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Honestly, Huang Xiaolong did not hold much hope of getting any useful information from Ao Ping.

Who would have thought that Ao Ping really knew of a way to enter the Boundary Ancestral Mountain!

“For real! How” Huang Xiaolong was elated.

The main reason he had enrolled in the Reverence Moon Academy was to collect the things left behind by the Radiance Ancestor.

He was pulling off his hair a day ago, trying to think of a way to enter the Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

Now that he heard there was a way, he was naturally elated.

Ao Ping explained, “I coincidentally heard my father mentioned it before.

Not many people know about this.

According to my father, before the Radiance Ancestor went away, he left behind Jade Angel Wall.

He had specified to Senior Reverence Moon that if any of the academys students managed to resurrect the fourteen-winged angels soul on the Jade Angel Wall, he could enter the Boundary Ancestral Mountain!”

“Fourteen-winged angels soul!” Huang Xiaolong was taken aback.

Ao Ping nodded and went on, “Yes, the Radiance Ancestor used a supreme method to seal the soul of a fourteen-winged angels soul into the Jade Angel Wall.

It was said that a fourteen-winged angel had gone against the Radiance Ancestor in every possible way.

The Radiance Ancestor killed him due to this.

But, the Radiance Ancestor did not destroy his soul as he sympathized with the fourteen-winged angel since it was not easy for this angel to cultivate until that level.

Instead, he cleansed the angels soul and sealed it into the Jade Angel Wall!”

Huang Xiaolong listened attentively as he didnt know there was such a story.

“However, as time passed, no one was able to resurrect the fourteen-winged angels soul on the Jade Angel Wall.”

Ao Ping shook his head, “Dun Ei, Elan, and even our academys current four deputy deans like Bai Hui and Bin Ge, all of them failed to resurrect the fourteen-winged angels soul.”

“What about now Where is that Jade Angel Wall” Huang Xiaolong asked urgently.

“Because no one had been able to resurrect the fourteen-winged angels soul for so long, several billion years ago, the four deputy deans sealed up the Jade Angel Wall area.

If you want to try to resurrect the fourteen-winged angels soul, you must get Bai Hui and the other three deputy deans permission.”

“Of course, you also can try if you have Senior Reverence Moons permission.”

Huang Xiaolongs brows creased into furrows, hearing that.

The Reverence Moon Old Man has been in seclusion for many years.

At the end of the day, does it all depend on the Bai Hui and the other three deputy deans permission

“In the past, the Radiance Ancestor left the Jade Angel Wall, hoping that there would be a student who could resurrect the fourteen-winged angels soul, and gain the permission to enter the Boundary Ancestral Mountain,” Huang Xiaolong stressed, “What gives Bai Hui, and the other deputy deans permission to seal off the Jade Angel Wall area”

Ao Ping smiled wryly, “Senior Reverence Moon has been in seclusion for a long time.

The current Reverence Moon Academy is managed by the four deputy deans.

They can do whatever they want.

Who would dare to utter a word”

“My father once said, the Radiance Ancestor must have left behind many treasures inside his cultivation palace in the Boundary Ancestral Mountain before he went away.

The four deputy deans sealed off the Jade Angel Wall mostly because they do not want these treasures to flow into outsiders hands.

Since they cant get them, others cant either.” Ao Ping commented frankly.

Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes gleamed.

If you are really keen to try, I can accompany you to see the four deputy deans. Noticing Huang Xiaolong\'s expression, Ao Ping offered after some thought.

My father was in the same batch of students as Bai Hui and Bin Ge, and they have always been in contact.

Looking at my father\'s sake, they might agree to open the Jade Angel Wall area for you to try.

Huang Xiaolong was delighted, “My thanks in advance.”

Ao Ping smiled, “Whats to be polite between brothers.

Come on.

Ill go over with you now to see the four deputy deans.”

With that, Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping walked out from Ao Pings place and flew towards the main peak.

When they reached the main peak, they went looking for Teacher Claude first and stated their purpose to him.

“You two want to see the four deputy deans” Claude was surprised and a little astonished.

After all, this was the second day Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping had entered the imperial courtyard.

Ao Ping nodded, “That is so, Teacher Claude, please help us inform the four deputy deans that we have a matter to discuss with them.”

Huang Xiaolong cleverly took out a spatial ring that contained two million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

“As long as Teacher Claude is willing to help us arrange for a meeting with the four deputy deans, these two million low-grade chaos spirit stones are yours,” said Huang Xiaolong.

Claudes eyes widened in surprise, looking at the two million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Although he was a teacher of the Reverence Moon Academys imperial courtyard, two million low-grade chaos spirit stones were not a small sum for him.

“This!” Claude hesitated but finally nodded his head in agreement, “Alright! Still, I will only help you to arrange a meeting with the four deputy deans.

I wont guarantee that they will see you.”

If it was another new student, Claude would not have agreed even if there was a remuneration of two million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Ao Ping and Huang Xiaolongs statuses were different.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Sure!”

As no preparations were needed, Claude directly led Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping out, and they flew towards the Reverence Moon Peak.

Despite their speed, it still took them five days to reach the Reverence Moon Peak.

After descending on the Reverence Moon Peak, Claude had Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping wait outside while he stepped into the Reverence Moon Divine Hall.

“This Reverence Moon Divine Hall is quite majestic.” After Claude stepped inside, Ao Ping commented looking at the Reverence Moon Divine Hall floating above the mountain peak, and added ironically, “Even my fathers Dragon Palace is not so grand.”

Huang Xiaolong laughed at his words, “Its alright, not too bad!” Compared to his Master, the King of Grandmists Grandmist Lands, he felt that this Reverence Moon Divine Hall lacked something.

Claude returned not long after he went inside.

Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping hurried forward.

“Teacher Claude, how is it” Ao Ping asked.

Claude nodded his head and said, “The four deputy deans agreed to see you both, but…” He looked at Huang Xiaolong as he added, “But, His Highness Dun Hao is inside as well.”

Both Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping were surprised.

“You must not run into any conflict with Dun Hao once you are inside,” Claude advised Huang Xiaolong with good intentions.

Hearing that, Ao Ping laughed, “Dont worry, Teacher Claude.

As long as Dun Hao, that kid, doesnt mess with us, we wont f*cking bother him.”

F*cking bother him Claude choked, then smiled wryly as he led the two of them into the hall.

Following Claude into the hall, Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping immediately sawthe surreal beauty, Son of Light Dun Hao, standing in the hall.

The moment the three of them appeared in the hall, Bai Hui, Bin Ge, Ban Ke, Bai Luo, and Dun Hao looked towards them.

Their gazes lingered over Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping.

“Greetings, deputy deans.” Ao Ping stepped up and saluted respectfully with a slight bow.

Huang Xiaolong stepped up and saluted with a slight bow.

Upon seeing Huang Xiaolongs mere execution of a slight bow in greeting, Dun Hao admonished, “Insolent, Ao Li! Youre actually not kneeling before the four deputy deans! Ao Ping is the son of the Dragon Worlds ruler, so he doesnt need to kneel, but you are only a common student.

How dare you not kneel!”

Bin Ge said to Bai Hui, “Didnt I say it before Its useless no matter how high ones talent is.

Look how arrogant and insolent he is.

He doesnt put anyone in his eyes.

Its only a waste of time and effort if you cultivate him.”

His tone and words fully displayed his dissatisfaction towards Huang Xiaolong.

Ban Ke and Bai Luo were wearing faint frowns.

Clearly, in this first meeting, Huang Xiaolong had left a bad impression.

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