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Chapter 2094: Together!

When the unresigned Zhao Yuan saw what happened to the Sovereigns who had turned into cold corpses, it was as though a bucket of cold water was thrown over his head.

His head cleared up in an instant.

“Regardless of who it is, Ill kill everyone who enters a radius of ten billion miles around me!” Huang Xiaolongs cold voice resounded through the Twin Devil Mountain Range.

Everyone present heard him loud and clear.

A heaven-shaking roar came from the Flying Devil Python before anyone could react, and it shook the souls of everyone outside the ten billion miles radius Huang Xiaolong had set.

Those who were affected felt their heads splitting when they heard the loud cry.

A look of fear soon filled the faces of everyone present.

Several old ancestors and faction leaders finally learned the difference between ordinary Sovereigns and overlord-level experts.

There were even some who were planning to make a move the moment the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus completed its transformation.

After all, Huang Xiaolongs group was only made up of several people.

No matter how strong they were, they wouldnt be able to stand up to an army! However, they gave up on their thoughts the moment they experienced the Flying Devil Pythons soul attack.

“Humph… Huang Xiaolong, the origin treasure doesnt belong to you… Isnt it unfair for you to take it for yourself”

“Even though youre strong, we have more than half of the experts in both the Devil World and Kingdom of Devil Beasts gathered here.

I refuse to believe youll be able to hold us all off!”

Several experts who had hidden themselves started to stir up the pot when they realized that several powers were thinking of giving up.

Indeed… Those who were planning to give up felt something inside them change, and they turned to stare at the origin treasure behind Huang Xiaolong.

“Thats right! Even if Huang Xiaolong and the others are strong, we have half of the combined strength of the Devil World and Kingdom of Devil Beasts! How can a few measly Sovereigns stand up to us!”

“Everyone, we should charge together! This is definitely a high-level three origin treasure! With this, all the Tenth Order Emperors will be able to enter the Sovereign Realm! As for late-Third Order Sovereigns, they will be able to enter the mid-level Sovereign Realm and become an overlord!”

Those hidden experts started to entice everyone to make the first move.

Since they were hiding more than ten billion miles away and used some sort of special art to conceal their presence, even Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, or Cang Mutian werent able to smoke them out.

A frown slowly formed on Huang Xiaolongs face as a frosty light flashed through his eyes.

“Ill do it!” The little cow stepped forwards all of a sudden as she chuckled sinisterly.

“We do not need to fear them!” The voice entered the ears of everyone standing far away, but before the hidden expert could finish whatever he wanted to say, the little cows body started to swell.

She returned to her true form as purple lightning swirled around her massive horns.

Countless bolts of purple lightning filled the skies as they shot outwards.

The hidden expert turned silent in an instant.


Purple lighting with heaven destroying might slammed into the void, and a miserable cry followed.

A charred body fell towards the earth.

“Its the Hidden Devil!”

Several old ancestors yelled.

Everyone stared at the charred corpse in shock.

The Hidden Devil was an ancient existence.

In order to cultivate his Yin and Yang dual bodies, god knew how many families and sects had perished at his hands.

After dozens of superpowers had joined hands to hunt him down, he had finally run away to hide himself from the world.

It was clear that he wasnt an ordinary expert.

It was too bad the purple lighting didnt stop after killing the Hidden Devil.

It continued and slammed into several other experts hidden in the dark.

Every single one of them fell towards the ground, and their identities were revealed to the world.

They were existences who had hidden themselves from the world several billion years ago, but none of them managed to survive a single strike from the little cow.

After the massacre, the calling for everyone to move against Huang Xiaolong and the others disappeared.

The little cow swept her gaze across everyone present, and she snorted, “If anyone else tries to tempt everyone, you cant blame me when I exterminate the faction behind you!”

The expressions on their faces changed in an instant.

Even though there were some with hidden intentions, none of them dared to make a move.

Just like that, several hours passed.

The light surrounding the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus became even more resplendent.

Even with the restrictions laid down by the little cow and Cang Mutian, it couldnt stop the leak of the origin energy.

The devil clouds around the Twin Devil Mountain Range started to dissipate with the fluctuation of origin energy.

“This… There is no way for a rank three origin treasure to cause such a disturbance! Could it be… Level four!” A Sovereign Realm expert guessed.

Sovereigns were extremely sensitive to the fluctuations of origin energy.

“What! Level four! Its a level four origin treasure!”

A tremor ran through the hearts of everyone present.

Even an overlord like Zhao Yuan couldnt help but feel his heart shake.

Flames burst from his eyes.

If it was really a level three origin treasure, he might be able to suppress his greed and give it up to Huang Xiaolong and the others.

However, it was a different story if it was a level four origin treasure! The only person who had managed to lay his hands on a level four origin treasure had become a high-level Sovereign!

Right now, another level four origin treasure had appeared before his very eyes!

Clenching his fist, Zhao Yuans Sovereigns will covered the area around the Twin Devil Mountain Range.

It wasnt just him.

The experts who had hidden themselves in the surroundings gathered their energy as they locked on to Huang Xiaolong and the others.

Everyone could see that it was mere moments before the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus completed its transformation.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled under his breath when he saw the change in the attitude of the experts all around.

He got to his feet as the little cow smacked her lips in joy.

A look of excitement flashed through her eyes, and she laughed, “God d*mn! Ill f*ck all of you up! Since killing several thousand of you wont stop the rest of you, Ill kill several dozen thousand! If that isnt enough, Ill massacre millions!”

Battle intent filled Cang Mutians heart when he heard what the little cow said.

The little cow turned and smiled at Cang Mutian all of a sudden.

“Brother Cang, lets see who kills more Emperor Realm b*stards later!”

Cang Mutian burst out laughing and agreed.


A loud roar came from one of the ancestors in the crowd all of a sudden, “Kill!”

In an instant, countless devil beasts from the Devil Beast Gate charged towards Huang Xiaolong and the others.

The person who was controlling the Devil Beast Gate was an old monster who had been in existence since the Desolate Era.

His secret art could control devil beasts, and after starting his faction, they had subdued countless devil beasts.

There were even legends that said that the Devil Beast Gate possessed so many devil beasts that one wouldnt be able to kill them all even if they tried.

Devil beasts that blocked out the sky charged towards the defensive barrier of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

A loud crash sounded when billions upon billions of devil beasts slammed into the barrier, and the protective boundary formed by the barrier trembled.

When everyone else saw that the Devil Beast Gate had made the first move, they no longer hesitated.


“Well do it together! Destroy the protective boundary! Grab the origin treasure!”

In an instant, countless cultivators charged towards the barrier with a fanatical look in their eyes.

Even cultivators at the level of Heaven Monarchs and God Kings made a move as they threw their lives away to attack the barrier.

When Huang Xiaolong looked at how they were charging towards the barrier, a look of indifference appeared on his face as he poured his energy into his Complete Dao Saint Godhead, and light enveloped his body.

Origin energy surged towards the Complete Heaven Star Formation in the Ancient Heavenly Court and starlight originating from the ancient times poured out from it.

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