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Chapter 2226: Lightning Grounds!

Even though the manager of the Revered Fragrance Branch had seen pretty much everything there was to see in life, his breathing sped up when Huang Xiaolong brought out two billion holy bills.

His heart pounded in his chest like he was floating on cloud nine.

In his several thousand years of service, he had seen a huge amount of wealthy customers.

This was the first time he had ever seen anyone taking out more than a billion holy bills in a single transaction!

Right now, the young man before him had taken out two billion holy bills without batting an eyelid!

Even the various experts in the hall could only stare at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

In the Holy World, strength was everything.

Despite that, the sheer amount of wealth Huang Xiaolong took out was enough to scare the wits out of them!

It was like the Revered Fragrance Trading Company! Even though they had no Venerable Realm experts of their own, even members of the three supreme sects had to pay attention to the rules when purchasing pills from them!

What did the Revered Fragrance Trading Company rely on Thats right! It was money! They were able to force strong experts to follow the rules because of the terrifying amount of wealth they held!

As long as one had enough money, a Venerable wasnt needed to deter anyone who wanted to wreck the rules they had set in place!

Of course, that wasnt to say that the Revered Fragrance Trading Company had no one to back them up.

With the branches they had around the Falling Jade Dynasty, their interests had long since been tied to the several thousand kingdoms under the dynasty! The strength they could gather wasnt lacking in the slightest!

Under the personal escort of the branch manager, Huang Xiaolong left the trading company.

As soon as he arrived back in his courtyard, Huang Xiaolong didnt care about anything else as he quickly swallowed several pills before entering seclusion.

When Huang Xiaolong entered seclusion, Song Shaokang of the Beast Emperor Sect received a report from his subordinates.

“What! That brat spent two billion to buy divine pills after I left! Two billion holy bills!”

Even the elders who were responsible for protecting him couldnt help but suck in a cold breath.

That was two billion holy bills they were talking about!

Even someone like Song Shaokang couldnt take out that kind of money!

“Young Lord, its true!” The subordinate continued to report everything to Song Shaokang.

He even named out every single pill Huang Xiaolong bought from the Revered Fragrance Trading Company!

The expressions of Song Shaokang and the two elders quickly contorted.

“He bought everything related to recovery.” A skinny-faced elder spoke.

“It seems like hes plagued with some sort of hidden injury.

Moreover, with the amount of pills he bought, it doesnt look like his injury is easy to heal…”

The other elder nodded.

“I noticed his sunken appearance, and I can deduce that he has suffered from some sort of hidden injury after taking on some lightning attributed qi.

As a Ninth Order Sovereign, he should be comparable to a Seventh Order Sovereign with his injuries.

If Young Lord wants to take care of him we can do so immediately!”

The two of them were peak late-Tenth Order Sovereigns.

Taking care of an injured Ninth Order Sovereign was a walk in the park!

A light flashed through Song Shaokangs eyes.

“Only the young lords of the Big Dipper Sword Sect, Nine Heavens Gate, and Incineration Valley would be able to take out so much money.

Since hes not from either one, he should be someone outside the Falling Jade Dynasty… Could he be the young lord of the supreme sects of some other dynasty”

The skinny-faced elder shook his head.

“Even if he is the young master of a supreme sect, taking out two billion is no easy feat! Moreover, there is no need for him to head all the way over to the Falling Jade Dynasty to buy recovery pills!”

“If hes not someone from the supreme sects, who else can he be” Another elder asked in confusion.

“Lets dig out his identity before doing anything else.” Song Shaokang thought about it for a second, and he continued, “This time, were here for the Lightning Dragon Divine Fruit.

Well deal with this brat later.

Get someone to keep tabs on him in case he escapes from the Falling Jade Dynasty!”

Song Shaokang and the others rushed over to the Soaring Lightning Kingdom as they received news that a massive Lightning Dragon Divine Tree had appeared in the depths of the lightning grounds located deep in the kingdom! The fruits were ripe and they were the main objective of Song Shaokangs trip!

The Lightning Dragon Divine Fruit was a high-grade, level-four origin treasure!

As long as he managed to obtain it, he would be able to experience a large increase in strength.

Right now, he was already at the mid-Tenth Order Sovereign Realm.

With the Lightning Dragon Divine Fruit, he was sure that he could enter the peak of the mid-Tenth Order Sovereign Realm! In fact, it was also possible for him to enter the late-Tenth Order Sovereign Realm!

He had also decided that after he refined the Lightning Dragon Divine Fruit, he would head over to the Holy Gates branch in the Falling Jade Kingdom to enter their discipleship!

Moreover, he was pleasantly surprised that he had managed to awaken a saint bloodline in his body recently.

In the Zhuoyuan Holy Grounds, anyone with a saint bloodline would be able to enter the Holy Gate! As long as anyone had a saint godhead, saint physique, or saint bloodline, they would be able to become a disciple of the Holy Gate!

In the Holy World, anyone had a chance of being born with an innate saint godhead, saint bloodline, or saint physique.

However, there were also some who only managed to awaken their talents after numerous years of experience.

The chances of that happening were slim to none.

In the past hundreds of millions of years, there was a only single disciple from the Nine Heavens Gate who had managed to awaken a saint bloodline.

He was accepted into the Holy Gate and since then, the status of the Nine Heavens Gate in the Falling Jade Dynasty had risen so much that they were about to become the single most powerful sect in the entire dynasty.

As for Song Shaokang, he had only told his father about the matter with his bloodline.

He hadnt entered the Holy Gate immediately.

After all, it wasnt a good thing for his identity to be exposed this early on.

As long as he managed to enter the Holy Gate, the Big Dipper Sword Sect and the Incineration Valley would be nobodies! There would no longer be a need for his Beast Emperor Sect to be afraid of them! Every ten thousand years, the Holy Gate would award the family or previous sect of their disciples with a ton of resources!

With the help of the Holy Gate, there was no doubt his father would be able to enter the Venerable Realm.

His Beast Emperor Sect would be able to welcome their first Venerable and their position in the dynasty would rise to rival that of the Nine Heavens Gate!

Staying in the Soaring Lightning capital for two whole days, Huang Xiaolong finally decided to leave.

He rode on the Six Eyed Ice Lion as he headed for the lightning grounds.

As soon as he left the city, he noticed several experts from the Beast Emperor Sect following behind him.

Without the slightest trace of courtesy, he dragged them out and killed them all.

After searching through all their belongings, he finally left.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt in a hurry to leave after dealing with them.

Instead, he cultivated leisurely as he slowly made his way towards the lightning grounds.

Along the way, a piece of heaven-shaking news shook the kingdom.

The Lightning Dragon Divine Fruits were about the mature!

As soon as the news got out, everyone started to move.

A surge of people charged towards the lightning grounds as though their lives depended on it.

“Lightning Dragon Divine Fruit!”

Huang Xiaolong was pleasantly surprised by the news.

The Lightning Dragon Divine Fruit was very different from the Lightning Origin Divine Fruits he had swallowed in the lower world.

It was exceptionally effective for enhancing bloodlines.

If Huang Xiaolong could obtain the Lightning Dragon Divine Fruit, his three saint bloodlines would be able to recover to a certain extent!

No longer caring about the short bits of cultivation along the way, Huang Xiaolong rushed towards the lightning grounds at full speed.

Eight days later…

Huang Xiaolong finally arrived in the space above the lightning grounds.

Upon staring at the faint traces of lightning qi in the air, flashes of lightning could be seen occasionally, and a dark blue glow shrouded the lands.

The moment he approached the lightning grounds, the lightning bead in his body started to vibrate in excitement.

Traces of lightning qi entered the bead like it was a bottomless black hole.

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