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Chapter 2080: The Heavenly Worlds Master

Ever since the beginning of time, as they knew it, they had never heard of any overlord-level characters dying, yet now, they actually heard that Shi Ming, Chen Fushan, and four other overlords had died on the same day! Moreover, this was no rumor through the grapevine but recounted by those old ancestors who had gone to spectate the battle!

Originally, according to everyones knowledge, existences like overlords were truly immortal beings.

But this time, the World of Darknesss Battle had taught them another truth that overlords could be killed.

While this news gave everyone a big jolt, some were feeling schadenfreude inwardly.

“With what happened at the World of Darkness, the conflict between Huang Xiaolong and the City of All-Heavens has now become a blood feud.

The day Lord Wan Shi exits seclusion is the day Huang Xiaolong dies!”

“Thats hard to say.

Huang Xiaolong has the Ancient Heavenly Court, the Reverence Moon Old Man, Old Ancestor Azure Cow, and a few other top firepowers on his side.

Maybe it would end up the worse for both sides!”

“That would be the ideal result!”

While the myriad worlds various forces were shocked by the news that was a recent hot topic for discussion, Huang Xiaolongs group had made it back to the Radiance World.

Back in the Radiance World, everyone naturally celebrated.

A day passed.

At night, the silvery moonlight cast a hazy veil over the dark land.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the Myriad Spirits Manors garden.

His hands were clasped behind his back as he stared into the vast night sky.

Although his side had defeated the City of All-Heavens in the World of Darknesss battle by annihilating six overlords, including Shi Ming and Chen Fushan, Huang Xiaolong could not relax because of this.

There was still a Wan Shi!

This time, they were able to defeat the City of All-Heavens.

Luck had played a role because Wan Shi was in seclusion.

Thus Wan Shi had not joined the battle.

Had Wan Shi participated, the losing side would definitely be them instead.

Therefore, before Wan Shi exited seclusion, Huang Xiaolong needed to raise his strength again.

At the very least, he needed to break through to the Fourth Order Sovereign Realm and become an overlord.

This was the only way he would have the confidence to fight Wan Shi.

Moreover, even if he broke through to the Fourth Order Sovereign Realm, becoming an overlord himself, he did not have a hundred percent grasp of defeating Wan Shi despite having the supreme grandmist treasure artifact Ancient Heavenly Court.

Wan Shi had already stepped into high-level Sovereign Realm a billion years ago.

What would be Wan Shis strength and cultivation realm a billion years later…

Not to mention, Wan Shi has been in seclusion for so long, it was obvious he was comprehending something, and when Wan Shi stepped out, that would mean he had successfully comprehended it.

Then again, if Huang Xiaolong wanted to break through to Fourth Order Sovereign Realm before Wan Shi exited seclusion, the only hope he had was the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had found previously.

Only the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus was a mid-level-four origin treasure, which was ideal for supporting his breakthrough to Fourth Order Sovereign Realm.

The Darkness Gold Fruit and the Nine Dao Thistle he had kept were insufficient to achieve his goal.

After advancing to Sovereign Realm, his connection with the Ancient Heavenly Court had entirely become one entity.

There were more broken memories in his mind, and even though they were a little scattered and messy, they were related to the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus.

The Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus had fallen to the Devil Worlds Devil Holy Ground, but the exact location was unknown.

It seemed like the reason behind the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus falling in the Devil Holy Ground was related to the Heavenless Archdevil Lord.

How that came to be exactly, Huang Xiaolong didnt find the answer from the broken memories.

‘It seems like Im heading to the Devil World again. Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

No matter what, he was determined to get his hands on the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus.

“Wan Zhuoyuan.” Huang Xiaolongs thoughts gradually strayed onto Wan Zhuoyuan, and the look in his eyes turned icy cold.

Since Wan Zhuoyuan was a Venerable Realm experts reincarnation, he was alsosomething Huang Xiaolong needed to get his hands on.

He wanted to dig out all the secrets Wan Zhuoyuan knew about the myriad worlds.

For example, where were all the Venerable Realm experts Was there a higher realm above the myriad worlds

If there was one, then how did one get there There was another thing on his mind.

Since he had advanced to Sovereign Realm and successfully undergone the evolution to saint physique and complete dao saint godhead, he wondered if there were distinctions of low-rank, mid-rank, and high-rank when it came saint physique, saint bloodline, and complete dao saint godheads.

At this point, Huang Xiaolongs saint physique, saint bloodlines, and complete dao saint godheads had to be of the lowest rank.

If he could devour Wan Zhuoyuans saint physique, saint bloodline, and complete dao saint godheads, then Huang Xiaolongs saint physique, saint bloodline, and complete dao saint godheads would improve qualitatively.

Naturally, he had not forgotten the young man inside the Nine Dragons Carriage with Wan Zhuoyuan.

Who was that young man exactly

“Uncle.” Bei Xiaomeis sweet voice sounded as she stepped into the garden with her elder sister, Bei Xiaoji.

Seeing Bei Xiaomei, Huang Xiaolongs expression softened as he smiled, “It must have been difficult for you during this time.

How are you two feeling now”

Bei Xiaomei came to Huang Xiaolongs side.

She looked at him and smiled sweetly.

“Were alright.

My sister insisted that she wanted to thank you in person, so I came with her.”

“Thank you, King of Hell, for rescuing us.” Bei Xiaoji took a step forward and curtsied slightly to Huang Xiaolong as she spoke.

She did not dare to swagger so freely like her sister, Bei Xiaomei, in front of Huang Xiaolong.

“You are Xiaomeis sister.

Its something I should do.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head, smiling warmly as he added, “No need to stand on ceremony in front of me in the future.”

Bei Xiaomei interjected while shaking her delicate fist, “That Wan Zhuoyuan is simply too hateful.

If I see him again, I wont spare him!”

Huang Xiaolong talked with the sisters, asking them about their lives in recent years.

Huang Xiaolongs expression grew serious when Bei Xiaomei told him that the young man named Tian Yu, who was sitting inside the Nine Dragons Carriage with Wan Zhuoyuan, was from the Heavenly World.

“Heavenly World!” Huang Xiaolong was genuinely surprised.

That young man actually hailed from the Heavenly World!

Huang Xiaolong had heard the King of Grandmist mention the Heavenly World before.

Thus he knew that above the myriad worlds was a great existence called Heavenly World.

Although the Heavenly World rarely appeared in the myriad worlds, its reputation was as loud as the City of All-Heavens, and in truth, it was higher than the City of All-Heavens.

Huang Xiaolongs brows were scrunched together as he fell into contemplation.

Then, it is highly likely that two Sovereigns who appeared later were experts from the Heavenly World!

It was unexpected news that the City of All-Heavens had actually joined hands with the Heavenly World.

This was a big problem! Wan Shi was already giving him immense pressure if the Heavenly World was added to the equation…!

Even his Master, the King of Grandmist, and Reverence Moon Old Man could only be considered as juniors in front of the Heavenly Master.

The Heavenly Masters strength could only be described as unfathomable, and compared to Wan Shi, the Heavenly Masters strength would only be higher.

Legend has it that the Heavenly World Master was truly an old monster who had been living for an unknown number of billions of years.

The sisters left after some time.

Huang Xiaolong immediately went looking for the Reverence Moon Old Man, King of Grandmist, and the others to tell them about the Heavenly World.

After hearing that, everyones expression grew solemn.

“The Heavenly World!” The Six-Winged Green Mosquito Old Ancestor Du Hais throat felt dry, “His mother, is Heavenly Master, that old monster coming out!”

As if recalling something terrifying, fear flickered across Du Hais eyes.

“I really didnt expect the City of All-Heavens to have joined hands with the Heavenly World!”

The Reverence Moon Old Mans face was grave as never before, “If that old monster Heavenly Master really interferes, none of us would be able to block him!”

They had hope of resisting Wan Shi with the Reverence Moon Old Mans strength and help from others, but they felt utterly helpless against the Heavenly Master.

Silent looks went around the hall, and no one spoke.

The hall fell into an abrupt, heavy silence.

Most of the people present knew how terrifying the Heavenly Master was.

“Tomorrow, Im departing to the Devil World.” Huang Xiaolong spoke, breaking the silence.

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