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Chapter 2200: Feng Tianyus Location

As he entered the 33 Heavens Country, Huang Xiaolong was met with a shocking sight.

The entire sky was filled with bolts of lightning and nothing else!

The only difference was that they werent as messy and tyrannical as the lightning bolts in the lightning sea outside the central region.

The lightning bolts in the 33 Heavens Country were distributed evenly in every corner of the 33 Heavens Country.

From afar, they were like docile lightning dragons that hovered about in the air.

A ray of light shot out from Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

It was clear to him that the bolts of lightning were drawn over by a supreme technique.

They formed a special type of lightning formation that covered the entire world.

The lightning formation contained terrifying power, and the only person who had the ability to do so was the Patriarch of the 33 Heavens Race.

After Huang Xiaolong identified the correct direction, he flew towards one of the distant mountain ranges.

From Yang Tianchens memory, Huang Xiaolong had learned that the mountain range before him was called the Lightning Sun Mountain Range.

It was one of the most important mountain ranges controlled by the 33 Heavens Race.

There were 33 cities in the 33 Heavens Country, and there were five located along the Lightning Sun Mountain Range.

The 33 Heavens Races Patriarch Feng Tianyu, was known for his irregular movements, and one of his cultivation spots was located in the Lightning Sun Mountain Range.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived along the Lightning Sun Mountain Range, he decided to head over to the Lightning Bull City.

Out of the five cities around the Lightning Sun Mountain Range, the Lightning Bull City was the largest and most well-developed.

In the blink of an eye, Huang Xiaolong was walking through the gates of the Lightning Bull City.

When he looked around him, Huang Xiaolong realized that the Lightning Bull City was bustling with activity, even more so than some of the cities in the Heavens Path! The disciples of the 33 Heavens Race filled the streets as they roamed around the city.

Despite the hustle and bustle in the city, Huang Xiaolong could feel a tense atmosphere filling the air.

There was a faint feeling of oppression among the general population.

It seemed as though his act of killing Yang Tianchen had already alerted the members of the 33 Heavens Race.

It was no longer as peaceful as it once was.

Spreading out his divine sense, Huang Xiaolong covered the entire Lightning Sun Mountain Range in search of Feng Tianyu.

Images about various incidents that went on around the mountain range appeared in his mind.

One… Two… Three… Four…

Huang Xiaolongs eyes widened when he realized that there were eight high-level Sovereigns cultivating in their respective palaces.

It seemed as though the strength of the 33 Heavens Race was stronger than he had imagined!

In the space outside the 33 heavens, Huang Xiaolong had killed Hao Wei, Li Haifeng, and several other experts from the 33 Heavens Race.

Adding Yang Tianchen, Huang Xiaolong had killed more than twenty high-level Sovereigns from the 33 Heavens Race.

Logically speaking, there should be only a few high-level Sovereign Realm cultivators left in the 33 Heavens Race, but Huang Xiaolong was shocked to discover eight experts in a single mountain range!

Yang Tianchen might have been the deputy patriarch of the 33 Heavens Race, but he had no idea how many high-level Sovereigns they had under their command! That was because Feng Tianyu was cultivating batches of Sovereign in secret.

Among them, there were some who had reached the high-level Sovereign Realm and their identities were kept a secret.

Even Yang Tianchen had no idea who they were!

Regardless, the strongest expert located in the Lightning Sun Mountain Range was a mid-Eighth Order Sovereign.

No matter how hard he tried, Huang Xiaolong failed to detect any traces of Feng Tianyu.

After a short moment of contemplation, Huang Xiaolongs figure blurred as he shot towards the mid-Eighth Order Sovereign.

When Huang Xiaolong made his way over, the mid-Eighth Order Sovereign, Pan Luo, was gathering reports from his disciples about the current situation of the 33 Heavens Race.

“Master, we heard that Deputy Patriarch Yang Tianchen, Grand Elder Hao Wei, Elder Li Haifeng, and several other elders were killed in the outside world by someone called Huang Xiaolong! Is that true!” The oldest disciple of Pan Luo, Li Changwei, asked cautiously.

Sweeping his gaze across his various disciples, Pan Luo nodded his head slowly, “Its true.

This matter concerns the entire race.

The Patriarch has sealed the news in order to prevent mass panic.”

After all, there were more than a hundred experts who had gone to the outside world.

More than twenty of them were high-level Sovereigns and the others couldnt be considered weak by any means.

If the news of their death were to spread, no one knew how the 33 Heavens Race would react.

Of course, paper could never contain fire.

There were several high-ranking personnel in the 33 Heavens Race who had learned of the news and their disciples had learned about it too.

When the disciples received the confirmation from their master, Pan Luo, a terrified expression formed on their faces.

That was something that had never happened before to the members of the 33 Heavens Race.

Their race was an absolute existence in the Heavens Path, and no one had ever dared to challenge their prestige.

Let alone their elder, even ordinary disciples from the 33 Heavens Race wouldnt be attacked by members of other factions!

Now, there wasnt even a need to speak of an elder.

Even their deputy patriarch was killed by someone in the outside world!

Yang Tianchen was a peak mid-Tenth Order Sovereign, and he was the publicly acknowledged second strongest existence in the 33 Heavens Race!

Even someone like him was killed!

Wouldnt that mean that their opponent was…

“Master, who is Huang Xiaolong Wasnt the Giant Kun Ruler the strongest expert in the Heavens Path Could it be that Huang Xiaolong is at the same level as our Patriarch Could he be a half-step Venerable Realm cultivator” Li Changwei couldnt help but ask.

Everyone turned to look at him.

However, Pan Luo shook his head.

“Huang Xiaolong isnt a half step Venerable.

Ive heard that he has barely entered the high-level Sovereign Realm, and he is the King of Hell in the myriad of worlds.”

“What! Someone who just entered the high-level Sovereign Realm killed the peak mid-Tenth Order Sovereign Realm Deputy Patriarch!” Everyone couldnt help but suck in a cold breath.

Looks of disbelief were plastered on their faces and it was as though they had just heard something out of the legends.

How was it possible that their deputy patriarch was killed by someone who had barely entered the high-level Sovereign Realm

“About the Giant Kun Ruler… He was also killed by Huang Xiaolong.

He joined hands with our deputy patriarch to kill Huang Xiaolong, but…” Pan Luo couldnt help but stop.

The words were stuck in his throat and he shook his head slowly.

Li Changwei and the others felt that their eyes were about to pop out of their socket when they realized that even the Giant Kun Ruler was dead! He had died even after joining hands with their Deputy Patriarch Yang!

A loud shriek broke the silence as several disciples in charge of protecting the main hall flew through the air.

A black-haired young man who had a handsome looking face strolled into the hall and everyone stared at him in shock.

“What audacity!” Li Changwei was the first to react.

“Who are you! How dare you cause trouble in the Lightning Bull City!”

It went without saying that the person who had entered the hall was Huang Xiaolong.

Pointing a single finger at Li Changwei, Huang Xiaolong sent the kid flying.

Everyone stared at him in astonishment for a second before bursting into rage.

“Wheres Feng Tianyu” Huang XiaoLongs gaze landed on Pan Luo, and he asked.

He didnt bother about the disciples who were jumping in rage.

As long as he dealt with Feng Tianyu, the problem with the 33 Heavens Race would be settled.

Feng Tianyu

Not a single person in the hall connected the name with their patriarch and they were about to scream at Huang Xiaolong in rage when Pan Luo interrupted them.

Of course, Pan Luo couldnt connect the face to the person he was speaking about earlier and his expression sank.

“Who the h*ll are you How dare you call out the name of our patriarch Who is your master Didnt he teach you manners!”

The instant he completed his sentence, Huang Xiaolong flicked a finger at him.

An unstoppable force slammed into Pan Luo and he couldnt move a single muscle in the face of such a terrifying power.

Huang Xiaolong casually waved his hand and Pan Luo was dragged before him.

As Huang Xiaolong was in no mood to ask again, he searched Pan Luos soul without another word.

“Who the h*ll are you! How dare you make a move on Master!” The other disciples in the hall raged when they saw that Huang Xiaolong had made a move on their Master.

Too lazy to talk to them, Huang Xiaolong pressed forward with a single palm and sent everyone flying.

As he searched through Pan Luos memory, a frown slowly formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

Pan Luo had no idea where Feng Tianyu was! From what he knew, none of the other elders knew where their patriarch had gone!

The only person who knew of Feng Tianyus location was his son, Feng Yao!

In Pan Luos memory, Feng Yao had already left the 33 Heavens Country several tens of thousands of years ago to a place called the Desert of Extremities to cultivate! No one had any idea when he would return.

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