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Chapter 2049: Reappearance of the Ancient Heavenly Court!

Even Sovereigns like Dun Ei and the others felt their expressions changing when the massive star shot towards them.

It was especially so for Dun Ei.

He was merely half a step into the Sovereign Realm, and he couldnt even be considered an actual Sovereign.

The feeling of death gripped his heart and mind.

Dun Ei roared with shock and rage.

His body started to tremble as radiance energy surged out from his body.

He held the Blade of Light in his arm as he welcomed the earth-shaking attack.

It was too bad his attack was like a drop of water that entered the sea when it came into contact with the massive star.

The star didnt slow down in the slightest as it continued zooming towards him.

As it appeared in the space several tens of thousands of miles in front of him, Dun Ei realized that he was in trouble.

The distance of several tens of thousands of miles could be crossed in ten thousandths of a second.

“No!” Dun Ei roared in desperation.

Seeing as Dun Ei was about to be smashed into blood mist, two massive wheels appeared in the air and slammed towards the giant star.

Lun Zhuan finally made a move as the King of Shadows moved to support him.

Grabbing Dun Ei, the King of Shadows pulled him away from his original position.

Even though it missed Dun Ei, the Ancient Heavenly Court didnt slow down in the slightest as it sent Lun Zhuans wheels flying away.

It continued to fly towards Lu Kun, Chiyou, and the others.

Their faces changed.

Lun Zhuan was a through and through expert at the peak of the late-Fifth Order Sovereign Realm! An attack from him couldnt slow down the flying star in the slightest, let alone stop it.

Lu Kun, Chiyou, Chu Han, and Qin Fan roared as they unleashed everything they had to stop the star.

The high-grade grandmist artifact in Lu Kuns hand flew into the air and charged towards the massive star-like object flying at them.

His Crimson Scorpion Armor covered his body in a last-ditch effort to keep himself alive.

Chiyous body expanded, and he transformed into his true form.

His massive claws slammed against the star as Chu Han launched his strongest shot with his divine bow.

Qin Fan brandished a humongous mountain as he threw it at the Ancient Heavenly Court.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

When their attacks landed on the Ancient Heavenly Court, a massive explosion ensued.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, other than slowing down for a fraction of a second, the giant star continued flying towards them.


The first person who was sent flying was Lu Kun.

Even with his high-grade grandmist armor defending his body, he drew a beautiful arc through the air.

The phantom of the crimson scorpion shattered as his armor started to crumble into pieces.

When he slammed into one of the divine planes in the distance, he failed to stop himself as he emerged from the other side.

Blood dyed his body red, and it seemed as though his body was about to explode.

As for Chiyou and the others, they were also sent flying.

They flew towards a distant star, and when they slammed into it, the entire star collapsed.

They vomited mouthfuls of fresh blood, and blood covered their bodies.

Everyone felt the blood draining from their face when they saw what happened to the four Sovereigns.

Firstly, Old Monster Lun Zhuan failed to stop the massive star, and the King of Shadows had to make a move in order to save Dun Ei.

Next, the star smashed through the defenses of the four sovereigns and nearly killed them in a single blow!

That was the combined strength of four Sovereigns they were talking about! Even so, they failed to stop the star!

Of course, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt stop there.

The Ancient Heavenly Court continued to fly towards Yang Gang, the envoy from the City of All-Heavens.

Yang Gangs expression changed as he screamed in terror, “Preposterous! How dare you go against me when I have the All-Heavens Decree in my hand!” He raised the decree and held it up towards the Ancient Heavenly Court.

As the Envoy from the City of All-Heavens, even overlords like Shi Ming had to retreat when he held the All-Heavens Decree in his hand.

He didnt believe that Huang Xiaolong would dare to attack him.

Who dared to challenge Lord Wan Shis prestige

However, Huang Xiaolong never cared about Lord Wan Shi, especially after learning that Wan Shi had conspired to kill the Ancient Heavenly Emperor.

The Ancient Heavenly Court didnt slow down as it appeared in front of Yang Gang instantly.

Yang Gang couldnt help but widen his eyes in shock.

Seeing as the massive star was about to smash the All-Heavens Envoy into pieces, the Old Crow Ancestor, Shi Ming, and Shi Zhen made their moves.

Demonic qi around the Old Crow Ancestor pierced into the sky as he sent a palm strike towards the Ancient Heavenly Court.

A boundless sea of monster qi swept towards the Ancient Heavenly Court with the intent to destroy everything in its path.

Shi Ming waved his arm as strands of corpse qi fused to form an endless river.

Shi Zhens palm lit up space with a splendid golden light as a world of Buddhism wrapped around the Ancient Heavenly Court.


A heaven-shaking explosion shook the very fabric of space as shockwaves capable of annihilating divine planes swept outwards.

A burst of starlight blinded most of the experts present as the demonic qi from the Old Crow Ancestor, corpse qi from Shi Ming, and the Buddhist luminance from Shi Zhen slowly dissipated.

With the three overlords combined strength, they finally managed to stop the massive star from advancing.

As the shockwaves from the blast slammed against the three overlords, they took several steps back in retreat as the star was sent rolling back several hundred thousand miles into space.

When Yang Gang felt the shockwave slam into him, he flew backwards as he vomited mouthfuls of blood.

When the star finally stopped, they finally saw the true form of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

As they stared at the majestic structure that was surrounded by endless starlight, none of the experts present on the battlefield could keep their calm.

Old Monster Lun Zhuan, the King of Shadows, the Old Crow Ancestor, Shi Ming, Shi Zhen, and the others felt a bomb going off in their heads.

“Ancient Heavenly Court!”

They yelled in unison as they looked at the number one ranked treasure in all the lands.

The pontiffs and bishops in the Radiance Divine Army felt their hearts shaking when they heard the yell from the overlords.

That… that is the Ancient Heavenly Court! The strongest grandmist artifact that went missing for several billion years has finally reappeared!

Before they could react, starlight poured out from the Complete Heaven Palace as several figures charged into the air.

“Huang Xiaolong! Old Ancestor Azure Cow!”

Without a doubt, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow had to be the ones to make the first appearance.

Du Hai and the King of Darkness appeared soon after, and their appearance shook the hearts of the Sovereigns on Dun Eis side.

The Old Crow Ancestor, Shi Ming, Shi Zhen, and the others felt their jaws dropping to the ground.

“King of Darkness! Green Mosquito Old Ancestor, Du Hai!”

Their names alone contained the ability to shake the worlds.

When their titles rang in the ears of the bishops and archbishops, they felt their legs going soft as the blood drained from their faces.

It didnt matter if it was the King of Darkness or Du Hai of the Six Winged Green Mosquito Race.

They were both seen as death gods, and not a single Sovereign would dare to look down on them.

While Huang Xiaolongs group was making a grand appearance, Yang Gang shot into the skies with his body covered in blood.

He glared at Huang Xiaolong as he raged, “So youre that dog they call Huang Xiaolong! How dare you injure me! You must be looking to die! Do you really think that you can go against the All-Heavens City Are you sure you can afford to offend Lord Wan Shi and the myriad of worlds!”

The only reply he received was the little chaos axe formed by Huang Xiaolongs divine soul.

As the axe tore through space, it flew towards Yang Gang.

Before it could land on Yang Gang, Shi Ming snorted, and he reached out to slap it away.

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