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Chapter 2209: The Vastness of the Holy World

“Theres no need.” Zhang Haochen contemplated for a second and shook his head.

After all, it wasnt easy for them to request the assistance of an esteemed master to make a move.

Moreover, his hatred for Huang Xiaolong was not to an extreme degree.

After all, the cripple was someone his sister had saved.

While things were going down in the physicians courtyard, Zhang Wenyue had already arrived in the Elegant Courtyard.

When she arrived, Huang Xiaolong was practicing his Final Boundless Sword Art.

She stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock when she felt the dense sword qi that filled the courtyard.


As a swordswoman, she could tell with a glance that his swordplay was extraordinary.

Of course, she was a mere God King, and she couldnt tell the intricacies behind it.

Despite that, she stood rooted to the ground as she stared at Huang Xiaolong moving across the yard with his elegant movements.

She immersed herself in the storm of sword qi that blended itself with the world all the way till Huang Xiaolong stopped.

With Huang Xiaolongs senses, he could naturally feel that she was headed over to his courtyard.

As a way to repay her kindness, Huang Xiaolong allowed her to experience the sword qi from a holy martial art.

However, how much she could understand depended on her talent.

Zhang Wenyue stood rooted to the spot as strands of sword qi swirled around her body.

As sword qi gathered in her spirit sea, a sword rune was formed, and it branded itself into her consciousness.

The confusion she had towards the Coiling Dragon Sword Art was cleared up in an instant.

A look of shock appeared on Zhang Wenyues face when she finally came back to reality.

Looking up, she saw that Huang Xiaolong was standing in the middle of the courtyard as he looked at her with a gentle smile on his face.

Unbeknownst to her, her cheeks flushed red in an instant.

She quickly walked forward to ask, “Young Master Huang, Ive heard that Wang Junhai came over to chase you out.

Did he do anything to you”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and smiled, “Im fine.”

Wang Junhai was a God King, and honestly, God Kings were unable to harm him in the slightest.

Even with broken meridians and a shattered spirit sea, the external recovery of his three complete dao saint godheads allowed him to deal with ordinary Emperor Realm cultivators.

“Young Master Huang, the bloody scars on your face….” A maid behind Zhang Wenyue spoke up suddenly when she realized that the scars on Huang Xiaolongs face were gone.

At that instant, Zhang Wenyue seemed to have noticed it as well.

It seemed as though Huang Xiaolongs appearance wasnt as terrifying as she had thought.

This… Didnt Physician Lin say that the scars on Young Master Huangs body would never recover What was going on

Looking at their shocked expressions, Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“I have a unique physique and it allows me to recover from most injuries.”

“What about your other injuries!” Zhang Wenyue stared at Huang Xiaolong, and she yelled in surprise.

“Did you experience a full recovery”

She knew that Huang Xiaolongs meridians and spirit sea were broken.

It wasnt possible to recover from that… right

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, “Yup.

They are nearly back to normal.”

Zhang Wenyue felt a bomb going off in her head and she had no idea what to say to him.

How could he recover from such serious injuries! Not to mention that he took less than a month to do so!

Even the maid standing at her side looked at him in disbelief.

“Young Lady Zhang, is there a library in your manor I wish to expand my horizons by reading more books...” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Since he had just arrived in the Holy World, he had no idea where he was.

The most important thing he had to do was to gather information about this unknown world!

Huang Xiaolong planned to leave after the scars on his body disappeared completely! He couldnt possibly stay there forever!

Most of his ordinary treasures were destroyed and the truly precious ones were kept in the space inside the lightning bead.

With his current strength, he couldnt possibly activate the bead and all the spirit stones he had were out of his reach.

Without them, Huang Xiaolong could be said to be as poor as a beggar right now.

Other than the clothes he had on him, Huang Xiaolong didnt have a single spirit stone to his name! He had to find some ways to earn money, otherwise he would really become a beggar on the streets!

“There is indeed a library with thousands of books in our manor.

Its not far from here.

If Young Master Huang plans to head there, use my token.

You will be able to read any books you want.” Zhang Wenyue said before passing a token over to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong didnt refuse the offer.

After handing the token over, Zhang Wenyue stayed behind to ask Huang Xiaolong some questions regarding her sword art.

Deciding not to hide anything from her, Huang Xiaolong explained everything she wanted to know.

Two hours later, Zhang Wenyue finally left the Elegant Courtyard after the maid reminded her that she had to attend a banquet later in the afternoon.

Before she left, she became a notch more respectful to Huang Xiaolong.

“Young Master Huang, you can rest in the Elegant Courtyard in peace!” She then reassured him that her brother and Housekeeper Wang wouldnt appear to disturb his rest.

After she left, Huang Xiaolong didnt continue to cultivate.

Instead, he headed straight to the library.

He urgently needed to find out his location in the Holy World.

Only higher-ups and the direct disciples of the Prince Qian Manor could access the collections inside the library in the manor.

Of course, none of the guards dared to stop Huang Xiaolong when he brought out Zhang Wenyues token.

As soon as he entered the library, he saw shelves stacked full of books.

Ignoring all the rare martial arts manuals, Huang Xiaolong headed directly to the books related to geography and history.

Since the topics were not the most important field of study, Huang Xiaolong only managed to locate several thousand books.

With his nearly fully recovered soul, he scanned through them in a flash.

When he was done, a better understanding of his situation appeared in his mind.

The Prince Qian Manor was one of the forces located in the Jinyuan Kingdom.

Prince Qians status wasnt low and he could be considered an influential individual in the Jinyuan Kingdom.

Huang Xiaolong also learned that the Jinyuan Kingdom belonged to the Falling Jade Dynasty.

The Falling Jade Dynasty controlled thousands of kingdoms, and Jinyuan Kingdom was only a middle-level kingdom amongst thousands.

Furthermore, the Falling Jade Dynasty was just one of the first-rate forces on the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continent in the Zhuoyuan Holy Lands!

The Zhuoyuan Holy Lands had over ten continents, each of which was vast and boundless.

It could be said that each continent was more than ten times the size of the Divine World in the lower realm!

Also, there were tens of dynasties located on the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continent.

The Falling Jade Dynasty was one of them.

Other than the dynasties, there were countless supreme sects.

In the Falling Jade Dynasty alone, there were three supreme sects, the Big Dipper Sword Sect, the Incineration Valley, and the Nine Heavens Gate.

The sect masters of the respective supreme sects were all Venerable Realm experts!

Of course, every single supreme sect was the overlord of their region.

Despite the size of the Zhuoyuan Holy Lads, there was only a single supreme level force.

It was the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate and they were the ones who called the shots.

Not a single faction could disobey their orders!

Huang Xiaolong closed his eyes and cleared his mind.

He knew about the Zhuoyuan Holy Lands from Wan Zhuoyuans memory because the man himself was once the master of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate!

Wan Zhuoyuan had created the Zhuoyuan Holy Lands with his supreme holy force, in the past.

Huang Xiaolong wondered if the position of the patriarch of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate was still vacant as Wan Zhuoyuan had undergone reincarnation.

However, the collections of books in the Manor only had limited information about the Falling Jade Dynasty and the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continent.

The information about other continents was limited and there wasnt a need to talk about the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate.

What he did learn from Wan Zhuoyuans memory was that the Holy World was boundless.

Even a super expert like Wan Zhuoyuan had no idea how big the Holy World was.

The Zhuoyuan Holy Lands was but one of the many holy lands located in the Holy World.

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