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Chapter 2069: Tian Yu of the Heavenly World

As another dozen years went by, the bottom of the Radiance Flame Volcano resembled a boiling sea of fire.

Boundless radiance fire qi waves rushed out from underground, filling the volcanos space and spurting out through the volcanic crater into the nine heavens.

A colossal radiance flame tornado appeared above the ninth heavens.

A palpitating power gestated within the tornado that was enough to frighten any low-level Sovereign Realm expert.

Huang Xiaolong appeared translucent amidst the dazzling rays enshrouding him.

It was as if he had integrated with the surrounding heaven and earth.

His three avatars were enveloped within a thousand zhang light boundary.

The energy from their bodies resonated, overlapped, and amplified.

The origin energy from the Three Lives Flower continued to rush into Huang Xiaolongs body.

Another two years passed by.

Suddenly, the three avatars light boundary expanded exponentially, and their bodies ballooned rapidly, thenboom—!

A blast thundered as one of the avatars exploded into the purest form of energy in the world that drilled vigorously into Huang Xiaolongs body.

Huang Xiaolongs main body shuddered in small violent jerks.

Gradually, Huang Xiaolong began to exude a faint aura of a Sovereign.

Due to the restrictions of the heavens law, only the main body could break through to the Sovereign.

Most people would forgo their avatars and reabsorbed the avatars essence and godforce into the main body to assist the main bodys breakthrough.

This increased the main bodys chances of a successful breakthrough.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong decided to forgo all three of his avatars and merge their essence and godforce into his own body.

Several months later, the second avatar exploded.

The avatars essence, and godforce rushed into Huang Xiaolongs body.

The aura of a Sovereign from Huang Xiaolongs body grew stronger as his cultivation moved upwards.

While Huang Xiaolong was in his second seclusion inside the Radiance Flame Volcano as he inched closer towards breaking through to Sovereign Realm, Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, and the rest were making preparations for the upcoming World of Darkness battle.

As if the entire myriad worlds felt the tension of the impending battle at the World of Darkness, various superforces issued orders to close up their headquarters and forbade their disciples from venturing out.

Even the usually lively main streets and trading markets seemed deserted.

The old monsters that had hidden away from the word now often appeared in the public eyes.

On this day, the Divine World was calm, and matters were moving along smoothly.

Suddenly, a group of people appeared in the Divine Worlds space.

At the front of this group was a grand carriage pulled by nine true dragons, and inside the carriage sat two young men.

One of them was naturally the young master of the City of All-Heavens, Wan Zhuoyuan.

The other young man was exuding an aura that did not lose out to Wan Zhuoyuan.

He was someone who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Wan Zhuoyuan.

That spoke volumes of this young mans status and identity.

Behind the grand carriage was the lineup of guards and experts, each exuding a piercing aura.

“Tsk, tsk, this Divine World is really like the rumors, plentiful and magnificent.” Wan Zhuoyuan commented as if he was a ruler patrolling his kingdom.

He beamed as he added, “After seeing this place, I really dont want to go back to the remote and boring City of All-Heavens.”

The other young man smiled as he spoke, “Isnt it a simple matter if Younger Brother Zhuoyuan wants to stay in the Divine World Just kill that Jiang Hong and take over as the ruler of the Heavenly Court.”

Wan Zhuoyuan chuckled softly, “That is a good idea.

The Darkness Gold Fruit and Blood Of Darkness are about to mature in a years time.

We can capture Huang Xiaolong and kill Jiang Hong.

We can then govern this Divine Worlds Heavenly Court together.

It would be fun!”

“This Divine World was originally your Heavenly Worlds outer peripheral forces,” Wan Zhuoyuan went on, “Its ludicrous that Jiang Hong and old fogey Grandmist dared to stain this place.

In my opinion, Tian Yu, your Heavenly World, should have sent an enforcement team over ages ago to clean up bugs like Jiang Hong and old fogey Grandmist.

That way, everyone would have known who the Divine World really belonged to! Who is the real master of the Divine World!”

It was clear from Wan Zhuoyuans words that the young man named Tian Yu was someone from the Heavenly World.

The young man named Tian Yu smiled in response, “In the past, my Imperial Father and Uncle Wan Shi both obtained a supreme technique in the Heavens Path.

My Imperial Father has been in seclusion as well all these years to practice the technique.

Thus he hasnt had the time to take care of these remote places.

That indirectly gave an opportunity to people like Jiang Hong and old fogey Grandmist to cause trouble.”

The two young men chattered harmoniously as they toured around with their guards and subordinates in a carefree mood.

Right at this time, several flying ships appeared on the horizon.

There were over twenty flying ships, and each flying ship was actually a low-grade grandmist artifact.

The average Emperor Palaces could hardly own one low-grade grandmist flying artifact, yet there were more than twenty in this group.

It was a very obvious indication of this forces power.

On each of these flying ships bodies was a huge emblem of a nine-tailed silver fox, representing the Divine Worlds number one trading house, the Silver Fox Commerce.

The Silver Fox Commerce deployed twenty-plus low-grade grandmist flying ships to ship this batch of cargoes showed how valuable they were.

In the blink of an eye, the Silver Fox Commerces fleet came face to face with Wan Zhuoyuan and Tian Yus team.

“The Silver Fox Commerces flying ships coming through, the people in front quickly give way!” A voice rang from the frontmost flying ship from the Silver Fox Commerces fleet.

Hearing that, both Wan Zhuoyuan and Tian Yu roared in laughter.

“This is interesting.

A Divine Worlds small trading commerce is actually clamoring us to give them way!” Tian Yu laughed.

Although he was laughing, anyone could tell his laughter was laced with killing intent.

Wan Zhuoyuan chimed in, “This Silver Fox Commerce is said to be the Divine Worlds number one trading commerce.

They are quite powerful, and even the previous Heavenly Emperor did not dare provoke them.

I also found out that this Silver Fox Commerce has some connection with Huang Xiaolong.

It seems that their Second Young Miss, Bei Xiaomei, is Huang Xiaolongs woman.”

Tian Yus eyes widened with surprise, then he sneered maliciously, “So, they are relying on Huang Xiaolong!”

“The people in front give way immediately!” Another shout came from the opposite side as the Silver Fox Commerces fleet bulldozed forward.

Wan Zhuoyuan and Tian Yu watched indifferently as the Silver Fox Commerces flying ships sped towards them.

Just as the Silver Fox Commerces flying ships entered ten thousand li distance from them, the subordinate-experts behind them vanished in a flicker and reappeared right in front of the Silver Fox Commerces group.

Then, one of the experts extended his palm out, and without any other superfluous action, the Silver Fox Commerces leading flying ship exploded.

Blood-curdling cries came from every corner of the flying ship.

The cargoes came tumbling out and scattered in space.

The other Silver Fox Commerces flying ships halted abruptly.

Inside the flying ships cabin, Bei Xiaomei was discussing something with an icy beauty.

The sudden explosion and blood-curdling cries alarmed them.

“Whats going on” The ice beauty snapped to the people outside.

“Eldest Miss, Second Miss, its not good.

Our fleet has just been attacked.

One of our flying ships exploded from the other sides attack!” One of the Silver Fox Commerces experts stepped into the cabin in a fluster, as he reported.

The icy beauty was, of course, the Silver Fox Commerces Bei Xiaoji, Bei Xiaomeis elder sister.

“What!” Inside the cabin, Bei Xiaoji, Bei Xiaomei, as well as Elder Fu, and several other experts faces turned grim.

What shocked them was the attacker actually managed to explode their Silver Fox Commerces flying ship! Their fleet this time consisted entirely of low-grade grandmist flying ships!

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