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Chapter 2035: Entering the Ravine

The little cow and the King of Darkness released their divine sense and probed the situation at the bottom of the ravine.

When they reached a depth of several tens of thousands of meters, their divine sense was forced back by a terrifying wave of energy.

Their faces changed.

“Xiaolong, are you sure its down there” The King of Darkness stared at Huang Xiaolong and asked in a serious tone.

“Thats right.”

The little cow swept her gaze across and noticed the joyful expression on Du Hais face.

She couldnt help but erupt in anger, “Old man, did you realize that the thing we were looking for was at the bottom of this ravine Is that why you allowed us to enter Its no wonder it was so easy to strike a deal with you!”

Du Hai roared with laughter, “Old lady, youre blaming me with no evidence! The reason I allowed you in was because we were friends! Why are you blaming me now”

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand at the little cow and said, “Alright, Ill head down alone.

Wait for me here.”

“No way.” The little cow shook her head.

“Im going with you.”

The mysterious energy at the bottom of the ravine was able to cause her heart to race.

She couldnt allow Huang Xiaolong to venture down on his own.

However, Huang Xiaolong ignored her objection and said, “There is no need.

Ill go down alone.

You and Old Black should remain here with Wu Shaowu and the rest.”

With both the little cow and the King of Darkness watching over Du Hai, Huang Xiaolong felt much more reassured.

He was afraid that there would be no one there to stop Du Hai if he tried to do anything funny.

The little cow exchanged glances with the King of Darkness.

“Fine.” They eventually nodded when they realized his intentions.

Huang Xiaolong no longer hesitated as his figure disappeared into the darkness below.

He was quickly swallowed by a wave of the devil and poisonous qi.

When Du Hai saw Huang Xiaolong disappearing into the depths below, he couldnt help but release sinister laughter.

According to him, a late-Sixth Order Emperor like Huang Xiaolong would only reach a depth of several thousand feet below the surface.

He would be back in twenty minutes.

Under the bated breaths of everyone present, twenty minutes soon passed.

However, nothing could be heard other than the occasional cry of devil beasts.

Du Hai waited for several more minutes and couldnt help but turn curious.

He had expected Huang Xiaolong to emerge with a sorry appearance, but nothing of that sort happened.

“Old lady, is that kid really your master” Du Hai couldnt help but ask when he saw the worried expression on her face.

The little cow glared at him and snapped, “Thats right! You had better address him with the respect he deserves.

What are you calling him a kid for”

The darkness aura around the King of Darkness started to fluctuate, and the expression on his face became a notch colder.

Du Hans heart trembled, but he forced cold laughter.

“Theres no need to be so anxious.

Its just how I address him.

Is he the current Radiance Prince”

The little cow felt her heart tremble for a second.

It seemed as though Du Hai was ignorant of everything that happened in the outside world.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him not to know about Huang Xiaolongs identity.

In fact, she was right.

When the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race secluded themselves from the world, they cut had off all connection with the outside world.

Du Hai would only send out small batches of disciples once every tens of thousands of years to gather information about the more important worlds.

Huang Xiaolong had only risen in the past several hundred years, and it was obvious that Du Hai had no idea who he was.

“Looks like Im right.” Du Hai felt that the little cows silence was equivalent to admitting that he was right.

He chuckled with glee, “Arent you losing out a little too much How can you allow a mere Radiance Prince to be your master”

The little cow snorted with displeasure, “Youll know his identity in the future.” She paused for a second before continuing, “As for me, no matter how far Ive fallen, Ill still be better off than a certain someone who cant poke his head out of the Devil Abyss.”

Du Hai exploded with rage when he heard how she mocked him.


The King of Darkness immediately locked on to Du Hai with his divine sense.

Eventually, Du Hai managed to suppress the anger in his heart and sneered coldly, “Let me tell you guys something interesting.

I had tried going down in the past, but I failed to arrive at the bottom even after several attempts.

The furthest Ive gone is several tens of thousands of feet.

As a late-Sixth Order Emperor, does that brat really think that he can explore the entire ravine”


Everyone felt their hearts dropping when they heard what he said.

Even Du Hai was unable to reach the bottom!

“Old man, you… you… Why didnt you say this just now” The little cow felt her vision going red as she glared at Du Hai.

He sneered in response, “Why should I tell you that Is that part of our agreement Hehe.”

Before he could continue laughing at them, boundless purple lightning emerged from the void and covered an area of a billion miles.

Du Hai gasped in shock, and he circulated his poison qi to create a poisonous mist.

As it congealed in mid-air, the mist formed a massive cloud that blocked off the lightning.

When the purple lightning landed on the poison cloud, explosions resounded in the air.

As shockwaves traveled out of the battlefield, mountain ranges collapsed one after another.

When the purple lightning struck a mountain peak, it turned into a pile of dust.

When the poison mist touched anything else, it started to corrode.

The members of the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race yelled in fright and dodged left and right.

Du Hai glared at the little cow and raged, “Old lady, are you really doing this!”

The King of Darkness appeared before she could reply, and he shook his head at her.

“Its more important to wait for Xiaolong to come back before deciding on how to settle this.”

The little cow snorted and glared at Du Hai without replying to his question.

A cold snort left Du Hais lips as well.

“Old lady, let me tell you right now.

That kid you call Huang Xiaolong will only be able to stay down there for another ten minutes.

Hes going to come back beaten black and blue.”

Everyone turned their gazes back to the ravine, and no one bothered replying to him.

Ten minutes quickly passed.

However, Huang Xiaolong failed to emerge.

A frown slowly formed on Du Hais face, and he racked his brains to think of an explanation.

How is that possible Hes just a Sixth Order Emperor! How far can he go

Rays of brilliant light emerged from the bottom of the ravine as he pondered over his question.

The cloud of the devil and poison qi started to shake as if a supreme existence was about to emerge.

Du Hai stared at the rays of light in shock.

Could it be!

Was I wrong! Is he not the current Radiance Prince!

As he thought about the different possibilities, Huang Xiaolong had already arrived three thousand feet below the surface.

Radiance energy surged out from his body as all sixteen wings unfurled behind him.

As soon as the sixteen wings appeared, devil qi no longer dared to approach him.

The only thing that shocked Huang Xiaolong was the weird behavior of the poison qi.

It was terrifyingly strong, and it was corroding the radiance energy he emitted.

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