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Chapter 2255: Nothing Can Be Done Even If You Blame Me

Early the next day, Huang Xiaolong headed to the Logistics Hall on the Golden Pig Treasure.

When Zhang Wenyue heard Huang Xiaolong was going to the Logistics Hall, she requested to follow along with the excuse that she wanted to take a look around.

Looking at two dimples on Zhang Wenyues face, and her pleading gaze, Huang Xiaolong yielded.

This little girl was becoming stickier recently.

Hearing that Huang Xiaolong agreed to take her along, Zhang Wenyue revealed a charming smile.

She leaped onto the Golden Pig Treasure with Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong sat in front, and Zhang Wenyue sat behind him.

Sitting behind Huang Xiaolong, she could see Huang Xiaolongs muscular back and smell his unique masculine scent.

She felt like there was a deer rampaging in her chest.

These days, Huang Xiaolong had been feeding the Golden Pig Treasure top-grade chaos spirit stones and some metal element jade stones.

Hence, the Golden Pig Treasures speed had greatly broken the limit it had when still in the lower realm.

With the Golden Pig Treasures current speed, Huang Xiaolong would reach the Logistics Hall in three days.

“Have you adapted to living on the Myriad Dragon Peak” On the way, Huang Xiaolong asked Zhang Wenyue.

Huang Xiaolong had named the peak they were currently staying at as the Myriad Dragon Peak, in honor of his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead while still in the lower realm.

However, Zhang Wenyues thoughts had flown far away, looking at Huang Xiaolongs back.

She was in a daze that she didnt hear Huang Xiaolongs question.

After not getting any response from Zhang Wenyue, Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder in curiosity.

When he saw a dazed Zhang Wenyue, he asked, “Yueer, are you alright”

Zhang Wenyue came to her senses when she heard someone calling her name, and a trace of panic flitted across her eyes.

A blush crept up her face as she answered, “I, Im fine ah.”

“I asked if you can adapt to living on the Myriad Dragon Peak” Huang Xiaolong asked again.

Zhang Wenyue blurted out anxiously, but she immediately realized there was something not right with her wording and quickly changed it, “No, no, I mean, as long as Young Master is with me, I can get used to it.”

Once the words were out, it struck Zhang Wenyue the more she explained, the worst it became, and her face flushed redder.

Huang Xiaolong laughed mercilessly at her.

“Young Master, youre bullying me.” Seeing Huang Xiaolong laughing so heartlessly, Zhang Wenyue pouted and complained.

Huang Xiaolong laughed again and asked, “How did I bully you I dont recall ever bullying you.”

Huang Xiaolong stressed the wordbullying, seemingly implying another meaning.

Enduring the heat radiating from her cheeks, Zhang Wenyues dainty fists rained soft punches on Huang Xiaolongs back.

The two continued onwards to the Logistics Hall, making jokes, and laughing on the golden pig, whizzing over the vast expanse of mountains and forests.

While they flew over the peaks of other Holy Gates disciples, some of them wanted to stop Huang Xiaolong and demand an explanation.

But when they saw the Holy Princes brocade robe on Huang Xiaolong, their hearts jumped, and they hastily retreated into their shells.

“Could he be our Holy Gates new Holy Prince The one called Huang Xiaolong” A disciple mumbled.

“Its most likely him.

I have seen other Holy Princes.” Another disciple shook his head and added, “This Huang Xiaolong is not far from death, but he doesnt focus on his cultivation, and is frolicking around with a woman instead!”

“Ive heard that all the Eminent Elders refused to accept him as a disciple.

He was disappointed and heartbroken, so he chose the Wilderness Deity Mountain Range as a location for his cultivation palace.

So, its nothing strange that hes frolicking around with a woman.”

Three days later, Huang Xiaolong reached the Logistics Hall.

The Holy Gate headquarters had a total of thirty-six halls, and the Logistics Hall was one of the ten main halls.

As one of the ten main halls, the Logistics Halls buildings were vast and elaborate.

From afar, the Logistics Halls buildings resembled a great city.

The Logistics Hall was bustling with people coming and leaving, from the Holy Gates inner disciples, outer disciples, and also subordinates that served the Holy Princes.

Zhang Wenyue, as Huang Xiaolongssubordinate, wasnt allowed to roam recklessly on the Holy Gate headquarters grounds, but she still had a lot of freedom and was allowed to go to many places.

This same rule applied to other Holy Princes subordinates.

Before many strange gazes, the Golden Pig Treasure descended in front of the Logistics Halls main entrance.

Huang Xiaolong and Zhang Wenyue got off the golden pig.

“Greetings Your Highness Holy Prince!”

Noting the Holy Prince brocade robe on Huang Xiaolongs body, whether it was an inner disciple or outer disciple, or other Holy Princes subordinates, all of them promptly saluted Huang Xiaolong on their knees.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and had everyone stand up.

After Huang Xiaolong walked out of sight, these disciples gathered in small groups, whispering incessantly.

Clearly, all of them were curious about thisrubbish Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong.

After entering the Logistics Hall, Huang Xiaolong went straight to the side hall for resources distribution.

On this day, the person in charge of the resources distribution counter at the Logistics Hall was a high custodian named Chen Mao.

When he heard that Huang Xiaolong had come to collect the iron ores, and other materials for building his cultivation palace, Chen Mao showed a very troubled expression that was full of wry bitterness.

“What” Huang Xiaolong demanded, his brows wrinkled in displeasure.

Chen Mao hastened to explain, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, it is not that I dont want to give you the materials for building your cultivation palace and spiritual pill.

Its just that, last month, His Highness Holy Prince Huang Zhouping took away the portion of resources for your cultivation palace as well as spiritual pills!”

“What Huang Zhouping took away my things!” Huang Xiaolongs face sank, there was anger in his eyes, “Who gave you the order Who allowed my things to be taken away by Huang Zhouping”

Chen Mao hurriedly said, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, even if you give me ten thousand times the courage I have, I still wouldnt dare to give your things to His Highness Holy Prince Huang Zhouping, ah.

But this was an order directly from the Logistics Hall Master, and it was said Eminent Elder Xu Jun agreed to it.

I dont dare to defy our Hall Master and Eminent Elder Xu Juns orders, ah!”

Huang Xiaolongs face sank, “Eminent Elder Xu Jun and your Hall Masters orders Xu Jun and your Hall Master actually dared to misappropriate my things!”

According to the Holy Gates rules, even though Xu Jun was an Eminent Elder, he had no right to use the rightful resources of a Holy Prince.

Chen Mao hesitated before saying, “It was His Highness Holy Prince Huang Zhouping, who made the request to Eminent Elder Xu Jun, saying that the number of subordinates on his side were too many, and he needed to build another new building to his cultivation palace.

Thus he needed some ores, jade stones, and other materials.

He even said that those materials would be wasted if given to you, so it is better to allocate them to him, so Eminent Elder Xu Jun agreed.”

Xu Jun was clearly one of the Eminent Elders who supported the Holy Alliance.

Huang Xiaolong scoffed, “What about other Eminent Elders They are not aware of what happened”

“This, I dont know.” Chen Mao answered.

Huang Xiaolong sneered.

It would be a lie if someone told him that other Eminent Elders werent aware of this.

Most likely, other Eminent Elders felt that he was bound to die in the upcoming arena battle, so it would be a waste to allocate him these resources.

Thus kept an eye closed towards the matter.

“Heihei, Huang Xiaolong, what a coincidence, youre here too!”

A mocking voice sounded at this time.

Huang Zhouping walked in with a group of people.

The Beast Emperor Sects Young Lord Song Shaokang was also amongst those following behind Huang Zhouping.

Obviously, Song Shaokang had successfully joined Huang Zhoupings camp, and found backing in Huang Zhouping.

“Huang Xiaolong, you come to collect that batch of materials Sorry, recently I needed to extend a new building to my palace, so I used your batch of materials.” Huang Zhouping walked in with a big smug smile, “You wont blame me, right But it was approved by Eminent Elder Xu Jun, so its useless even if you blame me!”

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