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Chapter 2061: The RealEnd of the Myriad Worlds

A moment later, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, Shi Ming, the King of Shadows, and the rest immediately understood the root of Wan Yues confidence.

If they had the aid of experts from the Heavenly World, would they need to be afraid of Huang Xiaolong!

Although Heavenly Worlds experts rarely appeared in their circle, there was not a thread of doubt about their strength.

Even the senior captain of the Heavenly Worlds enforcement team already had the cultivation of a Sixth Order Sovereign Realm.

Just from this, one could imagine the Heavenly Worlds hierarchy of strength.

The Heavenly Worlds ruler had to be a high-level Sovereign Realm expert like Lord Wan Shi.

Wan Yue stepped into the hall.

He was followed by Xu Yang, the senior captain of the Heavenly Worlds enforcement team and the rest of his squad, along with Old Monster Lun Zhuan and the rest of the welcoming entourage.

Each of them took a seat.

Xu Yang and Wan Yue sat in the same row.

To their sides were the Sovereign Realm experts and higher echelons.

“Let me introduce someone to all of you.

I recently accepted a godson.” After everyone was seated, Xu Yang took the initiative to speak first and pointed at the Heavenly Prince Di Jing, standing a few steps away from him.

“This is my godson.

I think most of you are familiar with him.”

Everyone was inwardly shocked.

Does the Heavenly Prince Di Jing actually worship this Xu Yang as his godfather

Envy seeped into Yang Gang\'s and a few other peoples eyes.

As a senior captain of the Heavenly Worlds enforcement team, Xu Yang had to have a high status in the Heavenly World.

As Xu Yangs godson, it meant that Di Jing had the Heavenly World as his backing.

“Di Jing pays respect to Lord Wan Yue and the present seniors.” Heavenly Prince Di Jing took a step forward and bent slightly with cupped fists towards Wan Yue, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, and the others.

Wan Yue nodded his head in appreciation and praised, “Congratulations to Lord Xu Yang for receiving an excellent godson.

Di Jing has the Heavenly Dao Godhead and Heavens Dao Physique.

He truly is a rare genius of an era.

He will certainly become a Sovereign.” He took another glance at Di Jing, who had already broken through to the mid-Third Order Emperor Realm.

“Not bad, not bad.

I did hear that you were yet to break through to the Emperor Realm during the battle of the Heavenly Court.

But now, youre already a mid-Third Order Emperor in less than two hundred years.

It is as expected of the Heavenly Dao Godhead and Heavens Dao Physique!” Old Monster Lun Zhuan complimented casually.

Di Jing responded respectfully, “Lord Wan Yue and seniors are overpraising me.

I do not dare to feel complacent in front of seniors with my meager level of strength.

On the other hand, I hope seniors will guide me in the future.”

Compared to the period of the Battle of the Heavenly Court, Di Jing had grown steadier.

After coming to the City of All-Heavens, he had ventured out to explore Heaven\'s Path and come upon a fortuitous encounter.

This was the reason why his cultivation had risen to the mid-Third Order Emperor Realm in such a short time.

He had then met Xu Yang and was appreciated by him.

This had led Xu Yang to accept him as his godson.

With his rapidly rising strength and worshipping Xu Yang as his godfather, Di Jing had got slightly over his head.

Di Jing had planned to rush to Huang Xiaolong to get his revenge.

But after some inquiries, he had learned that Huang Xiaolong had broken through to the Eighth Order Emperor Realm, and he had even managed to rally the support of Reverence Moon Old Man, Cang Mutian, the King of Darkness, Du Hai, and many others in conquering the Radiance World.

This news had terrified Di Jing so much that he had lost his courage to make a move on Huang Xiaolong.

After Di Jing\'s introduction to Wan Yue, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, and the rest, the topic shifted to Huang Xiaolong.

More than an hour of discussion later, it was unanimously agreed by everyone that when the Darkness Gold Fruit and Blood of Darkness were to mature, City of All-Heavens\'s and Heavenly Worlds experts would join hands to cast a net and a grand killing formation to capture, or kill Huang Xiaolong.

They covered all possibilities they could think of as they decided on various backup plans.

They could only succeed in capturing or killing Huang Xiaolong as failure was not an option for them.

Xu Yang and his enforcement team stayed several days in the City of All-Heavens before leaving.

After Wan Yue sent off Xu Yangs team, he turned to the side and directed Yang Gang, “Not a word about Lord Xu Yangs visit is to be leaked outside.

Kill all the servants who served Lord Xu Yang and his team during their stay.”

Yang Gang was taken aback, “Kill all of them How about just locking them up for now”

After all, many of these women were talented seeds, collected from various corners of the myriad worlds, and plenty of resources had been invested in cultivating them for several years.

Wan Yue waved his hand, and his voice turned stern, “A person that does great things cannot be bothered with trifle affairs.

Kill all of them!” His command was inviolable.

“Yes, Lord Wan Yue!” Yang Gangs heart constricted as he swiftly complied.

Then Wan Yue turned to look at Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Shi Zhen, and the rest.

He smiled as he said, “Its rare for you guys to come to my city.

Why dont we take this chance and venture out together to explore Heavens Path The supreme technique that my father is comprehending in seclusion was found in the depths of Heavens Path.

Moreover, the high-grade, level-four origin treasure Myriad Worlds Bamboo my father has was also obtained from the depths of Heavens Path.” Wan Yues words were filled with temptation.

His words successfully roused Old Monster Lun Zhuan and everyones interest.

“That supreme technique Lord Wan Shi possesses was found at the depths of Heavens Path And also the Myriad Worlds Bamboo!” Old Monster Lun Zhuang exclaimed.

It wasnt strange that their reaction was so big because as far as they knew, only Lord Wan Shi had ever obtained a high-grade, level-four origin treasure, the Myriad Worlds Bamboo, and this was the biggest reason Lord Wan Shi had successfully stepped into the high-level Sovereign Realm.

Wan Yue nodded with a meaningful smile.

“Whether it was the supreme technique or the Myriad Worlds Bamboo, my father got them from the depths of Heavens Path.

I can swear on that.”

“Its not that we do not believe Lord Wan Yues words, but this information is simply too shocking.” The King of Shadows quickly made an excuse.

Anyone would be too shocked to react to the information Wan Yue revealed.

At the end of the myriad worlds stood the City of All-Heavens.

However, the City of All-Heavens was not the genuineend of the myriad worlds; behind the City of All-Heavens was the unfathomable Heavens Path.

The Heavens Path was extensive, and no one had ever seen its end, for no one had ever reached that far.

Even so, many people had gotten treasures on Heavens Path.

For example, origin-level treasures, supreme techniques, and also grandmist treasure artifacts!

Along Heavens Path were many alternate dimensions or heavenly kingdoms.

It was likely that any one of these alternate dimensions or heavenly kingdoms had supreme techniques, origin treasures, and grandmist artifact treasures.

However, the boundaries of these alternate dimensions or heavenly kingdoms were laden with layers of restrictions.

The deeper into Heavens Path one went, the stronger these restrictions became.

One misstep and even a Sovereign would fall, and his soul would get destroyed.

A while later, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen, the King of Shadows, Shi Ming, and Old Crow Ancestor all agreed to join Wan Yue to venture out and explore Heavens Path.

During this time, Huang Xiaolong was still inside the Ksana Divine Temple, comprehending the divine temples restrictions.

In a little over two years, Huang Xiaolong had reached the twentieth restriction.


Six years later, Huang Xiaolong stepped into the space of the last restriction.

At this time, the divine fire, enshrouding Huang Xiaolong, was burning brightly and vigorously, everchanging with the profound esoterics of fire.

Outside the Ksana Divine Temple, Ksana Divine Sect Chief Chen Tingfei and several Ksana Divine Sects experts were paying attention to Ksana Divine Temples movements.

“Chief, do you think Huang Xiaolong can pass through all the restrictions” One of the experts couldnt help asking.

Chen Tingfei shook his head and said, “Although Huang Xiaolong possesses three king of supreme godheads and three archdevil bloodlines, it still does not guarantee that he can pass through all the restrictions within the Ksana Divine Temple.”

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