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Chapter 2073: Huang Xiaolong Exits Seclusion

“This, this is going to give me a heart attack!” Watching the boundless sea of origin energy reduced by half, the Six Winged Green Mosquito Old Ancestor Du Hai had a dramatic astounded expression on his face.

This was origin energy in a billion li radius space, ah!

How great was the volume of origin energy within a two billion li diameter sphere space!

Absorbing half of it in ten days…! Even the King of Grandmist, Reverence Moon Old Man, and the others had a hard time figuring out how the hell Huang Xiaolong had absorbed so much origin energy!

They would not have believed it if they hadnt seen this sight with their own eyes.

“That brat wont explode from overeating, would he” The little cow grumbled, filled with worry.

In general, it didnt seem possible for newly advanced cultivators to absorb this vast amount of origin energy.

Although a Sovereigns Sovereign physique was strong, there was a limit.

Once it exceeded the limit, even a Sovereign would explode to his death fromovereating origin energy.

“...Probably not.” The King of Grandmist responded a little dazedly.

“Xiaolong knows his limits.”

But he didnt sound very convincing, even to himself.

He was worried that Huang Xiaolong would crazily absorb origin energy, causing irreversible damage to his Sovereign physique and soul because he was anxious to improve his strength.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong was sitting cross-legged at the bottom of the Radiance Flame Volcano.

His Sovereign physique resembled a huge lighthouse.

Vigorous origin energy roiled towards Huang Xiaolong from every direction and entered his Sovereign physique.

On the surface of Huang Xiaolongs Sovereign physique were thousands of winding dragons, striking archdevils, golden Budhhas in meditation postures, all exuding majestic auras.

Huang Xiaolongs strength and cultivation rose at a terrifying speed as he continued absorbing more origin energy.

Another ten days passed.

The remaining portion of origin energy also entered Huang Xiaolongs body.

Huang Xiaolong cleanly and utterly absorbed one billion li space radiuss origin energy.

Calmness was restored in the Radiance Flame Volcanos surroundings.

The instant the last shred of origin energy entered Huang Xiaolongs body, breathtaking brightness, unprecedented darkness, and boundless Buddha luminance, as well as resounding dragons roars, erupted from the bottom of the volcano.

The tyrannical momentum seriously startled the King of Darkness and the others, who were waiting outside the one billion li radius.

Half a day later...

At the bottom of the Radiance Flame Volcano, the brightness, darkness, golden Buddha luminance, and dragons phantoms finally ceased.

“Lets go over!” Seeing this, the little cow urged the rest and galloped towards the volcano.

Others swiftly followed.

In the blink of an eye, the group was standing in the air right above the Radiance Flame Volcanos mouth.

Just as they decided to enter and check out what was going on at the bottom of the volcano, something flew out at a shocking speed.

The little cow and the others were startled, speechless.

When everyone recovered and got a good look, who else could it be but Huang Xiaolong!

Seeing Huang Xiaolong again after so long, actually gave them a familiar yet strange feeling at the same time.

The familiar feeling was Huang Xiaolongs souls aura.

On the other hand, it was a strange feeling because after Huang Xiaolong had advanced to Sovereign Realm, his bodys powerful aura had greatly exceeded their imagination.

“Mid-First Order Sovereign Realm!” Cang Mutian exclaimed in astonishment.

Others also discovered Huang Xiaolongs cultivation realm at this point and were shocked.

Never had they imagined that Huang Xiaolong would advance straight until mid-First Order Sovereign in addition to breaking through to Sovereign Realm!

From the time the myriad worlds had come into existence until now, they had never heard of anyone advancing straight to mid-First Order Sovereign Realm when breaking through to Sovereign Realm.

Rumor has it that the year Lord Wan Shi broke through to Sovereign Realm, he merely reached the peak of early First Order Sovereign.

However, it remains a rumor.

No one could ascertain if it was true.

But they had witnessed Huang Xiaolong\'s breakthrough with their own eyes.

It was a bit of a fluke, fluke. Noticing everyone\'s expression, Huang Xiaolong smiled.

In truth, he himself was surprised that his breakthrough had reached the mid-First Order Sovereign.

Huang Xiaolong initially had thought that he would be able to reach the peak early First Order Sovereign Realm at the most.

Unexpectedly, in the process of breaking through, his three king of supreme godheads and three archdevils bloodlines had evolved.

By borrowing the renewed power from these two elements evolution, he was able to advance to mid-First Order Sovereign.

Upon checking his three king of supreme godheads and archdevils bloodline, Huang Xiaolong discovered that after this times evolution, each of his three godheads was stronger than the Heavenly Dao Godhead.

At this point, he no longer knew how he should gauge his three godheadsranking as he had never heard of any godhead that surpassed the Heavenly Dao Godhead.

Yet, he was absolutely certain that his three godheads were more powerful than the Heavenly Dao Godhead.

Also, his three archdevils bloodline felt stronger than any other archdevil bloodline.

In another word, his three archdevils bloodlines seemed to have transcended the level of archdevil bloodlines.

So was the case with his Sovereign physique; Huang Xiaolong could feel that his Sovereign physique was much stronger and powerful than others.

Although he was only a mid-First Order Sovereign at the moment, his Sovereign physique was comparable, even stronger, than the Sovereign physique of a peak late-Third Order Sovereign Realm expert, and it was closer to a Fourth Order Sovereign.

Others were rendered utterly speechless by Huang Xiaolongsa bit of a fluke.

“That, Xiaolong…” The little cow struggled to break the news to Huang Xiaolong.

Discovering there was something not right with the little cows expression, Huang Xiaolong asked, “What is it”

The little cows gaze silently asked for help from the King of Grandmist, Reverence Moon Old Man, and the rest.

The King of Grandmist stepped up and answered, “Roughly a month ago, Bei Xiaomei and her elder sister were taken away by people from the City of All-Heavens!”

“What” Huang Xiaolongs face darkened in an instant.

“After Wan Zhuoyuan took away Bei Xiaomei and her elder sisters, he left word that if you want to save them, come to the World of Darkness at the time when the Darkness Gold Fruit ripens.”

The little cow added, “From what weve found out, Wan Zhuoyuan wants to defeat you personally when the time comes.”

A cold light flickered across Huang Xiaolongs eyes, and his voice was just as cold when he spoke, “Since its like that, Ill fulfill his wish!” He had successfully broken through to mid-First Order Sovereign, and was looking forward to seeing how Wan Zhuoyuan was going to defeat him!

The King of Grandmist reminded Huang Xiaolong, “The City of All-Heavens must have laid out an intricate trap, just waiting for you to show up.

Before, we were worried that you wouldnt break through to Sovereign Realm in time, though we dont have to worry about that anymore, we still cannot afford to be careless.”

“Master, rest assured.” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, then turned to the rest, “Shall we make preparations and head to the World of Darkness”

There were still ten days left, and the timing was just appropriate.

Everyone nodded.

The wheels churned as everyone hurried to prepare for the departure to the World of Darkness.

This time, Huang Xiaolong did not bring the Radiance Worlds Radiance Knight Corp and Netherworld Kings Organisations army.

He only brought all Sovereign Realm experts.

Hells three worlds, Radiance World, Fire World, and Fiend World were under Huang Xiaolongs rule, adding the Demon World, and Dragon World to the ranks.

There were more than a handful of Sovereign Realm experts in Huang Xiaolongs camp.

Not forgetting that there were also Elan, Heaven Devouring Great Emperor Wu Shaowu, Six Winged Green Mosquito Patriarch Du Chen, as well as the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels who had advanced to Sovereign Realm not long ago.

All in all, there were forty-plus low-level Sovereign Realm experts on Huang Xiaolong\'s side!

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