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Chapter 2168: Obliterate the Heavenly Saint Country

Handout Huang Xiaolong!

Handout the King of Grandmist, Azure Cow Ancestor, and the rest!

I dont like repeating myself!

Despite the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chengs calm and nonchalant tone, his voice contained an inviolable dominance!

It was as if no one would dare to doubt his meaning and definitely not defy his orders!

In truth, in the Heavens Path, there were less than a handful of people who dared to question or defy the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng.

“Heavenly Terror Ruler, we will not hand out anyone!” The Heavenly Saint Countrys General Zhu Hong couldnt stop himself from making a stand.

Zhu Hongs words had just left his lips when the Heavenly Terror Ruler simply waved a finger in the air.

A cold glint flashed across space, almost instantaneously piercing through Zhu Hongs forehead.

In the next second, an arrow of black blood spurted out from Zhu Hongs forehead.

Generally speaking, Sovereign Realm experts blood was slightly golden in color, but the blood from Zhu Hongs forehead was black as ink.

Moreover, his blood was curdled.

Before long, Zhu Hongs eyes turned bleak, and he plummeted to the ground.

“Second Brother!” Zhu Xinyi shouted in grief and rushed towards Zhu Hongs corpse after seeing this.

“Dont touch him!” The Heavenly Saint Ruler waved his hand.

An invisible power bound Zhu Xinyi, and prevented him from rushing to catch Zhu Hongs corpse.

Zhu Hongs corpse that was still falling had completely turned ink black.

He was clearly poisoned with something highly toxic.

Moreover, this poison can easily corrode the physique of an overlord.

The Heavenly Saint Countrys experts were taken aback, inwardly gasping in shock.

Then their gazes shifted to the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng.

Apart from wariness, there was dread in their eyes.

This was the strength of the Heavens Paths third-ranked expert, Dong Cheng! The Heavenly Terror Ruler was hailed as the Terror Demon!

Zhu Hong was put to death for uttering one sentence!

The Heavenly Saint Rulers face had turned sullen as he faced the Heavenly Terror Ruler.

He had not expected Dong Cheng to attack so abruptly, and his action was too fast for him to stop.

“Heavenly Saint Ruler, your people are too unruly!” Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng smiled coldly as he went on, “I am talking with you.

Is it his place to interject I helped you to teach an unruly subordinate a lesson.

You wont blame me, right” The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng spoke so casually as if killing the Heavenly Saint Countrys General Zhu Hong was a miscellaneous matter.

It was as if killing a person was merely a lesson.

Obviously, this lesson was too heavy!

“Also, I dislike hearing shrimps butting in!” The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chengs stern gaze swept over other experts of the Heavenly Saint Country, “The next time, it wont be as simple as a lesson.”

His gaze swept over the Heavenly Saint Countrys Marshal Lan Shifan, and his look clearly said that Lan Shifan was also a shrimp in his eyes.

Lan Shifan raged inwardly.

Although he was not amongst the Heavens Paths top ten experts, his strength was not far off from the Heavenly Saint Ruler.

In terms of ranking, he was within the top twenty experts, yet in the Heavenly Terror Rulers eyes, he was a measly shrimp!

Just as Lan Shifan was about to refute in anger, he stopped seeing the Heavenly Saint Rulers hand blocking him.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler shook his head at Lan Shifan, telling him to not be impulsive.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler once again looked at the Heavenly Terror Ruler.

The friendliness on his face that he had, in the beginning, disappeared as he said, “Dong Cheng, others might be afraid of you, but that does not include me.

I wont hand over the people you mentioned.

I dislike repeating my words twice!”

Wont hand them out!

I dislike repeating myself twice!

The atmosphere froze the moment the Heavenly Saint Rulers words were spoken.

It had never occurred to anyone on the Heavenly Terror Countrys side that the Heavenly Saint Ruler would refuse their ruler; moreover, he would refuse so straightforwardly.

Not to mention, his words and tone were barely differed from the Heavenly Terror Ruler.

Then again, as the fifth-ranked expert in the Heavens Path, the Heavenly Saint Ruler was qualified to say those words.

The faint smile on the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chengs face gradually diminished and his eyes narrowed dangerously as the words slowly came out of his mouth, “Heavenly Saint Ruler, do you realize the consequences of your words Why bet the entire Heavenly Saint Country for a few unrelated strangers” A violent aura surged from his body by the end of his words.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler had built his reputation on countless cruel slaughters.

His hands were stained with numerous experts blood and he had obliterated many heavenly countries.

Amongst the Heavens Paths top ten experts, the youngest one was the Heavenly Terror Ruler! However, the person who had killed the most number of people was also the Heavenly Terror Ruler!

Thus, people in the Heavens Path trembled at the mention of the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng.

His reputation terrorized people more than the second-ranked Nine Palace Ruler.

The violent aura from the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chengs body transformed into ferocious evil spirits that rose thousands of miles high, howling around him.

In an instant, that piece of heavens and earth fell into a bottomless purgatory.

Sensing the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chens killing intent, the Heavenly Saint Countrys experts all paled.

The Heavenly Saint Rulers face was solemn to the extreme as he responded, “Of course, I know what the consequences are! My stance remains the same.

I wont hand those people to you!”

His tone was resolute.

He and Huang Xiaolong had both sworn oaths.

Hence, there was no question about retreating.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng let out a whoop of laughter as devilish runes crawled out to the surface of his face, making him look grotesque, “Very good.

In that case, Ill raze the Heavenly Saint Country to the ground today, and slaughter you.

Frankly speaking, I still havent killed a Heavens Paths top ten expert yet.

Hence, I shall kill you today to further enhance my name as the Terror Demon!”

His eyes had turned crimson by this point, as he smacked his lips in a devilish manner.

If he killed the Heavenly Saint Ruler today, then his reputation would surely overcast the Nine Palace Ruler.


The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chengs voice thundered, reaching every corner of the Heavenly Saint Country.

The hundred millions of Heavenly Saint Countrys several hundred million disciples felt a frigid coldness straight into their souls.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler attacked in a split second.

His right palm slapped out, and a frigid gleam accompanied Dong Chengs palm strike that shot straight towards the Heavenly Saint Rulers forehead.

In his eyes, the Heavenly Saint Ruler was the only person who was worthy of exchanging one or two moves with him.

Therefore, his full attention was on the Heavenly Saint Ruler.

Honestly, on the way over to the Heavenly Saint Country, he had considered the probability of this result.

As long as the Heavenly Saint Ruler refused to hand out those people, he could kill the Heavenly Saint Ruler without hesitation to consolidate his name as the Terror Demon.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler raised his hand and brilliant golden rays burst out from his hand, resembling a golden burning sun.

These rays shook the layers of Heavens Paths space.

Simultaneously, two streaks of golden lights shot up to meet the Heavenly Terror Rulers attack.


Opposing palm forces collided.

An explosion thundered and dust bloomed in the air.

The two golden streaks of light also collided with a frigid gleam and sparks ricocheted everywhere.

At this time, everyone finally got a good look at thefrigid gleam that had killed Zhu Hong earlier.

It was a living creature that was ink black from head to toe, merely the size of a pinky, and half a meter long.

Its entire body was covered with scales, except for the two blood-red pupils.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler staggered back after parrying off that attack, crossing several hundred thousand miles in a few breaths of time.

Everyone was astounded.

Even Lan Shifan was shocked.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng is this strong!

While most of the Heavenly Saint Countrys experts were still in shock, a giant coffin enshrouded in surging dead qi, smashed towards them.

The Heavenly Master had begun his attack!

Subsequently, a chain of blade qi transformed into an ocean of blade qi that crashed onto the Heavenly Saint Countrys experts.

Tian Chen, too, started attacking with his blade!

Lan Shifan bellowed and leaped forward into the air.

His Flaming Wing Halberd birthed several fire tornadoes as it was being swung out, smashing onto the God Burying Coffin.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Flaming Wind Halberds fire tornadoes were dispersed in an instant against the God Burying Coffin.

Roiling death qi slammed down, knocking Lan Shifan and sending him tumbling backward.

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