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Chapter 2120: Power of the Saint Bloodline!

With the appearance of his sixteen wings, boundless radiance energy appeared from the void as it poured into the City of All-Heavens.

The area around Huang Xiaolong turned into a world of radiance.

In the world of radiance, countless angels and radiance divine spirits thrived.

There were also countless ancient divine races whose power couldnt be ignored.

With the assistance of the angels, divine spirits, and ancient divine races, radiance energy filled the world of radiance around Huang Xiaolong.

Wan Shi sneered at the sight of that, “Petty tricks.”

As the Myriad Worlds Bamboo pierced through the world of radiance, countless angels, divine spirits, and members of the ancient divine races were ground to dust.

The world of radiance popped up like a bubble.

Emerging from the other side of the world of radiance, the Myriad Worlds Bamboo arrived before Huang Xiaolong.

A loud roar escaped Huang Xiaolongs lips as the Radiance Divine Scepter in his hand slammed towards the bamboo.

Blinding rays of light illuminated the lands as they slammed into the Myriad Worlds Bamboo.

At the same time, the Radiance Divine Seal and Heavenly Hall seemed to fuse into a single entity as they crashed into the bamboo.

Everything was useless as the radiance light was scattered by the world-ending might of the Myriad Worlds Bamboo.

The Radiance Divine Seal and Heavenly Hall were sent flying.

Wan Yue and the others rejoiced when they saw how Huang Xiaolong was powerless in the face of Wan Shis attack.

“Lord Father is unrivaled!” Wan Yue raised his head to the skies and roared triumphantly.

A grave expression appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face as the Ancient Heavenly Court finally emerged from his body.

The Complete Heaven Star Formation was pushed to the limit as endless starlight surged out to form massive stars.

Every star had the ability to crush an overlord to their death.

The endless numbers of stars collided with the Myriad Worlds Bamboo.


The heavens and earth seemed to lose their luster as the world shook.

A terrifying wave of energy surged towards Wan Yue and the others.

Unable to hide the fear in their eyes, everyone retreated from the scene of the battle.

Despite their actions, their eyes were glued onto Huang Xiaolong.

The Ancient Heavenly Court dimmed as the mighty stars exploded one after another.

Unable to stop the Myriad Worlds Bamboo, it continued to fly towards Huang Xiaolong.

Seeing as how the number one treasure under the heavens couldnt stop Wan Shis attack, Wan Yue and the others nearly jumped in joy.

Without anything else to block it, the Myriad Worlds Bamboo slammed into the divine armor formed by the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus.

Huang Xiaolong drew a beautiful arc through the sky as he crashed into the walls of the City of All-Heavens after destroying countless structures in his path.

Walls and buildings crumbled one after another, and Huang Xiaolong became buried under a mountain pile of rubble.

Wan Yue and the others cheered as they quickly ran towards Wan Shi.

“Lord Father is unrivaled! Huang Xiaolong is dead now!”

The Heavenly Spirit Beast Master bowled and congratulated Wan Shi, “Lord Wan Shi is unbeatable! Huang Xiaolong is just a clown who overestimated his capabilities.

He couldnt even take a single strike from Lord Wan Shi! He was arrogant initially, but it looks like he is nothing more than a monkey jumping about!”

The Old Crow Ancestor and the others praised Wan Shi to the high heavens when they saw how Huang Xiaolong was sent flying.

Wan Shi nodded his head.

“Ill kill Huang Xiaolong before dealing with the Azure Cow and the others.

They couldnt have gotten far.

You guys can bring Huang Xiaolong back to me.

Even if he isnt dead, he wont be able to move now that he took my attack head-on.”

Even high-level Sovereigns would suffer serious injuries if they took Wan Shis attack.

There was no need to mention a Fourth Order Sovereign like Huang Xiaolong.

“Yes, Lord Wan Shi!” The Heavenly Spirit Beast Master, Old Crow Ancestor, King of Shadows, and Shi Zhen bowed before rushing over to Huang Xiaolongs location.

They trusted Lord Wan Shi completely, and since he had said that Huang Xiaolong was a step away from being thrown into the cycle of reincarnation, there was no need to be afraid of him.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived in the space above the pile of rubble Huang Xiaolong was buried under.

Just as they were about to blow a hole open in the ground, a massive eruption caught them off guard.

Everyone was sent flying.

Huang Xiaolong shot out from the hole as he appeared in front of everyone.

Wan Yues eyes widened in shock, and his jaws dropped in disbelief.

Even Wan Shi stared at Huang Xiaolongs figure with question marks popping up in his head.

According to him, there was no way Huang Xiaolong could block the strongest attack from his Myriad Worlds Bamboo, even with the help of the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus! Right now, Huang Xiaolong looked completely fine other than the layer of dust on him!

Looking at Huang Xiaolong closely, everyone saw layers of golden scales around his body as bolts of lightning swirled around him.

Wan Shis pupils constricted, and his voice trembled, “Is… Is that a saint bloodline!”

“Thats right.” Huang Xiaolongs indifferent voice rang through the air.

From Wan Zhuoyuans memories, Huang Xiaolong had learned the true method of activating his saint bloodlines.

With the power contained in his bloodlines fused with his Complete Dao Saint Godheads, a special defensive layer had formed around his body.

The defense of that special layer was stronger than the armor created by the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus!

As for the golden scales on his body, they were created with two of Huang Xiaolongs saint bloodlines.

Even though he didnt use all of his three saint bloodlines, it was more than enough to defend against the Myriad Worlds Bamboo.

Huang Xiaolong dusted himself off as he loosened his muscles.

He looked at Wan Shi and scoffed, “It seems like thats all your Myriad Worlds Bamboo is capable of…”

Wan Shis expression sank.

“Even though your saint bloodline possesses shocking might, do you really think I wont be able to kill you because of your special protective layer” The Myriad Worlds Bamboo started to shrink endlessly.

From a size that dwarfed the City of All-Heavens, it became a proper stick of bamboo.

Without hesitation, Wan Shi stabbed the stick of bamboo towards Huang Xiaolong.

Space itself trembled as the bamboo pierced a hole through it.

After it shrunk, the power contained in the Myriad Worlds Bamboo increased to a terrifying degree!

Huang Xiaolong retreated as he punched out with his right hand.


Everyone near the battlefield felt a shockwave that shook their core.

Even experts who were hiding billions of miles away felt the blood in their bodies flowing in reverse.

Huang Xiaolong retreated several steps, and he looked at his right fist.

The golden dragon scales cracked, but a golden light behind the scales didnt dim in the slightest.

Even after concentrating all the power contained in the Myriad Worlds Bamboo, Wan Shi only managed to break the outermost defense formed by Huang Xiaolongs saint bloodline.

Heaving a sigh of relief in his heart, Huang Xiaolong placed down all the worries in his heart.

His figure started to blur as he appeared before Wan Shi before anyone could react.

Without time to think, Wan Shi retrieved the Myriad Worlds Bamboo as he transformed it into a divine armor that covered his body.

As soon as the armor formed, Huang Xiaolongs punch landed on Wan Shis chest.

A low thump reverberated through the air as Wan Shi smashed through the sturdy walls of the All-Heavens Divine Palace.

When he slammed against the ground, the armor had already shattered as a hole was blown through his chest.

Fresh blood spurted out like a fountain...

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