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Cang Mutian continued, “Since that is the case, I shall gather some of the superpowers from the Kingdom of Devil Beasts.

Even though Ive been missing for a long time now, I should be able to gather a few of them!”

Huang Xiaolong revealed a look of joy and thanked, “Many thanks for Senior Reverence Moon and Senior Cang Mutian for the help!”

The Reverence Moon Old Man laughed, “You dont need to stand on ceremony with us, old men..”

The little cow hastily turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, “Kiddo, why are you not thanking me!”

“Of course, I dont need to thank you.”

“Why! Why not!” The little cow stared at Huang Xiaolong with a puzzled expression.

“Because I said so.”

The little cow felt steam rising from the top of her head, and everyone burst into laughter.

They quickly got to work as they gathered their subordinates to call on all the reserve power they had.

Huang Xiaolong contacted Tai Yue and the other Great Commanders from the Netherworld Kings Organization and requested them to lead the Netherworld Kings Army to the Radiance World.

As for all the powers who had thrown in their lot with the Netherworld Kings Organization, they were fully mobilized to bring their troops over.

Superpowers like the Golden Corpse Palace in the Spirit World, Heaven Sacrificial City in the Ghost World, and Crystal Devil Sect in the Hell Asura World received the order to mobilize.

The King of Grandmist sent down an imperial order to gather various superpowers from the Divine World.

With one order from him, there would be tons of Emperor Palaces ready to lend a hand.

When Huang Xiaolong and the others were busy gathering their troops, Shi Ming and the others were doing the same.

Even Lin Cheng from the Fire World sent the order to gather the Fire Worlds elite troops.

In an instant, the Radiance World became the focus of the various worlds as troops from all over poured into the battlefield.

There were even members of the Fire World, Dragon World, Demon World, Poison World, and various other worlds taking part!

Even though these worlds couldnt compare to the five Greater Worlds, they couldnt be considered weak.

Because of the relationship between Ao Ping and Huang Xiaolong, along with Cang Mutians presence, the Dragon World sent their members to back Huang Xiaolongs camp.

The Fire World, Demon World, Poison World, and several others stood on Dun Eis side.

With the Dragon Worlds presence, Phoenix World went over to Huang Xiaolongs side.

The leaders of the Phoenix World used to be student of the Reverence Moon Academy in the past, and there was no reason for them to side with Dun Ei.

When some of the experts saw what was going on, their hearts trembled in fear.

“This should be the largest battle since ancient times! When the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had joined hands with the Buddhist Ancestor to deal with the Radiance Ancestor, the battle had shaken the heavens! This battle is a thousand times more terrifying than that!”

Sects from all around passed down the order to seal their mountains, and they forbade their disciples from wandering outside.

They were afraid that they would be dragged into the calamitous war if they werent careful.

Just the shockwaves from a war of this scale were enough to wipe them all out several times over.

While everything was going down, the five Greater Worlds failed to remain unaffected.

With their experts joining in the battle, chaos broke out.

As the Netherworld Kings Army and Kingdom of Devil Beasts army moved into the Radiance World, the Radiance Knight Corps battle capabilities increased to another level.

Killing intent rose to the skies, and world surfaces crumbled one after another.

There were even several divine planes that disappeared from the face of the Radiance World forever.

Nothing was left of them.

Several ancestor-level figures shook their head and sighed, “If this goes on, they are going to level the Radiance World…”

With the interference of so many peak level Sovereigns, if they were to battle for several hundred more years, the Radiance World might crumble eventually.

Even so, there was nothing Huang Xiaolong could do about it.

Even though the Radiance Knight Corps held the upper hand, the members of the Radiance Divine City were like unkillable cockroaches.

No matter how hard Huang Xiaolong and the others tried, they couldnt defeat them! With the arrival of the army from Dun Eis side, the battles only became more bloody.

In one of the stars where lightning fell non stop…

Huang Xiaolong stared at the two massive chaos lightning pools before him, and a look of satisfaction appeared in his eyes.

It was precisely the two chaos lightning pools among the Radiance Ancestors treasures.

He had challenged Dun Hao right after obtaining the treasures.

Following that, he had left for the Kingdom of Devil Beasts to save Cang Mutian.

The battle had erupted soon after, leaving him no time to absorb the chaos lightning pools.

Now that the battle was at a stalemate, Huang Xiaolong knew that he wouldnt be able to take down Radiance Divine City in a short amount of time.

He decided to completely refine the two chaos lightning pools to increase his strength.

After all, strength was everything.

The battle before him was like a wake-up call for Huang Xiaolong.

He knew that the distance between him and the true experts was as large as the gap between the heavens and the earth.

Compared to them, he was too weak, far too weak.

He had to increase his strength as quickly as he could.

He wanted to break through to the Sovereign Realm as quickly as he could.

The moment he broke through, his title as the King of Hell wouldnt just be in the name.

Looking at the two chaos lightning pools before him, he decided to refine the fifth-ranked Violet Phoenix Lightning Pool before refining the sixth-ranked Heavenly Wind Lightning Pool.

His figure blurred as he arrived in the center of the Violet Phoenix Lightning Pool.

As soon as he appeared, a massive violet phoenix appeared and charged towards him.

The Black Tortoise Lightning Pool, Mysterious Light Lightning Pool, Golden Dragon Lightning Pool, Blue Wood Lightning Pool activated in an instant.

As the four lightning pools appeared, they blocked the violet phoenix from reaching Huang Xiaolong.

At the same time, the lightning pools started to swirl as they started to devour the power of the Violet Phoenix Lightning Pool.

Violet lightning crackled around Huang Xiaolongs body, and the three Archdevil bloodlines started to crazily devour the power stored in the lightning pool.

Six months passed just like that.

Huang Xiaolong successfully refined the Violet Phoenix Lightning Pool, but he didnt rest.

Instead, his body flashed once again, and he started the same process on the Heavenly Wind Lightning Pool.

He took less than five months to refine the Heavenly Wind Lightning Pool completely.

It was way less time than he took to refine the Violet Phoenix Lightning Pool.

In the past, Huang Xiaolong had used one year and eight months to refine the Mysterious Light Lightning Pool.

Right now, he had refined both lightning pools in less than a year!

When he finally completed his refinement, Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth to reveal terrifying bolts of lightning.

They crackled non stop and poured out from his mouth.

After refining both lightning pools, he had finally broken through to the early-Third Order Emperor Realm.

Looking at how he had only broken through to the Third Order Emperor after swallowing two lightning pools, a frown formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

It seems like breaking through is getting harder and harder…

Whatever the case, he had already refined six of the Nine Chaos Lightning Pools under the heavens.

There were only three of them left.

As soon as he managed to locate the other three, he would be able to summon the Grandmist Divine Lightning.

The Grandmist Divine Lightning was something that could threaten Sovereign Realm experts!

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