is so terrifying.

What would happen when he breaks through to Fourth Order Emperor Realm, then…!

Dun Hao was reticent, not reacting further to the news.

“Elder Brother… should we send people to kill Ao Li” Lin Tianrui went on solemnly, “Ao Li is too arrogant and brazen to be used by us.

Moreover, he is publicly provoking elder brother.

Such a person cannot be allowed to grow stronger.”

Dun Hao shook his head and said, “After this incident, Ao Lis talent has certainly caught the attention of those four old men.

Although our relationships are as close as of masters and disciples, and they usually favor me, they would not agree with killing Ao Li.

Or at least, unless Ao Li is out of the Reverence Moon Divine City!”

Lin Tianrui frowned, and a troubled expression was etched on his face.

“Then, we figure out a way to make Ao Li leave the Reverence Moon Divine City!”

“Ao Li is aware how dangerous it is for him to leave the Reverence Moon Divine City.

So he wont leave on his own accord, and since he is a new student of the imperial courtyard, the imperial courtyard wont give him a task so soon, but…”

“But what” Lin Tianrui asked.

Killing intent flickered across Dun Haos eyes, and his voice was harsh.

“But his bet with Ao Ping…! He said he would defeat me within ten moves.

Wait till he walks up the battle stage.

I will deal with him once and for all personally.

No one can save him on the battle stage!”

Although the level of battle strength Ao Li had shown was shocking, Dun Hao was still very confident of killing Huang Xiaolong!

He had a big trump card that he had never shown to anyone.

Once Ao Li stepped on the battle stage, he would use this big trump card, and Ao Lis death was certain!

Lin Tianrui hesitated, “Elder Brother has absolute grasp to kill Ao Li on the battle stage”

Dun Hao turned around abruptly, and he glared at Lin Tianrui with a blade-sharp gaze.

His gaze sent a chill to Lin Tianruis heart.

The latter forced a smile, trying to ease the tension, “Im running off my mouth.

It would barely take any effort to kill that Ao Li with elder brothers talent and strength!”


In the deep area of the imperial courtyards space, where the main peak was located, four old men were sitting inside the giant palaces spacious main hall.

All four had different degrees of surprise on their faces.

A while ago, the four of them had received a report from the imperial courtyards teacher that Caley, Brennus, and the other two had failed to find trouble with Ao Li.

Instead, Ao Li had packed up the four students firmly.

The four old men exchanged a glance, and none of them spoke.

“This Ao Li is really surprising, ah.”

Bai Hui smiled slightly, as he said, “Based on the battle strength Ao Li has shown, his potential is likely to be higher than Dun Hao!”

“Hmph!” The thin old man Bin Ge harrumphed coldly as he was clearly dissatisfied, “So what, if its higher than Dun Hao This Ao Li is too reckless and does not understand the immensity of heaven and earth.

If he continues to grow, he might become a disadvantage to the academy, just like the King of Shadows in the past!”

The King of Shadows had also studied for a period of time at the Reverence Moon Academy.

He was among the earlier batches of the academys students.

After graduation, the King of Shadows had strayed off the righteous path.

In order to cultivate his demonic techniques, the King of Shadows had massacred imperial courtyards students, raising a storm of shock!

At that time, Bin Ge was in the same batch of students as the King of Shadows, and he had nearly died at the King of Shadows hands.

The small-eyed old man Ban Ge nodded, “Brother Bin Ge is right.

This Ao Li could very well become the second King of Shadows.”

Ban Hui was doubtful, “It is still early to say that, well observe Ao Li for some time.

We can make a decision later.”

The slightly fat old man, Bai Luo, said, “Senior Brother Bai Hui is right.”

The night passed.

Emptied wine jugs lay scattered around Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping.

The two of them had been drinking and chatting through the night about various subjects.

Ao Ping was very knowledgeable about many things that piqued Huang Xiaolongs interest.

Near the end, their conversation shifted to the Radiance Ancestor, and the Boundary Ancestral Mountain was mentioned.

When Huang Xiaolong showed interest in entering the Boundary Ancestral Mountain, Ao Ping was surprised for a second.

After a pause, he said, “Actually, there is a way to enter the Boundary Ancestral Mountain if you really want to go in.”

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