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Chapter 2023: Looking for the Ancient Heavenly Court

“What The Ancient Heavenly Court is located in the Devil Abyss!” The King of Darkness exclaimed in shock when he heard that the Ancient Heavenly Court was hidden somewhere in the Devil Abyss.

It was a top-grade grandmist artifact! Even for someone like the King of Darkness and the King of Grandmist, any top-grade grandmist artifact was enough to move all of them! There was no need to mention the number one ranked top-grade grandmist artifact in all the worlds!

The Ancient Heavenly Court combined both the defensive and offensive abilities into a single artifact.

There was also an ancient Heavenly Star Formation in the middle of the artifact, and it could gather the strength of stars in order to power itself.

The concentration of energy in the Ancient Heavenly Court was shocking, and one could improve by leaps and bounds when cultivating inside.

Even Sovereign Realm experts would increase their cultivation speed by forty percent.

“Hehe, did the news scare you” The little cow chuckled when she saw the shocked expression on the King of Darknesss face.

When she had first heard the news, her reaction was similar to that of the King of Darkness.

The King of Darkness revealed a serious expression on his face, and he failed to find a counter-argument to the little cows question.

“Xiaolong, there are extremely strong restrictions located in the depths of the Devil Abyss.

Dangers are everywhere.

Before we head in, we should make adequate preparations.”

The little cow chuckled, “Relax.

When I had entered the depths of the Devil Abyss in the past, I managed to learn quite a bit about the dangers there.

I prepared the things we would need, and Huang Xiaolong has managed to receive the Radiance Ancestors inheritance.

He has the Heart of Hell, and even though he isnt a Sovereign, he is more than capable of defending himself against the devil and dark qi there.”

“Moreover, he has the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills.

With them, the three of us need not fear the evil beings down there.”

The King of Darkness stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

“What! Xiaolong managed to receive the inheritance of the Radiance Ancestor He has the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills!”

The little cow nodded her head with glee.

“Thats right.

With the pills, we can easily work together to defend ourselves from all the dangers down there.

The only thing we need to take care of is the restrictions.

There shouldnt be any problems.

Right now, the only thing we dont know where the Ancient Heavenly Court is located.

We need to spend some time looking for it.”

The King of Darkness nodded.

“Using some time to look for it is not a problem.

Xiaolong also has the Moon Jade Spiral Shell.

As long as we know the general location of the Ancient Heavenly Court, we will definitely be able to obtain it.”

The little cow shook her head all of a sudden.

“Thats where youre wrong.

We dont have much time.

We need to locate it as soon as possible.” They quickly revealed the situation in the Radiance World to the King of Darkness.

When he heard the news, the shocked expression on his face became even more apparent.

“Reverence Moon Old Man! King of Grandmist! Cang Mutian! Old Monster Lun Zhuan! Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen! King of Shadows!”

“Nine Yin Old Ancestor, Shi Ming! Wait a minute… How can so many experts appear in the Radiance World Other than the several overlords of their worlds, there are so many new Sovereigns!”

Huang Xiaolong explained, “That is the reason we need to locate the Ancient Heavenly Court as quickly as possible before rushing back to the Radiance World.” The great war happening there was of extreme importance to Huang Xiaolong.

If he managed to unify the Radiance World, he would be able to gather enough strength to attack the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe! After that, he would possess the ability to barge into the Heavenly Court in the Divine World!

If Huang Xiaolong were to fail, everyone would probably form a massive alliance to hunt him down.

Even the Netherworld Kings Organization wouldnt be able to escape from disaster.

A look of revelation appeared on the King of Darknesss face.

“Since that is the case, lets hurry over to the Devil Abyss now!”

The little cow nodded her head and circulated the godforce in her body to the extreme.

She punched another hole through the space to bring them closer to the Devil Abyss.

The three of them flew into the space tunnel without the slightest hesitation.

Along the way, the little cow used up a considerable chunk of her energy making space tunnels, and they managed to arrive at the Devil Abyss in a matter of days.

Looking at the soaring devil qi in the air, they saw the massive Devil Abyss located right below them.

The little cow huffed and puffed, “Son of a… Ever since I decided to follow you around, I havent rested for a single day! Im so exhausted!”

As the King of Darkness had not returned to his peak state, the little cow was the only one who could punch through space to create the space tunnels.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “When have I ever wronged you” He took out several bottles of Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills and threw them into the air.

Because of the pills, the King of Darkness was slowly recovering, and his strength was no longer as weak as before.

Even though the pills couldnt be compared to the Darkness Divine Stone, they were pretty good at healing injuries.

The King of Darkness didnt stand on ceremony at all.

He quickly swallowed several bottles of the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills, and the dark light around his body started to fluctuate.

Even though the pills were priceless treasures, Huang Xiaolong didnt feel the pain in the slightest.

He had hundreds of bottles of them! It was more than enough for him to squander!

After a short rest, the three of them continued to move towards the Devil Abyss.

As soon as they approached, a wave of nefarious and devil qi surged towards them.

It was as though the three of them had wandered into the source of devil qi in the world.

Devil qi was everywhere, and devils filled the space.

Everything was tainted by the devil qi.

Massive trees had hideous appearances, and they had hand-like branches.

There was a pair of devilish eyes on each trunk, and a sinister light flashed through them.

“Be careful.

The devil qi around the Devil Abyss is different from the devil qi in the Devil World.

Its several times terrifying than that! The nefarious nature of it can poison anything it touches!” The little cow reminded Huang Xiaolong.

“I know that you received the Radiance Ancestors inheritance and have all three radiance supreme treasures.

Even so, you shouldnt breathe in too much of the devil qi in the air…”

The King of Darkness continued, “Thats true.

There was once a pontiff from the Radiance World who possessed the innate Radiance Jewel Physique.

Despite having that and a radiance attributed supreme godhead, he was still swallowed by the Devil Abyss.

A Tenth Order Emperor turned into a monster!”

Huang Xiaolong stared at the King of Darkness with his jaws agape.

He had thought of swallowing the devil qi in order to improve his cultivation.

Even though the devil qi produced by the Devil Abyss was extremely sinister, the spiritual qi in the air was extremely dense.

Huang Xiaolong wanted to use his Archdevil Supreme Godhead to devour the devil qi in the surroundings.

After the reminders from both Sovereign Realm experts, Huang Xiaolong dropped all thoughts of cultivating with the devil qi.

The three of them didnt stop to rest as they charged towards the Devil Abyss.

The closer they got, the devil qi in the air became stronger.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong had experienced the devil qi in the Floating Twilight Lands when he had refined the second half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele.

The devil qi in the surroundings was several hundred times stronger than that!

There was a need to mention that they were merely at the outskirts.

That wasnt even the most concentrated devil qi produced by the Devil Abyss.

It was way terrifying when they realized that there was some mysterious energy hidden in the devil qi.

It felt like there was a type of restriction floating in the air, and if it entered ones body, it would be almost impossible to get rid of it!

The dense devil qi was like a black fog that enveloped the world.

It blocked off their field of vision and inhibited their divine sense.

With absolute silence surrounding them, they experienced the meaning ofdeathly stillness.

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