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Chapter 2063: Unifying the Fiend World

“Oh, is God Submerging Fiend Water tyrannical enough to melt a Sovereign\'s soul” Huang Xiaolong\'s eyebrows rose in surprise.

There were only a handful of things that could threaten a Sovereign\'s soul.

Most grandmist treasure artifacts couldn\'t deal a lethal blow to a Sovereign Realm expert.

After all, once a cultivator stepped into Sovereign Realm, his soul merged into heaven and earth.

It would get continuously tempered by origin energy at all times, becoming increasingly resilient with the passing time.

It was startling to think that this God Submerging Fiend Water could actually melt a Sovereigns soul! One could imagine the terror of the God Submerging Fiend Water.

Huang Xiaolongs lifted his foot and arrived above the God Submerging Fiend Water in a single step.

The moment Huang Xiaolong entered the God Submerging Fiend Water area, the deathly calm water surface changed, and thousand zhang high waves suddenly erupted violently, aiming towards Huang Xiaolong.

“En” Huang Xiaolong didnt even summon the Ancient Heavenly Court.

He directly summoned the Lotus of Darknesss darkness energy and condensed it into a black lotus under his feet.

His heart of hell immediately formed a darkness boundary around him.

Instantly, the waves of God Submerging Fiend Water were blocked by Huang Xiaolongs darkness boundary.

Huang Xiaolong flew towards the Fiend Shrine.

A while later, he stood before the Fiend Shrines large doors.

On the doors surface were graven images of two ancient ferocious ancient fiends.

The two graven images were so life-like that they seemed real.

They gave a palpitating feeling when looking at them.

The two graven images mouths were opened, revealing their sharp teeth that were inscribed with ancient fiend runes.

A thought came to Huang Xiaolong, and he activated his Archdevil Supreme Godheads godforce as he placed both his palms right onto the two ferocious ancient fiends opened mouths, pressing down lightly.

Under the influx of Huang Xiaolongs supreme darkness godforce, the two ancient fiends sharp teeth glimmered as blinding rays of black light burst out from their bodies.

In the next moment, the two large doors creaked and slowly opened on their own.

It seemed like without supreme darkness godforce, one couldnt even open the doors of this Fiend Shrine.

Huang Xiaolong stepped into the shrine when the doors were fully opened.

The instant Huang Xiaolong stepped into the Fiend Shrine, it was as if he had stepped into the boundless darkness.

This darkness was different from the darkness dominating the Lord of Hells inheritance.

This darkness had a nefarious and bloodthirsty quality.

One after another, giant fiends emerged inside this boundless darkness.

These giant fiends were condensed from the Fiend Worlds origin energy.

As these giant fiends emerged, they rushed towards Huang Xiaolong in waves of fierce attacks.

Huang Xiaolong opted to condense a blade of darkness with his godforce instead of using the Radiance Divine Scepter to deal with these giant fiends.

He firmly held the blades of darkness in both his hands as he rushed onward.

Huang Xiaolong consecutively cut through fiends, which then turned into endless Fiend Worlds origin energy that drilled into Huang Xiaolong, and he greedily absorbed it.

These fiends were troublesome to kill; moreover, the latter fiends that emerged were even stronger than their predecessors.

In the beginning, Huang Xiaolong forged ahead with ease, like a fish in water, but as time passed, Huang Xiaolong became serious, and it grew increasingly strenuous to kill the giant fiends.

“Ten million!”

Half a year later, Huang Xiaolong counted in his mind as he killed the last of ten million fiends spawned by the darkness.

The King of Darkness had told him there would be ten million fiends inside the shrine.

When Huang Xiaolong would finish killing the last of the fiends, it would mean that he had successfully passed the Fiend Shrines inheritance assessment and obtained the Fiend Worlds inheritance.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong distinctively felt the newly spawned fiends were different; whether it was their darkness attack power, speed, or the toughness of their bodies, the fiends were twice as strong.

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath in and pushed his Archdevil Supreme Godhead to the limit, strengthening the blades of darkness in his hands as he swung out.

Each time the wave of fiends evolved stronger, the blades of darkness in Huang Xiaolongs hands increased in strength as well.

Hence, he maintained the same fiend-slaying speed.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolongs heart of hell and the Lotus of Darkness synergized, forming a boundary of darkness around Huang Xiaolong.

A distinguishably different black light was moving within the fiendish darkness that was continuously absorbing darkness energy from the void, compensating Huang Xiaolongs spent godforce.

A year was gone in the blink of an eye.

Huang Xiaolongs cultivation, which was at the late-Eighth Order Emperor Realm when he had stepped into the Fiend Shrine, was inching closer to the peak late-Eighth Order Emperor Realm every day.

Two years, three years...

On a certain day in the fourth year, bright glittering lights fluctuated around Huang Xiaolong as crisp noises of something shattering rang in his mind.

His momentum soared—he had advanced to early Ninth Order Emperor Realm!

“Eighty-five million fiends!”


“Ninety million fiends!”


“Ninety-nine million nine hundred thousand!” As the blades of darkness in Huang Xiaolongs hand brought down another ancient fiend, there was another burst of glimmering light enshrouding his body as his cultivation stepped up to the mid-Ninth Order Emperor Realm.

The entire time Huang Xiaolong was inside the Fiend Shrine, the King of Darkness had been waiting outside, sitting in meditation in the air while paying attention to the Fiend Shrines movements at all times.

Even though Huang Xiaolong had miraculously used less than seven years to pass the Ksana Divine Temples assessment, the King of Darkness couldnt help but worry and wonder if Huang Xiaolong could successfully pass the Fiend Shrines test.

This was mainly because the Fiend Shrine was much more dangerous than the Ksana Divine Temple.

If one could not pass any of the Ksana Divine Temples restrictions, he could still withdraw safely, but the safe withdrawal was not an option for the Fiend Shrine.

If there was no hope of passing the Fiend Shrines assessment, there was no way out.

The only ending was being torn into pieces by the fiends inside, and getting eaten until nothing was left.

This was also the main reason why very few cultivators would attempt obtaining the Fiend Worlds inheritance.

There would be someone attempting to pass the restrictions almost every half a year for Ksana Divine Temple.

But when it came to this Fiend Shrine, it was hard to say if there was one person who had attempted to pass the restrictions in ten thousand years.

While the King of Darkness kept a vigilant eye on the Fiend Shrines movements and worried about Huang Xiaolongs current situation inside the shrine, all of a sudden, crepuscular rays of black light shot out from the Fiend Shrine.

This blacklight pierced through the sky, into outer space.

The God Submerging Fiend Water under the floating shrine roiled with unease, emitting an eerie dark red glow.

This red glow dyed the entire sky red.

It did not matter from which corner or angle of the world surface one looked at it.

The disciples and experts guarding the Fiend Shrine were agape with shock at this phenomenon.

“The Fiend Shrine! Someone passed the Fiend Shrines test!” One of the Emperor Realm ancient fiend guardians of the Fiend Shrine shouted excitedly.

“Its Huang Xiaolong!”

Quick, quick, follow me to greet the World Lord! Within a split second, experts rushed towards the Fiend Shrine from every direction.

Just as Huang Xiaolong pushed open the Fiend Shrine\'s doors and walked out, he was greeted by a sea of Fiend World\'s experts waiting for him above the God Submerging Fiend Water.

Greetings to the World Lord! The moment Huang Xiaolong appeared in sight, numerous Fiend World\'s experts knelt in salute, and their sonorous voices thundered in the sky, shaking the entire Fiend World.

The King of Darkness looked at the dense crowd of Fiend World experts saluting Huang Xiaolong, and for a moment, the sight touched something in him.

In the past, he too had troops under his command, sweeping through the myriad worlds, destroying countless world surfaces.

Huang Xiaolong flicked the fiend cloak hanging down from his shoulders and had everyone stand up.

Sealed inside this fiend cloak were one hundred million souls of ancient fiends.

Huang Xiaolong had obtained it upon completing the Fiend Shrines test.

Though this fiend cloak was not at par with a grandmist treasure artifact, it was still a powerful top-grade grandmist artifact.

It was comparable to the Heavenly Hall that possessed the soul of the Sovereign Realm angels soul.

Moreover, as long as this fiend cloak absorbed sufficient darkness energy, there was a chance it might upgrade to a grandmist treasure artifact.

Subsequently, with his identity as the Fiend World Lord, Huang Xiaolong began organizing the Fiend Worlds forces.

Once he had unified the Fiend World, he would return to the Divine World.

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