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Chapter 2166: To The Heavenly Saint Country!

Three stalwart figures flew out from the ground of the Heavenly Terror Divine Palace.

The Heavenly Terror Countrys experts respectfully saluted on their knees as they saw these three figures.

“We greet Your Majesty, Lord Marshal, and Lord Chief General!”

These three were naturally the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler, marshal, and Chief General, respectively!

The Heavenly Terror Country Ruler Dong Cheng observed the roiling dead qi in the distance and smiled faintly as he nodded his head a few times, “Looks like Big Brother Heavenly Masters Great Purity Secret Art is completed!”

Just as the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chengs voice fell, the violent roiling dead qi suddenly scattered with a loud boom, and a figure was seen soaring to the sky, exuding a momentum that eclipsed the land.

The figure was none other than the Heavenly Master who had just exited seclusion.

“Elder Brother!”

“Senior Heavenly Master!”

“Lord Father!”

Tian Chen, Wan Shi, Wan Xiaorong, and Tian Yu, who had been waiting in the vicinity, called out happily, seeing the Heavenly Master appear.

“Your Majesty!” The Heavenly Worlds experts also rushed forward and saluted and their sonorous voices reverberated in the air.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng said to the countrys marshal and chief general beside him, “Come, lets go over!”

He flew towards the Heavenly Masters group with the marshal and chief general.

“Congratulations, Big Brother Heavenly Master, for reaching the major completion in the Great Purity Secret Art!” The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chen cupped his fists at the Heavenly Master, laughing heartily.

The Heavenly Terror Countrys marshal and chief general also cupped their fists and congratulated the Heavenly Master.

The Heavenly Master also laughed sonorously as he replied, “It is all thanks to Younger Brothers support that I could achieve success so fast this time around.

I will forever remember this grace!”

He could achieve major completion so smoothly in the Great Purity Secret Art because he had consumed an origin treasure fruit given by the Heavenly Terror Country.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng waved his hand casually and said smilingly, “You and I are brothers.

So why be so polite Ive always kept Big Brothers saving grace from the past in my heart.

If it werent for Big Brother, I wouldnt have existed today!”

The two conversed harmoniously.

The Heavenly Masters tone turned icy as he changed the subject, “Now that my Great Purity Secret Art is completed, its time I return the favor to that dog Huang Xiaolong!”

He turned to ask Tian Chen and Wan Shi, “Any recent news of Huang Xiaolong”

Tian Chen and Wan Shi looked at each other, and both of them hesitated.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng interjected, “During the time Big Brother was in seclusion, that Huang Xiaolongs antics did not stop for a second.

His reputation grew louder by the day in the Heavens Path!” He went on to recount Huang Xiaolongs recent escapades, including killing the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys General Chen Tianhao and General Hu Jin, breaking the Falling Star Formation with one strike, and even capturing the Mighty God Prince.

At the same time, Dong Cheng also highlighted Huang Xiaolongs conflict with Giant Kun Prince.

The Heavenly Master was genuinely shocked.

He had not expected Huang Xiaolong to actually cause a series of big ruckus during the short time he was in seclusion.

However, how is Huang Xiaolong still fine after killing the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys General Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin and capturing the Mighty God Prince

“The Mighty God Ruler did not kill Huang Xiaolong” The Heavenly Master asked as a deep frown formed between his brows.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng spoke solemnly, “The Mighty God Ruler did not announce anything publicly about Huang Xiaolong.

Therefore, I think the Mighty God Ruler failed to do anything to Huang Xiaolong, and he could only come to a truce.”

The Heavenly Masters eyes narrowed, “Even the Mighty God Ruler could do nothing to Huang Xiaolong within the Mighty God Heavenly Country It seems Huang Xiaolongs strength has increased significantly during this time.” Then a sneer escaped his lips, “However, now that I have successfully reached the major completion in my Great Purity Secret Art, hes dead for sure this time as long as he has not broken through to Seventh Order Sovereign Realm!”

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng nodded his head and explained, “According to our investigation, Huang Xiaolongs current cultivation is at late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm.”

The Heavenly Master was astounded, “Huang Xiaolong is already a late-Sixth Order Sovereign That little pup rose so fast In the past, his battle strength already rivaled an early Sixth Order Sovereign without relying on the lightning bead.

Now, it seems like he has the battle power comparable to a mid-Ninth Order Sovereign even without the lightning bead!”

“A Mid-Ninth Order Sovereign!”

Several people exclaimed in shock.

The Heavenly Terror Countrys marshal and chief general exchanged a look, and they saw the shock in each others eyes.

A late-Sixth Order Sovereign actually has the battle power of a mid-Ninth Order Sovereign.

This greatly exceeded their scope of imagination and literally shattered the foundation of their knowledge.

Although in the Heavens Paths history, there were late-Sixth Order Sovereigns who had battle power rivaling a mid-Seventh Order, or even late-Seventh Order Sovereigns, it was extremely rare.

But a late-Sixth Order Sovereign having the battle power of a mid-Ninth Order Sovereign had never happened before.

Forget rivaling the battle power of mid-Ninth Order Sovereign, even a late-Sixth Order Sovereign with the battle power of an early Eighth Order Sovereign had never appeared.

The Heavenly Terror Rulers eyes glimmered in contemplation.

“Adding the power of the lightning bead, that Huang Xiaolong, he probably has the battle power of a late-Ninth Order Sovereign Maybe even the battle power of a peak late-Ninth Order Sovereign”

In all honesty, Dong Cheng was inwardly disconcerted.

Huang Xiaolongs talent was too staggering!

The Heavenly Master nodded and added, “Therefore, I want to borrow that treasure artifact from Younger Brother.

As long as Huang Xiaolong loses his lightning bead, Im confident that I can take his life with my current strength and the God Burying Coffin!”

The Heavenly Terror Ruler shook his head and stressed, “Big Brother, you dont know.

Huang Xiaolong is currently in seclusion at the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace!”

“The Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace!” The Heavenly Masters elated expression diminished slightly.

“You mean”

“Although we still dont know what is the relationship between Huang Xiaolong and the Heavenly Saint Ruler at the moment, judging from his willingness to yield the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace to Huang Xiaolong for his secluded cultivation already speaks volume of their deep relationship!” The Heavenly Terror Ruler answered.

Shock was written all over the Heavenly Masters eyes.

“How about this,” The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng suggested, “Ill accompany Big Brother on this trip to the Heavenly Saint Country!”

Hearing that, the Heavenly Master was delighted.

He agreed promptly, “With Younger Brother accompanying me, it will be better!” With the Heavenly Terror Ruler Cheng Dongs cultivation and strength, Huang Xiaolongs absolutely dead!

Even the Heavenly Saint Ruler would be unable to protect Huang Xiaolong!

“Let us not dally and make the necessary preparations and set off soon!” The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng ordered.

“Fine, well do as Younger Brother says!” The Heavenly Master laughed happily.

Immediately, orders were passed down.

The Heavenly Terror Country and Heavenly Worlds experts got ready to depart.

An hour later, the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Heavenly Master led the two forces experts out of the Heavenly Terror Country, heading to the Heavenly Saint Country with great momentum.

This time, the Heavenly Master, Tian Chen, Wan Shi, Wan Xiaorong, Tian Yu, and other Heavenly Worlds experts moved out in full force.

The Heavenly Terror Countrys side consisted of both the Heavenly Terror Ruler and marshal, as well as half of the heavenly countrys generals.

“The Heavenly Master has achieved success in the Great Purity Secret Art, and hes currently heading to the Heavenly Saint Country with the Heavenly Terror Ruler to kill Huang Xiaolong!”

“The Heavenly Terror Ruler is actually going in person Theres a rumor that the Heavenly Terror Ruler has already advanced to early Tenth Order Sovereign Realm.

I wonder if its true”

While the Heavenly Terror Country and Heavenly Worlds experts movements sent a wave of shock through Heavens Path, Giant Kun Prince was thrilled when he heard the news.

“The Heavenly Terror Ruler actually went with the Heavenly Master.

Is he going to take action!”

One must know that existences like the Heavenly Terror Ruler rarely made any move themselves.

The last time the Heavenly Terror Ruler took action personally was six hundred million years ago.

“Excellent, really good news!” Giant Kun Prince laughed sardonically, “Originally, I had planned to have our marshal deal with Huang Xiaolong, but it seems my plan is redundant now!”

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