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Chapter 2206: Unable To Cure

Even though the Resurrection Pill was worth next to nothing to Huang Xiaolong, for a God King like Wang Junhai, it was an extremely precious pill!

Even as a housekeeper in the manor, it was extremely rare for Wang Junhai to be rewarded with a Resurrection Pill.

Even so, the princess had ordered him to bring one over to Huang Xiaolong every single day.

How could someone like Wang Junhai endure the anger in his heart

He couldnt be more annoyed.

After working like an ox for the manor and giving them my all, they feed this brat Resurrection Pills instead of giving them to me!

When Huang Xiaolong heard how the other party was insulting him and calling him names, his face turned cold.

If this was him at his prime, Wang Junhai wouldnt even possess the qualifications to wipe his shoes!

“Dont be rude!” Suddenly, a sweet voice rang through the air, and a remarkably beautiful, and noble woman walked in escorted by a group of guards.

The moment she appeared, Wang Junhai and everyone else in the room bowed.

“Greetings, Princess!”


Huang Xiaolongs gaze landed on the woman who had entered the room.

From the looks of things, she should be theprincess who saved me.

She should be the one who ordered them to feed me Resurrection Pill every day.

As the direct descendant of the family, her cultivation was much higher than Wang Junhai.

She was at the peak late-Tenth Order God King Realm, and she was merely a step away from entering the Heavenly Monarch Realm.

When Huang Xiaolong stared at her, she was doing the same.

A look of surprise flashed in her beautiful eyes.

When the princess of the manor, Zhang Wenyue, had saved him in the past, there were several physicians who had examined his condition.

Even their personal physician had said that he would need another three to four months before he could wake up even if he was fed a Resurrection Pill every day.

As for being able to move again, Huang Xiaolong was definitely expected to take more than half a year.

After looking at his condition now, Huang Xiaolong was awake in less than a month! He was even able to move!

Did the physician make a mistake

In actuality, she had no idea why she had made the decision to save him.

After all, he was an ugly, and dirty homeless cripple on the side of the road.

It was probably because of the sense of familiarity she had felt when she saw Huang Xiaolong.

Since she possessed a lightning-attributed godhead and had cultivated a lightning-based secret art, it was understandable for her to feel a sense of comfort around him.

After all, he had already absorbed tons of lightning-based origin treasures such as the Lightning Origin Divine Fruits.

He had even tempered his body with the Grandmist Lightning Pool!

It also went without saying that Huang Xiaolong had the lightning bead residing in his body that helped with the feeling.

“Its a surprise that young master is awake.

When my subordinate reported it to me, I felt that they were mistaken!” Zhang Wenyue smiled lightly as she walked towards Huang Xiaolongs side.

She was extremely pretty and her dimples were revealed when she smiled.

“Thanks for saving me.” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

Even though this was the first time they met, he had a good opinion of Zhang Wenyue.

Of course, her actions of saving him had little to do with it.

“Wait for me to recover from my injuries and I will repay you in full for the matter.” Huang Xiaolong added.

Since Huang Xiaolong didnt make promises lightly, a word from him was something even gold couldnt buy.

When Wang Junhai heard what he said, he couldnt help but sneer.

“Why are you still dreaming of recovering from your injuries Didnt you hear what I just said Your meridians are torn and your spirit sea is shattered.

Even the best physician in the dynasty wont be able to save you! Whats more, our kingdoms physicians cant compare to those from the dynasty!”

Zhang Wenyues eyebrow furrowed slightly.

Wang Junhai is getting bolder and bolder.

Just because he has some relationship with second mother, he dares to interrupt me when Im speaking!

Zhang Wenyue thought for a second and added, “Young Master, you might not know about this, but Ive invited the best physician in our manor to take a look at your injuries.

According to him, your injuries were caused by some sort of divine lightning.

He hasnt seen anything like it in his life and has no way to cure you.

Moreover, your meridians and spirit sea are no longer intact.

A full recovery would be extremely difficult!”

After some consideration, she decided to tell Huang Xiaolong the truth.

Despite that, she didnt tell him that it was impossible for him to recover.

After all, she didnt want to stamp out the last ember of hope in his heart.

In her heart, she knew that the possibility of Huang Xiaolong experiencing a full recovery was zero.

Everyone with the slightest bit of common sense knew that once the spirit sea was shattered, it was impossible to restore it.

Huang Xiaolong smiled indifferently, “Okay, I get it.”

With his three complete dao saint godheads, Huang Xiaolong didnt care in the slightest that his spirit sea was broken! Even if his meridians were burned off completely by the lightning storm, he was completely confident of reconstructing them from scratch! Of course, the only thing he needed was time.

As for his spirit sea, he was sure he could restore it soon.

Zhang Wenyue felt a little startled when she saw his indifferent expression.

She shook her head silently.

In her opinion, she felt that Huang Xiaolong had already accepted the fact that he was beyond saving.

She stayed for a little while and comforted him before leaving another Resurrection Pill.

When she left, Wang Junhai glared at him as though Huang Xiaolong owed him several billion spirit stones.

Huang Xiaolong didnt care about Wang Junhai as he returned the stare with a cold glance of his own.

When everyone was gone, Huang Xiaolong looked at the Resurrection Pill in his hand and shook his head.

A smile slowly formed on his face.

Who would have thought that a Ninth Order Sovereign like me would need such trash pills to recover

It was too bad all the spiritual pills he had on him were destroyed in the lightning storm.

No matter how useless the Resurrection Pill was, it was better than nothing.

Huang Xiaolong swallowed it in a single gulp and sat down on his bed.

He activated all three complete dao saint godheads again to absorb the holy spiritual qi in the air.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

For the past three days, Huang Xiaolong had remained in his room, and he had spent all his time cultivating.

The most important thing was to regain his strength!

Three days later...

The cracks on Huang Xiaolongs complete dao saint godheads were completely gone and rays of light filled the space above his spirit sea.

Even though they werent exceptionally dazzling, it was completely different from the Huang Xiaolong of three days ago.

It was like comparing a sickly old man to a young teenager! His three godheads were brimming with vitality at the moment.

Moreover, after absorbing the holy spiritual qi over the past three days, the bloody scars on his face and body had faded quite a bit.

Even though they werent gone, his hideous appearance was no more.

Zheng Wenyue had visited him once while he was recovering, but she had left in a hurry.

It was as though something important was happening in the manor.

Huang Xiaolong touched the bloody scars on his face and nodded in satisfaction.

He estimated that he would need three more days to revert to his original appearance.


In a martial arts training grounds not too far from Huang Xiaolongs yard, a young man in a purple dragon robe trained with all his might.

He was dignified and his moves were vigorous.

His facial features resembled Zhang Wenyue and there were a ton of guards standing around the training grounds, including Wang Junhai.

“Get someone to clean the Elegant Courtyard.

When my friend arrives tomorrow, bring him there!” The young man who was training said to Wang Junhai.

The Elegant Courtyard was exactly where Huang Xiaolong was resting in to treat his injuries.

Wang Junhai hesitated for a moment, and he replied, “Young Master, the princess saved someone from the streets a few days ago.

He is currently resting in the Elegant Courtyard.


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