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Chapter 2072: Looking Forward With Anticipation

In truth, the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels wouldnt have broken through to Sovereign Realm so fast.

There was still a long way to go for them to break through.

However, Huang Xiaolongs breakthrough to Sovereign Realm turned the Radiance Flame Volcano into an origin energy hotspot.

As the origin energy rushed into Huang Xiaolongs body, a substantial amount of the origin energy was absorbed by the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels.

By borrowing this amount of origin energy, both of them were able to break through with success.

Outside, a storm of origin energy converged around the Radiance Flame Volcano, rushing madly into the crater.

This origin energy was like the rising tide, arriving in great waves from the deepest part of heaven and earth.

However, these incoming waves of origin energy were simply overwhelming even for someone like Huang Xiaolong.

Despite his fierce speed at absorbing the origin energy, the origin energy filled the space at the bottom of the volcano.

Before long, origin energy was spilling out from the Radiance Flame Volcanos mouth.

A month later...

Robust origin energy swirled vigorously within a hundred million li of the Radiance Flame Volcanos immediate surroundings!

If the King of Grandmist and the others were to see this sight, all of them would have been shocked senseless.

Generally speaking, though a cultivator would trigger overflowing origin energy when breaking through to Sovereign Realm, at most, it was within a million li radius.

Forget a hundred million li radius, origin energy brimming within ten million li radius was rare.

However, the origin energy within the one hundred million radius li space of the Radiance Flame Volcano was still extending outwards.

Two months later, the distance had increased to two hundred million li radius!

Three months later—three hundred million li radius!

Since the Divine World had come into existence, there was an old saying that when breaking through to Sovereign Realm, the bigger the origin energy vortex, the richer the origin energy converges.

This cultivator obtains higher recognition from the universe, and during breakthrough, his godhead and Sovereign physique transformation would be closer to perfection.

Needless to say, the higher the recognition, the higher the cultivators future achievement would be.

This was like a gauge of ones foundation.

The more origin energy one converges, the more solid his foundation would be.

In the future, the cultivator would easily comprehend the mysteries of origin, absorbing origin energy at a faster rate compared to other cultivators, resulting in a higher achievement in his cultivation path.

Huang Xiaolongs origin energy vortex did not stop expanding even after reaching a three hundred million li radius and continued to grow bigger.

Four months later, the origin energy had extended to four hundred million li!

With every passing month, the origin energy vortex would expand by one hundred million li.

In half a year, a six hundred million li radius around the Radiance Flame Volcano was brimming with robust origin energy.

Vegetation began to sprout on the barren terrains around the Radiance Flame Volcano due to the overbearing fire element qi under the influence of robust origin energy.

This vegetation was full of vitality and origin energy, possessing a spiritual awareness the moment they sprouted.

Though it was merely an awareness, it was already a shocking phenomenon.

Once these plants gave birth to awareness, it was only a matter of time their awareness grew into intelligence.

When that happened, these plants would have successfully evolved into demonic plants.

At this point, there were only two months left until the day the Darkness Gold Fruit ripened.

However, there were no signs of the origin vortex slowing down or dissipating.

By the tenth month, the origin vortex had reached a mind-blowing one billion li radius!


Inside the Grandmist Emperor Palace...

“The Darkness Gold Fruit ripens in two months, but Xiaolong has not come out of seclusion….” The King of Grandmist sighed heavily, and a deep frown wrinkled his brows.

“It seems unlikely that Xiaolong will break through successfully before the Darkness Gold Fruit ripens!”

The little cow, King of Darkness, Reverence Moon Old Man, Cang Mutian, Du Hai, and the others also wore a frown on their faces.

“Lets go take a look at the Radiance Flame Volcano.” The little cow said as she stood up.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

If Huang Xiaolong did not exit seclusion in a month, they would have no other choice but to disturb Huang Xiaolong and ask him to come out.

After all, the matter was related to the Bei Sisters safety.

It didnt matter if they fail to snatch the Darkness Gold Fruit, but Bei Xiaomei and her elder sister couldnt come to any harm.

The little cow, King of Grandmist, Reverence Moon Old Man, and the rest headed to the Radiance Flame Volcano.

A few days later, the group arrived at the Reverence Moon Academy.

The group reached the core region of the Reverence Moon Academy It was still a long way from the Radiance Flame Volcano, but all of them already sensed the fluctuations of robust origin energy in the air.

“This, this is…!” The King of Grandmist was flabbergasted.

“What rich origin energy!” The Reverence Moon Old Mans eyes widened in astonishment.

“Someone has just broken through to Sovereign Realm! It cannot be right, if they have just broken through.

How can the origin energy here be so rich!”

The little cow, King of Darkness, and the rest were just as astounded.

“Even if ten people broke through to Sovereign Realm at the same time, the origin energy cannot be so rich!” The Six Winged Green Mosquito Races Old Ancestor Du Hai exclaimed.

“Its coming from the Radiance Flame Volcanos direction! This origin energy is converging at the Radiance Flame Volcano! Lets head over quick!” The little cow couldnt wait and urged everyone.

Without further delay, the little cow, King of Grandmist, Reverence Moon Old Man, and the rest accelerated towards the Radiance Flame Volcano.

But when everyone entered one billion li radius from the Radiance Flame Volcano and saw the boundless sea of origin energy before them, their eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

All of them stopped abruptly in midair.

“This abundance of origin energy!” The King of Grandmists voice was quivering; yes, he was frightened by the sight in front of him.

Common people could not feel the existence of origin energy.

It was completely nonexistent in their eyes, but for Sovereigns who possessed Sovereign physiques and contained origin energy within their godheads,seeing andsensing origin energy was nothing strange.

“This origin energy is converging at the Radiance Flame Volcano, but it is also spilling out from the volcano as well!” The Reverence Moon Old Man swallowed a mouthful of saliva exaggeratedly.

“From here until the Radiance Flame Volcano, there is still a billion li distance!”

A billion li!

Everyone gasped inwardly.

“...Its, its not that scary, right!” The Six Winged Green Mosquito Old Ancestor Du Hais jaw fell to his chest.

“Oh mother, is the King of Hell really advancing to Sovereign Realm Not mid-level Sovereign Realm, right!”

The little cow chuckled good-naturedly, “Even advancing to mid-level Sovereign Realm does not trigger this level of phenomenon.

That brat, didnt I say it before Any miracle is nothing compared to that brat!”

The King of Grandmists reason recovered, and he laughed sonorously, “This brat, so he has already broken through to Sovereign Realm, we were worrying for nothing!”

Others joined in the laughter, and the gloomy atmosphere was swept away.

“However, theres only two months left until the Darkness Gold Fruit ripens.

Although Xiaolong has broken through to Sovereign Realm, it will still take some time to finish his breakthrough.”

The King of Darkness commented, “Judging by the robust origin energy spilling out from the Radiance Flame Volcano, who knows when its going to stop”

Everyone nodded as they looked at vigorous currents of origin energy flowing out from the volcanos mouths without any signs of slowing down.

All of them were amazed inwardly.

Everyone waited outside with anticipation as one month passed by the sea of origin energy had reached 1.1 billion li radius when it finally stopped.

Subsequently, right before their eyes, the sea of origin energy roiled backwards, returning to the Radiance Flame Volcano as if there was a mammoth beast with its jaws wide open within the volcano, inhaling this origin energy.

Ten days later, half of the origin energy was sucked away!

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