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Chapter 2108: Are You Still Waiting For Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong and the others quickly raced back to the Divine World.

In the Complete Heaven Palace, Huang Xiaolong retrieved the lightning bead as he tried to stimulate it using the six great lightning pools.

Other than a little glow, he failed to cause the bead to react.

The frown on Huang Xiaolongs face grew deeper.

“Perhaps Wan Zhuoyuan knows the use of this lightning bead!” Seeing the complicated expression on Huang Xiaolongs face, the little cow quickly piped up.

“Wan Zhuoyuan” A light flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes all of a sudden.

The little cow nodded, “If this is really a saint artifact, Wan Zhuoyuan might know of a way to activate it!”

Thats true… Wan Zhuoyuan might really know how to do it!

After all, he was a Saint Realm expert who had undergone reincarnation.

The only person other than those from the City of All-Heavens who would know how to use the bead would be Wan Zhuoyuan!

When Huang Xiaolong thought about it, the flames of hope lit up in his heart.

Of course, it wouldnt be easy to grab Wan Zhuoyuan alive.

Without even taking Wan Shi into account, Huang Xiaolong would be in for a hard time if he wanted to take Wan Zhuoyuan alive.

“Is there still no news about him!” Huang Xiaolong asked the little cow and Cang Mutian.

“Ive heard that he returned to the City of All-Heavens to enter secluded cultivation since the battle in the World of Darkness.

We received news that he entered the Sovereign Realm, and from what weve heard, he has already entered the mid-First Order Sovereign Realm.

No one knows whether or not the rumors are true.” Cang Mutian replied.

“Mid-First Order Sovereign Realm” Huang Xiaolong became speechless when he heard the news.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt surprised that Wan Zhuoyuan had already entered the Sovereign Realm.

However, it was a little shocking that the other party had already entered the mid-First Order Sovereign Realm.

The little cow sighed, “Since the rumors were able to gain traction, the news should be true.

After all, Wan Zhuoyuan was a cultivator in the Venerable Realm who had undergone rebirth… His strength would increase at a frightening pace.

Given enough time, he would become the second Wan Shi! No… He would become someone scarier than Wan Shi!”

A cold light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

“Relax… There is no way he will become the second Wan Shi.”

Now that the World Leaders Conference was held in the City of All-Heavens, a plan was slowly forming in Huang Xiaolongs head.

The first thing he would do once he entered the city was to kill Wan Yue.

The second victim would be Wan Zhuoyuan! He had made up his mind to kill Wan Zhuoyuan after learning about the secrets of the lightning bead! He would get rid of all his troubles by the root!

Several days later, the Ancient Heavenly Court shot through space as it entered the Divine World.

The moment he entered the Divine World, Huang Xiaolong could feel the boiling killing intent in the air.

It seemed as though the situation in the Divine World was worse than he had imagined.

“Those are the disciples of the Grandmist Emperor Palace!” The little cow yelled all of a sudden.

When Huang Xiaolong turned to look at them, he saw another group of disciples formed by an alliance of several other emperor palaces hunting them down.

Those who came from the Grandmist Emperor Palace cut a sorry figure as they fled for their lives.

“Hahaha! Who would have thought that disciples of the great Grandmist Emperor Palace would run around the Divine World like a sewer rat!” Several disciples who were hunting them down sneered, and there was a look of mockery on their faces.

“These female disciples are really something else! After we capture them, kill all the male disciples! Well take the female ones back to enjoy their services! Hehe, werent they acting like they were high above the rest They didnt bother looking in our direction in the past! I wonder what their cries of pleasure will sound like when we r*pe all of them later!” One of the disciples clad in gold sneered.

The person who spoke came from the Golden Essence Emperor Palace.

Even though it wasnt part of the ten strongest emperor palaces, it was ranked in the top hundred.

Whatever the case, they were much stronger than the Fortune Emperor Palace back in the days.

The disciples from the Grandmist Emperor Palace felt the blood draining from their faces.

If they were to end up in the hands of the group of disciples behind them, one could only imagine their sorry end.

One of the male disciples turned around and glared at his pursuers as he raged, “Arent you guys afraid of His Majesty, the King of Hells retaliation if you kill us all”

The disciple clad in gold sneered once again, “The King of Hell Are you talking about Huang Xiaolong He cant even save himself right now… He already knows about Lord Wan Shis emergence from seclusion and is currently running for his life.

For all we know, he might have already hidden himself somewhere! Stop thinking that he will be back to save all of you…”

“Let me tell you right now.

Its Lord Wan Shis idea for us to hunt down the members of the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

Its too bad you chose to oppose the City of All-Heavens.

Its your mistake for siding with Huang Xiaolong!”

“Right now, no one will be able to save you even if you beg for your life.

Lord Wan Shi plans on exterminating your Grandmist Emperor Palace, and there is nothing you can do about it.

No one will dare to protect you guys!”

He continued to chuckle in a sinister tone, “Let me tell you… the Old Ancestor of our Gold Essence Emperor Palace has already submitted to Lord Yang Gang of the City of All-Heavens.

Lord Yang Gang has already passed down the word.

In the future, my Gold Essence Emperor Palace will be in control of several dozen divine planes surrounding our territory!”

“Yang Gang Im afraid its not Yang Gangs turn to decide what goes on in the Divine World…” A chilly voice transmitted into the ears of everyone present all of a sudden.

“Who!” How dare you speak of Lord Yang Gangs name! Dont you know that your entire family will be implicated due to your disrespect!” The disciple from the Gold Essence Emperor Palace roared with rage.

It was too bad he was going up against the wrong opponent.

His body froze when he turned around.

The blood drained from his face and the delighted expression in his eyes faded.

The only thing left in them was endless fear.

Everyone quickly noticed the abnormality and turned around, only to see Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and the others slowly making their way over to them.

The members of the Grandmist Emperor Palace naturally recognized Huang Xiaolong, and a look of joy appeared on their faces.

One of the disciples quickly got to his knees as he greeted, “Disciple of the Grandmist Emperor Palace, Zhang Dashan, greets Your Majesty, the King of Hell! I greet Lord Demon and Lord Cang Mutian!”

His Majesty the King of Hell!

The other members of the Grandmist Emperor Palace quickly snapped back to reality as their bodies shook with joy.

They greeted him with tears in their eyes.

Huang Xiaolong pardoned them, and he stared coldly at the members who were hunting down the disciples of the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

“You can kill yourselves now.”

The disciple from the Gold Essence Emperor Palace and the other random disciples couldnt help but reveal a ghastly expression.

“Your… Your Majesty, our Gold Essence Emperor Palace has already submitted to the City of All-Heavens!” The disciple suppressed the fear in his heart as he tried one last desperate attempt to avoid death.

He brought up the City of All-Heavens in order to scare Huang Xiaolong off.

It was too bad the words had barely left his lips when the Flying Devil Python swept its tail towards him.

After turning him into a blood mist, the space around his remains fractured.

None of the disciples around him managed to escape as the space cracks swallowed them all.

Their bodies were ground to dust as they disappeared from the face of the earth.

Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the disciples of the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

“You can relax now.

As long as I, Huang Xiaolong, am alive, I will protect the Grandmist Emperor Palace! Ill return all the grievances you suffered twice over!”

After arranging a place for the Grandmist Emperor Palaces disciples, Huang Xiaolong and the others quickly continued their journey back.

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