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“Damn! That kid resurrected the fourteen-winged angels soul and has gone in!” Bin Ge bellowed angrily as cold gleams of light flickered across his eyes.

On their way as they were rushing over here, Bin Ge had prayed that Huang Xiaolong hadnt really resurrected the fourteen-winged angels soul.

He had prayed hard, hoping desperately that Huang Xiaolong had not entered the Boundary Ancestral Mountain!

But now that he had arrived, the Jade Angel Wall was gone, and there were clear signs that the restrictive formations on the Boundary Ancestral Mountain were activated.

All these clues led to only one conclusion—Ao Li had gone inside the Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

Bin Ge suddenly made a dash towards the Boundary Ancestral Mountain, attempting to break into the mountain.

But he barely entered one thousand meters radius from the mountain when the restrictive formations power repelled him.

Impacted by the restrictive formations power, Bin Ges blood flow became chaotic for a while, and the fury in his heart raged.

In the last several billion years, he had tried to awaken the fourteen-winged angels soul inside the Jade Angel Wall numerous times.

That was how long he had been coveting the treasures left behind by the Radiance Ancestor.

But in the end, it fell into the hands of a new imperial courtyard student who had arrived not long ago!

Just thinking of this made Bin Ge want to vomit blood.

“Speak, how long has Ao Li gone in” Bin Ge snapped at Ao Ping, who was standing some distance away.

Ao Ping shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and flashed Bin Ge a sunny smile as he said, “About a day.

My guess is that hes probably enjoying himself collecting the Radiance Ancestors treasures till his wrists are exhausted.”

Looking at the sunny smile on Ao Pings face, Bin Ge looked like he had swallowed something foul.

“Why did you not report to us after Ao Li successfully resurrected the fourteen-winged angels soul!”

Yet Ao Ping looked at him weirdly and asked in return, “Why should I report it to you”

Bin Ge stiffened as a feeling of suffocation blocked his heart.

If it werent for Ao Pings identity, he would have slapped Ao Ping twice over.

Compared to Bin Ge, Bai Hui was much calmer.

He stood in midair, silently watching the Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

No one knew what was running through his mind at the moment.

An hour later, Ban Ke and Bai Luo arrived one after the other.

Seeing the Jade Angel Wall was no longer there and the Boundary Ancestral Mountains formations all activated, their expressions darkened like Bin Ge.

The last to arrive was Dun Hao.

When Dun Hao arrived, he was panting heavily as if he had just finished some strenuous physical labor.

But his sullen gaze was fixed on the Boundary Ancestral Mountain, like a ferocious wolf staring at its prey.

He did not speak.

By this time, Bin Ge had already calmed down after his initial outbursts.

While everyone waited with anticipation, half a day later, the Boundary Ancestral Mountain once again lit up as a figure flew out.

This person was, of course, Huang Xiaolong.

Eyes lit up at Huang Xiaolongs appearance, especially Bin Ge and Dun Haos.

In a split second, Bin Ge and Dun Hao were already rushing towards Huang Xiaolong, blocking his path.

“Hand over the Radiance Ancestors treasures!” Immediately after blocking Huang Xiaolongs way, Bin Ge demanded coldly in a harsh superior tone.

Huang Xiaolong calmly said, “According to the Radiance Ancestors rule, whoever resurrects the fourteen-winged angels soul can enter the Boundary Ancestral Mountain, and the things inside belong to that person.

Since I can enter the Boundary Ancestral Mountain, therefore the things inside are naturally mine.

Do you want to rob me in broad daylight”

Huang Xiaolong had predicted early on that Bin Ge, and the rest would not let him take away the Radiance Ancestors treasures easily.

Since he had dared to come out, he was obviously not afraid of these people robbing him.

Dun Hao snorted and interjected, “Ao Li, who do you think you are A mere imperial courtyards new student like you dares to covet the Boundary Ancestral Mountain A mere low-level Emperor Realm like you cannot possess the Radiance Ancestors treasures.

Not to mention, the Radiance Ancestors treasures originally belong to the Reverence Moon Academy.

Do you intend to steal these treasures As long as you hand over the Radiance Ancestors treasures, the four deputy deans will not penalize you, looking at the sake that youre an imperial courtyards student.


Bai Luo went on, “Now, return the Radiance Ancestors treasures to the academy.

Looking at the sake that youre the imperial courtyards new student and are unfamiliar with the academys rules, we will not punish you this time.”

Before Huang Xiaolong could say anything, Ao Pings laughter interrupted them.

Ao Ping glared at Bin Ge, Bai Luo, and the others, “I didnt expect the reputable Reverence Moon Academys deputy deans are little villains in truth.

Youre robbing an academy student in broad daylight.

Arent you all afraid of becoming a laughingstock if this spreads out”

Dun Haos eyes narrowed as killing intent surged in his heart.

He snickered at Ao Ping, “As long as we dont say a word, who would know about this”

Bin Ge, Bai Luo, and Ban Ke were immediately moved by the idea.

Noticing their expression, Dun Hao laughed inwardly.

His indirect suggestion to the four deputy deans was that only dead people could keep secrets!

So, the solution was killing Ao Li and Ao Ping…!

For an instant, murderous intent surged in Bin He\'s eyes.

Although the aftermath of killing Ao Ping would be troublesome, that much trouble was worth it for the Radiance Ancestor\'s treasures.

What You want to kill us to seal our mouths Huang Xiaolong sneered, capturing the murderous gaze in Bin Ge\'s eyes.

Bin Ge\'s killing intent intensified at Huang Xiaolong\'s words, but just as he was about to attack, Bai Hui, who had been keeping silent all this time, spoke, Ao Li, hand over the Radiance Ancestor\'s treasures to our Reverence Moon Academy.

We can reward you for it.

We will offer you a reward that would interest you.

Bin Ge, Ban Ke, and Bai Luo looked at Bai Hui in surprise.


Brother Bai Hui, that” Bin Ge frowned in disagreement.

Bai Hui kept his attention on Huang Xiaolong, What about it”

Huang Xiaolong smiled as he asked, “What kind of reward”

He wanted to hear what kind of reward Bai Hui was referring to that would interest him.

Naturally, he was just going to hear Bai Hui out.

“How about this You will be given the same treatment and benefits as Dun Hao at the academy.” Bai Hui thought for a moment, then added, “On top of that, we will add ten thousand pellets of Reverence Moon Divine Pills and also ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones.”

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help shaking his head hearing Bai Huis offer, “These are the rewards that you say would interest me Ill tell you honestly.

I dont need Reverence Moon Divine Pills.

Not to mention, they are useless to me.

Do you know what pills are there inside the Radiance Ancestors treasures There are ten thousand bottles of Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills among the Radiance Ancestors treasures!”

“What!! Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills! Ten thousand bottles!” Bin Ge and the others eyes turned green and scarlet like a beast hearing that.

Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills, ah! Even two pellets were priceless treasures.

Not to mention ten thousand bottles, thats…!

Even Bai Hui could not hide the shock from his face.

Dun Haos face turned red, and his breathing became heavy.

“As for your ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones...” Huang Xiaolong snickered mockingly, “I have several hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones on me at all times.

Do you think I would be tempted by merely ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones Also, with my talent, enjoying the same treatment and benefits as Dun Hao is a given.

So why would I need it to be rewarded to me” Huang Xiaolong continued as if he could not see Bin Ge and everyones eyes turning scarlet and the greed in their eyes.

Just when Huang Xiaolong stopped, Bin Ge roared as his momentum exploded and his palm struck towards Huang Xiaolong.

Violent godforce of a Sovereign Realm expert swept out, threatening to shatter space.

Seeing that Bin Ges attack was about to hit Huang Xiaolong in the next moment, a thin arm stretched out from the end of the horizon.

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