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Chapter 2060: The Heavenly World

First of all, Old Monster Lun Zhuan stood up, speaking in a respectful tone, “Brother Wan Yue, may I ask when Lord Wan Shi is exiting seclusion Now, only Lord Wan Shi is capable of killing Huang Xiaolong.

The few of us really have no way to deal with him, and we could only come to implore Lord Wan Shi to take action.”

The King of Shadows also rose from his seat promptly and said, “That Huang Xiaolong is simply a freak.

A little over a decade ago, he was still a Second Order Emperor during the Radiance World War, yet now, he has already broken through to Eighth Order Emperor Realm.

On top of that, he actually found the Ancient Heavenly Court!”

“Thats right, Huang Xiaolong must not be allowed to grow any stronger.

If this trend continues, in a short one century, he could possibly break through to Sovereign Realm!” Old Crow Ancestor also stood up vehemently to emphasize his reasons, “Furthermore, if he really manages to unify Hells three worlds and the Radiance World, his power would rise exponentially.

With the Reverence Moon Old Man, Old Ancestor Azure Cow, King of Grandmist, and the others assisting him, he is a very likely rebel against the City of All-Heavens, ah!”

Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen chimed in, “Huang Xiaolong is savage and immoral by nature.

He doesnt blink an eye in massacring all living beings for his personal desires.

He is such an abominable person.

He should be killed.

He should be chopped.

He should be eradicated!”

Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen mentioning should be three timesmore than proved hisprejudice towards Huang Xiaolong.

The All-Heavens Envoy Yang Gang also stood up, and his voice reverberated with hatred, “That Huang Xiaolong tried to kill me despite being fully aware of my identity as the City of All-Heavens envoy to Radiance World and knowing very well that I held the All-Heavens Decree in my hand.

He even questioned if the City of All-Heavens could harm him This is a blatant disregard towards the City of All-Heavens, and Lord Wan Yue and Lord Wan Shi!” Recalling that he had almost died at Huang Xiaolongs hands, Yang Gangs hatred and killing intent boiled over.

As Yang Gang aired his grievances, he glared at the Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen and the others several times because they had abandoned him during the war and fled.

Their actions had given birth to his resentment towards them.

Then again, Yang Gang understood the most important thing right now was to deal with Huang Xiaolong.

Other matters could only be pushed to the side.

Sitting on the main seat in the hall, Lord Wan Yue opened his eyes as if he had just awakened from slumber.

Thunder rumbled in the air like the roars of ten thousand beasts, and tyrannical momentum surged as if his body contained the power of ten thousand beasts.

The Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen, King of Shadows, and the others eyes narrowed in somber expressions.

Wan Yue spoke, taking his time with his words, “Naturally, Huang Xiaolong must be killed.

According to what all of you have said so far, Huang Xiaolong has the Reverence Moon Old Man, Old Ancestor Azure Cow, King of Grandmist, King of Darkness, Cang Mutian, and Du Hais support.

We cannot kill him impulsively as detailed planning is required.

Even if I make a move myself, Im not a hundred percent certain that I would be able to kill him.

We will take action when my Lord father comes out from seclusion and exterminates him once and for all!”

“But my Lord Father is still in seclusion at a crucial moment right now.

Therefore, he wont be able to exit seclusion in a short time.

As for when he would come out, I, too, cannot say for sure.”

Hearing Wan Yues words, a worried frown wrinkled Old Monster Lun Zhuan and the others faces.

“Then, in a rough estimation, when might Lord Wan Shi exit seclusion” Shi Ming inquired.

Wan Yue shook his head, “Its difficult to determine.

The soonest would be when the Darkness Gold Fruit ripens.”

Those sitting on the right row exchanged a silent glance amongst themselves.

“There are sixty-plus years to the estimated time the Darkness Gold Fruit matures.” Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen went on to add, “Doesnt that mean it would take a hundred years before Lord Wan Shi comes out of seclusion A hundred years later, Huang Xiaolong would have probably stepped into Sovereign Realm.

Once Huang Xiaolong advances to Sovereign Realm, adding the Ancient Heavenly Court, Reverence Moon Old Man, and the others to his firepower, Im afraid that even Lord Wan Shi would have trouble suppressing him at that time.”

The King of Shadows chimed in, “Yes ah, by the time the Darkness Gold Fruit and Blood of Darkness ripens, without Lord Wan Shi deterring Huang Xiaolong, the Darkness Gold Fruit and Blood of Darkness are likely to fall into Huang Xiaolong or the Reverence Moon Old Mans hands.

The Darkness Gold Fruit increases a cultivators chances of breaking through to the Sovereign Realm.

If Huang Xiaolong gets his hands on the Darkness Gold Fruit, he will certainly advance to Sovereign Realm with his talent!”

Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen, and the others looked even more worried and heavy-hearted.

Huang Xiaolong had yet to break through to Sovereign Realm, yet he was already capable of killing Sovereign Realm experts… When Huang Xiaolong advanced to Sovereign Realm, wouldnt he be a threat to overlords like them

For example, the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming, his cultivation was at the peak of early Fourth Order Sovereign Realm.

If Huang Xiaolong broke through to Sovereign Realm, with his astounding battle prowess and the Ancient Heavenly Court, Shi Mings only option would be to run as far and as fast as possible.

But Wan Yue laughed hearing that and was full of confidence as he spoke, “Rest assured, everyone.

Even if Huang Xiaolong breaks through to Sovereign Realm, my Lord Father is fully capable of killing Huang Xiaolong, unless Huang Xiaolong becomes an overlord.

However, he does not have this chance.”

“Moreover, even without my father around, the Darkness Gold Fruit and Blood of Darkness will belong to our City of All-Heavens.

Huang Xiaolong wanting to snatch the Darkness Gold Fruit and Blood of Darkness is nothing but a pipe dream!”

Wan Yues brimming confidence baffled everyone present.

With Lord Wan Shi absent, where does Wan Yues confidence come from

Right at this moment, a bells loud chiming sounded in their ears.

Hearing the bells chime, Wan Yue stood up with a beaming smile and said, “Everyone, please come out with me to welcome Lord Xu Yang.”

Xu Yang Lord Everyone looked at the person next to them in confusion.

This was the first time they had heard of this so-called Lord Xu Yang.

However, it was certain that someone who could be calledLord Xu Yang by Wan Yue was a person of high status.

A group of people followed Wan Yue out from the main hall in bafflement.

Just as they stepped out from the main hall, they immediately spotted a group of people flying towards them from the horizon.

This group of people was riding on divine beast mounts that none of them had ever seen before.

These beasts resembled a crossbreed of a tiger and a horse.

These divine beast mounts eyes were golden embers, and judging from their auras, they were all high-grade divine beasts.

Everyones gazes fell on the middle-aged man at the very front of the group.

He was clad in shiny metallic battle armor, and his spirited eyes contained boundless chaos qi.

The middle-aged mans extraordinary bearing seemed to overshadow the sky.

On his battle armors chest area, there was an eye-catching ancient text ofheaven.

Those who just walked out of the hall were astonished.

Who is this middle-aged man Although it was not as awe-inspiring as the Reverence Moon Old Man, this extraordinary bearing wasnt far from him.

This middle-aged man was definitely a Sixth Order Sovereign Realm expert!

However, a Sixth Order Sovereign Realm expert couldnt be nameless, yet none of them actually recognized who the middle-aged man was.

But in the next moment, as this group of people got closer, they spotted a familiar face—the Heavenly Prince Di Jing!

The Heavenly Prince Di Jing was actually among this group of people.

“Greetings to Lord Xu Yang.” Wan Yue stepped forward, cupping his fists in a respectful greeting.

“Younger Brother Wan Yue need not stand on ceremony.”

The middle-aged man nodded with a broad smile as he leaped off the divine beast mounts back.

Wan Yue turned to Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, King of Shadows, Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen, and Shi Ming as he said, “Let me introduce everyone.

This here is the Heavenly Worlds Enforcement Team Senior Captain, Lord Xu Yang.

“What, the Heavenly World!” Whether it was Old Monster Lun Zhuan, or Old Crow Ancestor, Buddhist Ancestor, and the rest, everyone looked shocked.

People like All-Heavens Envoy Yang Gang could be ignorant about the Heavenly World, but how could the overlords like them not know about it!

There was an old legend that there was another world above the myriad worlds—the Heavenly World!

Even a rumor claimed that the Heavenly World was actually a force outside the Divine Worlds boundary, and the Ancient Heavenly Emperor actually originated from the Heavenly World.

Despite these legends, people from the Heavenly World rarely appeared.

They appeared once an era, sometimes even after several eras.

No one knew where the Heavenly World was located, and they had absolutely no idea who ruled the Heavenly World.

Who would have known that people from the Heavenly World had appeared in this era!

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