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Half a day later, the sacred light from Huang Xiaolongs eyes had grown stronger.

The white glow on meteorite rock at the main entrance increased as well.

The sacred light from his body gradually soared to the heavens and could be seen from any corner of the Reverence Moon Divine City.

More and more experts in the Reverence Moon Divine City were alarmed.

Inside a manor on the northern side of the city, Hell Fengdu City\'s Young Lord Qin Huangzhong was pacing.

The details of the stage battle with the Son of Light Dun Hao kept replaying in his mind.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he felt he had lost to Dun Hao in six moves!

The ruckus from outside attracted Qin Huangzhong\'s attention.

His brows wrinkled, and he called one of the Ancestors who had accompanied him this time.

What is happening outside!

“Reporting to Young Lord, it is said that one of the Reverence Moon Academys imperial courtyards new student, Ao Li, is comprehending the four charactersReverence Moon Academy at the main entrance.

The sacred light from his body alerted the experts within the city!” The old man replied promptly.

Qin Huangzhong was surprised, “You mean the Reverence Moon Academys number one lunatic, the one who claimed to defeat Dun Hao in ten moves, that Ao Li”

The news of Huang Xiaolong and Ao Pings bet had made several rounds around the Reverence Moon Divine City.

Nine out of ten people thought that Huang Xiaolong was the biggest lunatic in the history of Reverence Moon Academy.

Thus Huang Xiaolong was crowned with the nickname Reverence Moon Academys number one lunatic.

“Yes, it is that Ao Li!” The old man confirmed.


Lets go take a look.” Qin Huangzhong strode out from the hall.

He was quite curious about this Reverence Moon Academys number one lunatic student.

Stepping out from their manor, Qin Huangzhong, the old man, and the rest of his subordinates headed towards the Reverence Moon Academys main entrance.

The closer they got, the energy contained within the light flowing out from Huang Xiaolongs body became clearer.

This astounded Qin Huangzhong.

This! Even Dun Haos radiant energy feels lacking compared to this sacred light

Several days ago, he had fought Dun Hao on the battle stage.

Thus he had experienced Dun Haos sacred light firsthand.

Moments later, Qin Huangzhongs group reached the Reverence Moon Academys entrance.

“Hes that Ao Li Whats going on here” Qin Huangzhong asked the old man.

Because Huang Xiaolong had altered his physical features, Qin Huangzhong did not recognize him.

“Ive heard Ao Li wants to enter the Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

The Reverence Moon Academys four deputy deans said as long as he could comprehend the esoterics within theReverence Moon Academy, they would give him a chance to resurrect the fourteen-winged angels soul inside the Jade Angel Wall!” The old man quickly answered.

“Comprehend the four characters—‘Reverence Moon Academy” Qin Huangzhong was dumbfounded.

The old man nodded, “Thats correct! However, since the Reverence Moon Academys foundation, no one in the myriad worlds has been able to comprehend all four characters esoterics.

Even the Ancient Heavenly Emperor, King of Grandmist, Lord Buddha, and the King of Shadows failed.

This Ao Li is simply dreaming if he thinks he can succeed! Its impossible!”

Right at this time, above the academys giant meteorite rock gates, the four charactersReverence Moon Academy shook a little.

Everyone saw the first character representingreverence, emitting a burst of brilliant white light.

No one could take their eyes away from it.

Looking at the shining first character that seemed to come alive, Qin Huangzhong, the old man, and the rest of his group were stunned.

This…! The first character lit up! That meant Ao Li had comprehended the esoterics within that character!

“Wicked man! It has only been half a day.

He actually comprehended the first character!”

“Almost a hundred thousand years ago, it took His Highness Dun Hao three years to comprehend the first character!” The Reverence Moon Academys students gasped in astonishment.

At the same time, inside the imperial courtyard spaces Reverence Moon Divine Hall, Bin Ge and the other three deputy deans were guiding Dun Hao as he practiced.

Suddenly, Bai Hui stopped what he was doing, and a strange expression rose to his face.

“Whats the matter” Bin Ge asked.

Bai Hui looked at the four people around him and spoke slowly, “Moments ago, Ao Li already comprehended the first character!”

“What!” Bin Ge, Ban Ke, Bai Luo, and Dun Hao exclaimed sharply in unison.

Dun Haos face turned ugly.

“This, how is that possible!” It had taken him over three years to successfully comprehend the first character.

How long has it been since Ao Li started

Ban Hui spoke solemnly, “It seems we still underestimated Ao Li, ah.”

Bin Ge snorted, “It doesnt matter that he has already comprehended the first character.

There are still the second, third, and fourth characters.

The difficulty increases with each one.

Comprehending the first character does not mean he will comprehend the second or third character as well, and it especially does not mean that he would be able to comprehend the subsequent characters at the same speed!”

Four days passed in the blink of an eye.

The news of Ao Li comprehending the first character in half a days time drew an even bigger crowd to spectate at the Reverence Moon Academys main entrance.

Even Hells Misty Palaces He Jingyi, Buddha Worlds Pu Ti, and other geniuses had come to spectate.

The sacred light from Huang Xiaolongs body was shining like the afternoon sun, filling his surroundings with bright and pure white light as if the area was a large piece of flawless white jade.

The white glow from the meteorite rock was brighter and more brilliant compared to four days ago.

As the white glow from the meteorite rock continued to integrate with the sacred light from Huang Xiaolongs body, he keenly discovered that his strength was improving.

Although the improvement was almost negligible, he had merely begun to comprehend the four characters four days ago.

Even his cultivation did not improve this fast when refining grandmist aura.

Another two more days went by.

Suddenly, the four characters,Reverence Moon Academy shook again.

The second character,moon, shone brightly, reflecting layers of prism around it.

“He has comprehended the charactermoon! In less than seven days!” The spectating experts were in a furor.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong comprehended the charactermoon, the news was quickly reported to the four deputy deans inside the Reverence Moon Divine Hall.

When the five of them, Dun Hao included, learned of the news, none of them spoke for a long time.

Dun Hao grew gloomier, and the icy gleam in his eyes was tinted with craziness and cruelty.

His hands clenched into fists as he thought, he himself had spent over two hundred years comprehending the charactermoon!

Over twenty days later...

Once again, the four charactersReverence Moon Academy shook as the third wordaca- shone with brilliance.

The Reverence Moon Divine City was in a furor once again.

At this point, more than three months had passed since Huang Xiaolong had began comprehending the four characters.

Today, the whole Reverence Moon Divine City felt unusually quiet.

The sacred light from Huang Xiaolongs body condensed into numerous light pillars extending into the clouds.

It appeared as if these light pillars were propping up the sky, creating a breathtaking sight.

There was a packed crowd around the Reverence Moon Academys entrance.

Rows and rows of people were watching Huang Xiaolong and the four characters above the academys main entrance with bated breaths.

The meteoric rocks of the four characters had almost turned translucent.

Such a change had never happened before.

As it turned translucent, the meteoric rock seemed to come alive.

There were fine threads of light flowing through them, resembling the veins and meridians of a person.

Finally, when the meteoric rock turned completely translucent, the four characters shook again as the last character,-demy exploded in fireworks of resplendent lights all the way to the sky.

The whole Reverence Moon Divine City quaked.

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